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Dissertation Conceptual Framework

Writing a conceptual framework of the dissertation will help you in getting guidance related to the execution of investigation in a systematic manner. Singapore Students doing Ph.D. or Master while writing conceptual frameworks for dissertations often face issues in establishing the relationship between the different variables of the study.

Our dissertation writing professional has provided an explanation about the conceptual framework such as How to design and expand the conceptual framework.

Dissertation Conceptual Framework

A conceptual framework is basically a blueprint of your dissertation. It is basically a fact-sheet where you need to explain your plan about a method which you will adopt for performing an investigation. You need to create the dissertation conceptual framework before starting research.

How to create a conceptual framework for the dissertation?

The step by step procedures of creating a dissertation conceptual framework are:

Step 1: Testing research

At the time of constructing the conceptual framework, you need to keep in mind the type of research you want to perform. You need to create a conceptual framework for such type of investigation when your research involves testing of hypothesis. In such type of investigation which includes hypothesis testing, creating a conceptual framework for a dissertation could be helpful in reviewing the hypothesis.

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Step 2: Cause and effect relationship

At the beginning of constructing a conceptual framework, you need to provide a basis for testing theories for determining the relationship between cause and effect.

Cause and effect relationship example:

Smith was an average student in a class got 80 percent marks in science subject which made other people surprise. When people ask smith how he has achieved such a good score the reply of the smith was he has studied 16 hours (cause) and achieve good marks (outcome).

Smith has such as high level of satisfaction from the result that he planned to write a dissertation on experience which he has gained.  The purpose of writing a dissertation by Smith is to scientifically prove that the score which he got is a result of study many hours.

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Step 3: Define variables

While beginning to scientifically demonstrate the relationship between cause and effect you need to first analyze your own expectations related to utilizing a conceptual framework. Before starting the research, it is very crucial for you to address the related variables.

Variables in research are anything that has quality or quantity which changes with the passage of time. In the above example of Smith, the two variables are “study hours “and “marks in the exam”.

Different types of variables

Variables can be categorized into two these are the dependent and independent variable

(A) Independent variables:  such types of variables which are changed or controlled in a scientific investigation.  In the above example of smith’s” hours of study” is independent variables.

(B) Dependents variables:  Theses are those variables whose values are dependent on independent variables.  In the above example of Smith, marks in the exam are dependent on studying hours.

(C)In the above example we can add third independent variables these are “enough time for giving answers to all questions in exams

Step 4: Design a conceptual framework

After the identification of both dependent and independent variables, now it’s time to construct a conceptual framework for the dissertation. The different components which you can utilize for constructing a conceptual framework include arrows, boxes, lines, etc. You should create a box for every variable. Arrow can be utilized for representing the relationship between cause and effect. You can use the line for representing an expecting a correlation ship between different variables.

See below a summary of components

BoxIt represents a variable.
ArrowIt indicates the relationship between cause and effect.
LineIt represents interrelationship between different variables

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Sep 5: Expansion of the conceptual framework

You should not only limit your conceptual framework up to dependent or independent variables. Other types of variables you can include in the dissertation’s conceptual framework. While adding more facts for demonstrating the relationship between cause and effect you need to consider the type of research you intend to perform.  Other types of variables which you can add are:

  • Moderator
  • Mediator
  • Control variables

After the completion of the conceptual framework for a dissertation, you can begin performing scientific investigation which will help you in proving the relationship between different variables. Among the different types of qualitative and quantitative research techniques, you can make the choice of a specific method such as:

  • Interview
  • Survey
  • Literature review.


It has been concluded from the above that the dissertation conceptual framework is essential as it guides you throughout the dissertation. Other facts which have been concluded is that based on research, another type of variable can be included in your study for defining the relationship between cause and effect.

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