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Methodology Section of the Dissertation

Students pursuing undergraduate or Masters from college or the  University of Singapore often face difficulty in writing the methodological section in the Dissertation. They are completely unaware of the content they are required to include in the methodology section of the dissertation. Therefore,  writing the methodology section for a dissertation can be quite a difficult part for students.

Dissertation Methodology

Considering the difficulty faced by the college students, the expert team of Singapore Assignment Help has provided College students with guidelines for writing the methodology for a dissertation.

Before knowing how to write the methodology section, you need to first develop an understanding of what is the methodology section and when to write it.

What is the methodology section of the Dissertation?

While writing the proposal for the dissertation you need to provide information about the different methods that will be utilized for performing the investigation. The methodology section of the dissertation provides detail about the way research will be performed. It provides the reader with ease in the evaluation of consistency and validity of the investigation You should write the methodological section after completion of the literature review.

After getting information about the methodological section in the dissertation, Let’s have look at the procedure of writing the methodological section for the dissertation.

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How to write a methodology chapter of the dissertation?

The procedure of writing the research methodological section in dissertation includes the following:

1. Review of research questions:

This is the initial phase of writing the methodological section where you have to review research questions. At this phase, you also have to demonstrate the way a specific technique will help you in getting the answers to questions.

2. A description of the research approach or designs:

It is a stage where you will need to provide information about the specific methodology selected. Here, you should define the techniques which you will use for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting information. If you have developed the new hypothesis then in such a situation you should clearly provide a description of the way it can be utilized for solving other issues. In case you are providing a description of a particular scientific experiment then you should provide detail about the requirements for recreating such experiments. If you have included any statistical model in methodology then you should make sure that you are able to apply the same in your investigation.

3. Proper justification for selecting dissertation methodologies:

At this phase where you need to provide the proper justification for selecting specific methodologies for performing an investigation. You are also required to provide an explanation for not using other techniques for investigation.

The detailed information about the way specific methodology selected for investigation has helped in increasing your knowledge is required to be given. In addition to the above, detail, you can highlight the limitation of your study.

You should provide a reason for selecting a specific methodology considering the issue.

4. Evaluation of the methodology:

It is a stage, where you will require to analyze the strength and weaknesses of methodology which you have selected for investigation.

For example, if you have selected the interview technique for data collection then you will need to provide strength and weakness of the same.

For instance, if you are conducting empirical or scientific studies, then you need to select the experimental research design.

Note: You should select the methodology considering the field of investigation.

How to structure the methodology section in a research proposal?

The structure of the methodology section includes an introduction,  types of research, research design,  research philosophy, research approach,  data collection,  data analysis.

  • Introduction

under this heading, you need to clearly state the main aim of writing the methodological section for the dissertation. You also need to provide detail about the way you will organize a specific section. In simple words, you need to provide an outline of the headings or topics you will cover in this section.

  • Type of research 

Here, you need to define the type of investigation you have conducted on a specific topic. In this section, you are also required to provide justification for conducting a particular type of investigation.

For example: if you have executed qualitative research for analyzing the effect of inflation on the profitability of retail companies. The justification here could be a qualitative approach that helps in the accumulation of a huge amount of information about the topic.

  • Research design

it is the strategy applied for performing different research activities. The research design which researcher generally use is experimental, explanatory, exploratory, experimental, etc. If you have used any of the designs that you need the provide detail and reason for selecting the same. For instance, You have used an exploratory research design, the reason for selecting the same could be it helps in exploring the phenomenon. Experimental research design is mainly used for empirical research or scientific study.

  • Research philosophy

Research philosophy: It is one of the elements of the methodology section of the dissertation. It basically involves people’s perception of the different techniques that can be applied for performing the study. There are three types of research philosophies such as interpretivism, positivism, and post-positivism. Every philosophy.  In this section, you need to provide the reason for choosing specific research philosophy for investigation.

For instance,  you can select the interpretivism research philosophy. The reason for the selection of specific research philosophies could be it helps in integrating the human interest in the study.

