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How to Write Dissertation Discussion Chapter

The writing a discussion section for the dissertation mainly includes the interpretation of results.  Many of the students pursuing Masters in research field often have questions about how to write a dissertation discussion section?  In this article, our professional dissertation team is providing you with step by step procedure for writing good discussion chapter.

How to Write Dissertation Discussion Chapter

Dissertation discussion chapter: meaning

The discussion chapter in the dissertation is a section where you need to write about the meaning, significance and relevance of results. While writing the discussion section of the dissertation you should concentrate on providing explanations and doing an evaluation of your results. It is very much important for you to demonstrate the way how your result is linked to the literature review and research questions. You should include arguments for supporting the overall conclusion. You can write a dissertation discussion chapter in a number of ways, but you need to confirm that it consists of important elements such as:

  • Interpretation of results
  • Implications of outcomes
  • Limitation of results
  • Recommendations for future research

Students have confusion between discussion and conclusion. They have such confusion as there are few dissertations where you are asked to combine both conclusion and discussion. But the suggestion is that before integrating the conclusion and discussion section you should review your university guidelines.

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How to write a dissertation discussion chapter

The five-step of writing an effective discussion section for the dissertation are:

Step 1: Writing a summary of key findings

You are required you to start writing the Dissertation Discussion chapter you should start this section by reiterating the research problem and writing a summary of key findings. At the time of writing the discussion chapter you should avoid repetition of data. You should provide a clear statement of the overall outcome which directly answers your research questions.


  • The outcome of the investigation represents that…
  • The study demonstrates that there is a correlation between…
  • Analysis of research findings reveals that…

Step 2: Giving interpretations

It is very crucial for you to demonstrate the significance of the investigation. You need to clearly state how results have provided answers to research questions. The form of interpretation you should write in is completed based on the type of research you are performing. Few approaches which you can utilize for interpreting the research results are:

  1. Identification of the relationship between variables of the study.
  2. Discussion on results for identifying whether it meets the expectation of the researcher.
  3. You can contextualize your findings within the existing investigation and hypothesis.
  4. Provide an explanation of unexpected results and evaluations of their significance.
  5. Provide alternative explanations for your position.


  • In line with the theory
  • Contrary to the hypothesis association
  • The outcome of the investigation contradicts the claim of Thomson.

Step 3: Discussion on implications

At the time of writing an interpretation of outcomes make sure that you have properly linked your findings or results with content in the literature review. You should provide a proper explanation about the way your findings match with existing knowledge. It is important for you to highlight the contribution which you have made by conducting an investigation on a specific topic.  While writing the Dissertation Discussion section you should keep in mind that your objective is to provide the reader with an idea about the contribution of your research findings.


  • The outcomes are based on evidence of…
  • An experiment provides new knowledge about the concept of …
  • The outcome of the research should be considered when thinking about how…
  • The information collected through investigation contributes to a clear understanding of …

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Step 4: Acknowledgement the limitations

Every type of investigation has certain limitations. It is very crucial for you to address these limitations. By addressing the limitations you will be able to demonstrate creditability. You need to clearly specify the things which can be concluded from the investigation. The study might have certain limitations due to the selection of inappropriate research design. While writing the discussion section in the dissertation you should only write those limitations which are directly related to the objectives of your research. Before writing the limitations in the dissertation discussion chapter you should make an evaluation of extending up to which specific limitation influences the aim of the investigation.

Example: If in case the sample size which you have selected is too small then it is considered to be a general limitation. In other situations, if in case you have faced any type of issue in the accumulation of facts related to the topic then you can provide an explanation for the same in the dissertation discussion chapter.

Step 5: Stating recommendations

On the basis of the discussion on your findings, you need to make suggestions for implementation. You should not save recommendations for saved for writing a conclusion. You can write the suggestion on the basis of limitations. Concrete ideas could also be given about the future investigation which you have failed to address in the present study.

What to leave out of the discussion

There are few common mistakes which you should not do while writing a discussion chapter for dissertation these are:

  • Don’t introduce new outcomes. Here, you should only have a discussion on the information which you have already written in the result section.
  • You should also avoid extra interpretations related to your findings. You should only provide the interpretation of data that you have collected through investigation.
  • Don’t undermine your investigation. While writing the discussion section you should not focus much on stating the limitations of your study.


The Conclusion drawn from the above article is that writing the interpretation of results is an important part of the dissertation discussion section. Another fact which has been concluded from the above that the form of interpretation will be dependent on the type of investigation you are performing.

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