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How to Write a Complaint Letter Full Guidance for Singapore Students

Letter writing is usually an art which requires appropriate skills and proficient writing knowledge. Complaint letters can be personal or professional, but the students of Singapore need to get acknowledged about the actual format of writing it.

It is efficient for the students to collect unique ideas for writing a practical complaint letter. Now, you can ask Singapore Assignment Help Experts for “How To Write Complaint Letter?” Along with this, the students need to get aware of the proper structure required for writing an appropriate letter of complaint.

How to Write a Complaint Letter

There are some of the technical terms or some significant keywords which the students need to add while writing a complaint letter. The complaint letter is generally short, but the students have to keep it clear and precise for making the readers understand about the main issues.

However, if the students do not have proper knowledge for writing a complaint letter, then they can take help from the below details for writing a complaint letter.

What Do College Students Mean by Writing the Complaint Letter in Singapore?

It is beneficial for the students of Singapore to understand the definition of the complaint letter before they proceed writing the academic task. Generally, the complaint letter is the letter that gets drafted by the customer to a specific organization.

It can be a complaint about a specified service or product in which the individuals face issues. The students of Singapore may get assigned to write a complaint letter on behalf of the customer, or it can be a business complaint letter. 

A complaint letter is written to the agency or the company to state a complaint on a faulty product which people had purchased from the specific company.

However, the students need to analyze the appropriate format as well as efficient words to highlight the actual problem. Even there are several samples available online through which the students can understand the entire procedure required for preparing an outstanding complaint letter. 

Types of Complaints People Generally Have

There can be many reasons for a person to have a complaint about something e.g. poor service, bad product, misbehaviour etc.

In the daily routine, people face various problems difficulties but not every issue can be regarded as to write a complaint letter for it.

These are some types of grievances that people generally need to write a strongly worded letter of complaint.

  • Bad customer service
  • Destitute management
  • Service provider
  • A complaint about an employee
  • Faulty product
  • Poor service
  • Unhappy with the workplace
  • Unethical/ unprofessional Behaviour of colleague/ manager
  • Dissatisfaction with the customer service of a company
  • Bad experience at hotel, restaurant, gym, airline, hospital etc.
  • Poor quality of a received product
  • In the case of neighbours causing problems
  • Complaint letter writing given in assignments etc.

Reasons why students need to write a complaint letter

There can be various issues that a student might face for which he might need to write a complaint letter.

Here are some of the main reasons for which students tend to write a complaint letter: –

  • Rude behaviour of a teacher
  • Issues with School administration
  • Bad Student behaviour
  • Complaint to the school principal about getting bullied
  • A complaint letter to the school superintendent
  • Improper management of the cafeteria
  • Request for more choices in the menu of food
  • Garbage not properly dumped
  • Irregular cleaning of washrooms
  • Misbehaviour of any student/ teacher/ peon etc.

Significant Format for Writing the Correct Complaint Letter in Singapore

When the students know about the original form for writing the complaint letter, then they can enable the recipient to understand the problem quickly. Even it becomes easy to address the expectations suggested by the students after following the correct format for a complaint letter.

  • Addresses

It is the central part of the complaint letter which the students of Singapore cannot forget. The students must write their address and the address of the recipient as well at the starting of the message. The students need to recheck whether they have mentioned the correct address or not.

  • Title

In the title of the complaint letter, the students need to address why they are writing it. Once the students have written a clear and concise title, it becomes easy for the recipients to analyze what is the main issue. That is why; the students need to prepare a proper title of the complaint letter. Moreover, writing the title efficiently can help the recipients to come up with an accurate solution quickly. 

  • Body paragraph

While writing the complaint letter, the students of Singapore need to go straight to the point. The students need to explain their issues with the relevant information in the writing of the complaint letter. After that, the students can mention what they expect from the recipients and what solutions are beneficial to solve their problems. However, the body part should be short, clear, and straight to the point.

  • Conclusion

At the ending of the complaint letter, the students can give the period for solving their issues. It is necessary to remain polite in the conclusion paragraph so that the readers can understand that the students need the appropriate solution. Even sometimes, it is beneficial to thank the readers in advance for solving their issues. It can leave a good impact, and the recipients will try to solve the problems quickly.

Efficient Guidelines to Help the Students While Preparing a Complaint Letter in Singapore

When one decides to write the complaint letter, then it is necessary to keep the words humble and polite. Any of the harsh languages can disappoint the readers, and the decision-making process can get slowed down. In addition to this, there are some of the simple tips which can help the students to prepare a proper complaint letter like:

  • Get straight to the point:

The students should indicate actual reasons due to which they are format, writing the complaint letter. It is necessary to highlight the facts along with the correct time, date, and the services which had made your mind to write the complaint letter. 

  • Be specific:

The readers can understand the main issue after reading the title of the message. That is why; the students need to clearly state the main topic, as well as the sentences, should get mentioned concisely. It is beneficial for the students to remain specific about their expectations and needs.

  • Attach the copies of the relevant documents:

If it is necessary, then the students can attach the proper documents which are entirely appropriate. It can include the warranty, cheques, receipts, and many more while writing for the service complaint letter.

  • End the complaint letter respectfully:

The students can take the complaint letter like the formal letter due to which they need to end it politely. The words like “Yours faithfully,” and many more are polite to show the humble request in the ending of the letter. 

Complain Letter Writing Example

As we have discussed the format and essential guideline for how to write a complaint letter, we will see an example of complaint letter following the exact guidelines with proper format.

Students who want to write a complaint letter for their assignments, and are feeling any difficulty in it, you do not need to look for help but can refer this following sample to write one.

Sample for “How to write a letter of complaint about a faulty product


The Consumer’s name

The consumer’s address

Postal code, country






[Post Code]



Subject: Complaint letter about a faulty product


To [Name of Contact Person]

The letter is to complain about an IC and LDR that I have bought on [Date] at [Location]. The order arrived on time as it was promised by you, but when I opened the consignment, these all were broken and was not in a condition that I can use them in my project.

The items I have received were totally broken, the pins of the Arduino Atmega328 were broken and the LDR is also defective as it is not working properly.

I would appreciate if a replacement consignment were sent to me as soon as possible. I’ve returned the faulty products with the invoice [#0000].

I have also enclosed a copy of my original receipt with signed for delivery confirmation which shows that the order was returned on [returned date].

I would be very grateful for a quick resolution of this problem so that I can complete my project as soon as possible.

Looking forward to your positive reply.



Consumer’s name

Consumer’s signature


Students can write any complaint letter by referring to the above format and following the proper guidelines.

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Complaint letter has equal importance like the formal letter; thus, the students need to keep the essential points in mind while preparing for the academic task.

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