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How to Write a Dissertation Introduction

In the previous article, we have read about the dissertation abstract. Now in this article, we will develop an understanding of how to write an introduction for the dissertation?

Students who are studying the Master’s Face issue in writing the dissertation introduction. They have regarding the way of starting the introduction section of the dissertation. Students also have questions that what things are to be included in the introduction part of the dissertation. Our expert team of Singapore Assignment Help by writing this article has provided the answers to various queries of students.

How to Write a Dissertation Introduction

The introduction is the beginning chapter of the dissertation. You need to write an introduction section after the table of the content page of the thesis. It is very much important for you to write a good introduction. An excellent introduction part of the dissertation will help in developing the interest of reading in the reader.

While writing an introduction  ensures to  includes the following elements:

  • Topic and Background information: 

At the writing of the introduction section of the dissertation, you need to write a topic. If you have taken any issue then you should provide background information of the same.

  • Main points and Scope:

In the introduction section of the dissertation,  it is very much important for you to write a summary of the key points of the thesis. You can also define the scope of your study.  When writing the dissertation introduction you should clearly explain the different aspects of the topic that you will cover in a thesis.

  • Relevance and Significance

Here, you need to show the way your investigation is helpful in filling the knowledge gap. You should clearly state how the research you have performed will provide benefits to society. It is very much essential for you to demonstrate the significance of your study.

  • Objectives and Research Questions

 While writing a dissertation introduction you need to write the purpose of your investigation. You should also write the questions which you want to answer by performing a study.

  • Overview of structure

The introduction part of the dissertation consists of information about the way each chapter in a dissertation makes a contribution to the achievement of desired aims and objectives.

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How to write an introduction for a dissertation?

The introduction section comes at the starting of the introduction. Still, it is not at all compulsory for you to write the introduction part first. It is always advisable to write the introduction after completion of the dissertation. You should prepare a plan or outline before starting to write a dissertation introduction.  It is the tactics you will get guidance throughout writing procedure.

After writing the introduction part of the dissertation you should revise the section. It is one of the best strategies which will help you in making sure that the introduction matches the content of other sections in the thesis. One way of writing the best dissertation introduction is to include all 5 elements these are:

1. Topic and background detail

At this step of writing an introductionyou need to introduce a topic. You must also provide background information about the topic in a few sentences. In an introduction section of the dissertation, you need not provide detailed background information. While writing the introduction part in the dissertation you should state the significance of the investigation. You for demonstrating the importance of the study can include relevant news or debate on specific issues.

Example of the topic : The behavior of people towards change in climate”

Example of background information: According to the latest news article holidays have been declared due to climate change.  There has been an increase in the significance of young people participating in environmental politics”

2. Key Arguments and scope of the study

  • After giving an overview of the topic and its background information you need to concentrate on defining the scope of the investigation. You should write about the different aspects of the topic.
  • For instance
  • In what regions you will perform an investigation?
  • What time you will take for performing research?
  • Who will be your participants?
  • What type of issues you have an address in your dissertation?

Example of the key argument: Engagement of British youth in the climate policy of the UK.

Scope: Example: Perception of students about the climate policies of the UK government.

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3. Relevance and importance

  • The most appropriate technique to write a good dissertation introduction is to show your inspiration for performing an investigation. You should also write about the way your study is related to previous research works. It is very much essential for you to provide information about the present stage of the investigation. You need to do the citation of related literature. In an introduction section of the dissertation, you need to define the way investigation which you are performing will help in solving a particular problem.

“Example: British youth in the UK will help in the determination of climate policy. Therefore, it is very crucial for you to develop a detailed understanding of the engagement of young people in solving environmental issues. Earlier research has been executed for identifying the behavior of youth in the UK towards climate policy. In the last few years, youth engagement in climate politics has been a topic of debate.  Therefore, it is very much essential to perform investigation for increasing knowledge about the contemporary phenomenon”

4. Questions and Objectives

  •  It is considered the most crucial part of the dissertation introduction. Questions and objectives help in developing the expectations from the entire dissertation. You should design a research question considering the field, purpose of investigation and topic.
  • While writing an introduction for a dissertation you should also need to write mention the methods which will use for conducting a study. In an introduction section, you should only mention the name of the technique and explanation of the same in one or two sentences. If the aim of the study includes testing a hypothesis then you can create a hypothesis in the introduction section. You also need to create a conceptual framework that represents the relationship between different variables of the study.

“Research Question: Example: What is the technique to engage British Youth in the formulation of Environmental policy?”

“Research Objective: Example: 

1. To accumulate information about the knowledge of youth about the present environmental policy of the UK government”

2. To collect facts about the perceptions of youth about the climate change policy.

5. Overview of structure

  • You should provide an overview of the structure of the dissertation. As it is the activity that will provide the reader ease in getting the guidance.  At the last of the dissertation, you must provide a summary of each chapter of the dissertation. While writing the summary of each dissertation section, you should also write about the way a specific chapter contributes towards the accomplishment of objectives. It is very much essential to provide an overview of the dissertation structure clearly. You can describe the content of each section in one or two sentences.
  • If in case your dissertation structure is too complex then you can write a paragraph for each dissertation chapter.

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