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Writing Dissertation Proposal

Writing a Dissertation proposal is like you are preparing a checklist for making sure that you include all important information. There are many things that a student needs to consider while writing the proposal for a dissertation such as structure, language, etc. In this article written by an expert team of Singapore Assignment help, we will gain knowledge about what is the dissertation proposal, How to write a proposal for dissertation, what mistakes are generally done by students.

Writing Dissertation Proposal

A dissertation proposal is an outline that provides the basis for writing a dissertation.  You need to write a proposal before starting the actual dissertation.  It can be considered being as an academic paper which you should write for providing the reader with a brief idea about your dissertation.

How to write a dissertation proposal

The proposal section provides guidance related to writing a dissertation. It mainly describes the following things such as the type of research you intend to perform, the way you will execute investigation and the importance of the investigation. The process of writing a proposal for the dissertation includes 6 steps these are:

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Step 1: Generation of an idea

Before starting to write a dissertation proposal for Master Program, you need to first develop an idea for dissertations. Identify the field in which you are interested and conduct a preliminary investigation for gathering information about the same.  After the generation of the idea, you need to make the following consideration such as concerns of other researchers, suggestions of other investigation for research in a particular field, how the research you are planning to perform will help in filling the knowledge gap, etc.

You should also focus on narrowing down your idea and make sure that the dissertation topic that you choose is specific and feasible.

Russian Literature: – 19th-century Russian literature: – the novel of marks Juke berg.

Social media: – social media has to influence on social media: – effect social media have on especially those young people who are suffering from anxiety.

Step2: Presentation of the idea in Dissertation proposal Introduction

Like other types of academic writing, you need to begin a proposal by writing an introduction. This means that at the beginning of the dissertation proposal introduce your topic or issue, write background information. It is very much essential for you to write aims, objectives, and questions at the starting of the proposal. You can include the hook before writing the introductory paragraph in the proposal for the dissertation.

The inclusion of the hook means you should start writing a dissertation proposal by directly introducing the topic. While writing the introduction section for the dissertation proposal you should also clearly state the importance of your investigation.  Much word count should not be invested in writing general statements.


Social Media is the most crucial technological trend of the twenty-first century. It is a trend which has highly influence the routine life of people. (Wrong statement)

The above statement is not specific.

Many psychologists have stated that social media has highly effected the life of youth and impacted their mental health. (Correct statement)

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Parts of introduction section in the Dissertation Proposal

Few topics which you need to cover when writing dissertation proposal introduction are:

  • Background Information

After identification of the field, you need to write background information about the same. You should provide all relevant facts about the field so that the reader could easily develop an understanding of research questions.  At the end of the introduction section of the dissertation proposal, you also need to write about the present status of the topic. You should also provide an explanation about the way the findings of your research will make a contribution to the betterment of society.

Note: If you are going to write a literature review section then in such case you need not provide a detail explanation.  You just need to write one or two sentences for helping the reader in getting an idea about the arguments.

  •  Aims and objectives

It is one of the most important elements of the introduction in the proposal of the dissertation. The characteristic of a good dissertation proposal is that the reader easily identifies the aim and objectives.  While writing a proposal of the dissertation you should consider that the main objective of this section is to influence the reader and inspire them to believe that investigation is important and feasible.


  • You for making your dissertation proposal presentable and easily understandable should write aims, objectives, and research questions in bullet points.
  • After writing aims, objectives, research questions you should ensure that it is specific.
  • You should only include a few questions.

“Example: What effect social media have on the mental health of young people belonging to the age of 18 to 25 years?”

Step3:  Identification of relevant investigation in the literature review

This is a step where you need to conduct a preliminary investigation for accumulating information about the existing investigation conducted on the same issue. The preliminary investigation performed will help you in identifying the knowledge gap which can be filled by performing an investigation. It is the technique that will help you in making sure that your research questions are still unanswered.

This is a step in writing a dissertation proposal where you need to find and evaluate the different sources of information for writing literature review sections.  At this step, you should sum up findings of an investigation done by other investigators. You should provide comments on the literature gap and issues in existing research on specific topics. It is a technique that will help you in demonstrating the significance and relevance of your study.

In simple words, while writing a dissertation proposal you should clearly state the limitation of existing investigations.

For example Limitation of existing literature on a specific topic is that there is insufficient evidence about the way social media has affected the mental health of youth

Step4:  Write methodology

It is another important part of the dissertation proposal. In this step, you need to write about the method you are going to use for performing the study.  Write clearly about the techniques which you will use for collection, analysis, and interpretation of information.  While writing the methodology section on the dissertation you should keep in mind that the main intention here is to convince the reader that methods which you have utilized are accurate.

While writing the methodology part in the dissertation proposal you can engage yourself in empirical investigation. At the time of executing empirical research, you should mainly emphasize on a collection of data and discovering new facts related to the topic.

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Step5: Write the implication of the study

At the end of a dissertation proposal, you need to clearly state the objective which you intend to accomplish.  It is a step where you need to determine the implications of the research. This means that you need to determine whether you need to create or test theories, challenge a common belief and to provide suggestions related to the specific procedures.

At this step, you should also provide an indented description of the outcome of the investigation. While writing a research proposal, you can clearly define the practical and theoretical effects of findings.

For example: It is expected that specific investigation will make a contribution to increasing knowledge about the way social media influence the mental health of young people.  Research findings will help you in developing an understanding of the relationship between social media and anxiety among young people.

Step 6:  Create a reference list

It is a final step in writing the proposal for the dissertation.  After completion of the dissertation proposal, you need to cite the sources from where the collection of data has been done.  You should make sure that proper formatting of references has been done.   You need to include a reference list at the end of the dissertation proposal.


  • Before including the reference list, you should review the university guidelines. As every college provide a suggestion of using different referencing style. APA, Harvard, etc are few referencing styles which researcher generally uses.
  • You can utilize the above process for writing business or law dissertation proposal


Writing the dissertation proposal; is not a complex process. You can write an effective proposal for a dissertation by following a systematic process.  It has also been concluded from above that aims, objectives and research questions are an important element of the dissertation proposal.

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