  • justification for the methodological approach:

The research approach is a theoretical framework that includes an assumption about the different techniques that can be used for performing an investigation.

It is basically an initial step where you are required to provide an overview of the specific approach which you have selected. You also need to describe the issue and provide detail about the type of information required for solving the same.

For instance,  If a Quantitative technique like a survey has been used then you can provide just that specific approach helps in the identification of patterns.

In the methodology section of the dissertation, you can explain how investigation on a specific topic has helped in filling the literature gap.

In case a Qualitative technique such as interview is used then the reason could be it assists in developing an in-depth understanding of the topic. The justification for the mixed approach could be it enables both in a detailed exploration and numerical measurement of data. In simple words, you are required to provide detail about the assumption which you have made while selecting a methodology

  • Techniques of  data collection

It is the phase where you need to provide information about all the techniques which have been utilized for performing an investigation. You also need to provide detail about the process which you have executed for the accumulation of facts related to the topic.

  • The methodology used for data analysis

It is the phase where you need to provide information about the technique which you have utilized for processing and analyzing information. At this stage, you need to have a discussion on the outcome of the investigation. In the context of quantitative research, you should provide information about the method which you have used for analyzing numerical data. For instance, you can state that you have utilized SPSSsoftware or analyzing the numerical data.

In relation to Qualitative research, in such types of investigation, you could use basically three types of analysis techniques these are: ·

1. Content analysis: It mainly includes coding and categorizing of themes.

2. Discourse analysis: In such types of analysis researchers mainly emphasize analyzing the meaning of information in a social context.

3. Narrative analysis: In this type of analysis technique you are required to review storytelling structure and need to interpret meaning.

The above-suggested dissertation methodology can be used by children doing undergraduate or Masters for performing an investigation.

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Dissertation methodology example

For instance, you have gathered information using the questionnaire technique. In such a case, you are required to provide information about the way you have a design question, open, or close-ended question is involved. You should also provide the information about techniques used for selecting participants; the method used for distribution a questionnaire, etc. You need to place a questionnaire in the appendix of a research paper so that the reader can identify the Questions that you have asked participants. If in case an experiment has been conducted than in such case you need to provide information about tools, and techniques used for performing experiments.

For example, qualitative research conducted for gathering information related to the employee’s views about the training program organized by the company. An organization consists of a large number of employees working at a different location. Therefore, the random sampling technique has been used for selecting participants. 30 employees have been selected as participants. A questionnaire technique has been used for gathering information. Considering the aim of study 12 close-ended questions have been designed by assuming that it will help in gathering relevant facts. The questionnaire has been distributed to participants through E-mail. All thirty employees working in an organization has provided the answers.

After gaining knowledge about the structure of the dissertation methodology. Lets us look at an example for developing the understanding about the same.

Below are certain tips that you can use for writing the methodology section of the dissertation.

 Tips for writing a methodology section of the dissertation 

  • While making the choice of specific methodology you should consider the aim of your investigation.
  • You should demonstrate the way a particular technique that is applied has helped in performing an investigation in a systematic manner.
  • It is very much important to prove that the methods which you have selected are suitable for accomplishing desired objectives.
  • You need to influence the reader to accept that the methodology which has been selected is effective in relation to solving a specific issue.
  • In each subsection of research methodology, you should relate the techniques which you have chosen with the purpose of investigation.
  • You can make your methodological section more powerful by doing proper citations.
  • In the research methodological section, you should provide detail about the techniques which you have applied for the evaluation of different approaches.
  • You need to describe the procedure you have undergone for selecting the specific methodology. The detail about the factors which influence your choices related to research to the methodology can also be discussed.
  • After completion of the research methodology, you should make sure that it is concise, properly structured.
  • While writing the research methodological section you should highlight the difficulty faced. You are required to provide detail of techniques adopted for dealing with such issues.
  •  you can explain how investigation on a specific topic has helped in filling the literature gap.
  • After completion of the methodological section, it is very much important for you to demonstrate the cultural and historical perspective of theoretical construction
  • While selecting the methodology you should consider that reliability and consistency are based on the same.

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