Posted on: 28th Jan 2021

How to Make Good Project Proposal

This is an article on the topic of how to make a good project proposal.

In this article, we will discuss how to make a good project proposal, what are things you should keep in mind while writing one, and what is the type of project proposal. But first of all, we will look at the definition of the project proposal. So let’s get into it.

How to Make Good Project Proposal

Project proposal

A project proposal is an official document shared between or within organizations proposing a project while stating its starting date, deadline, cost, depositor, goals, requirements, benefits, and so on.

A project proposal is not finalizing the document. Instead, its main objective is to show what your project will look like once it came into being to a potential client, customer, or higher officials.

Now that we know what a project proposal is. Now finally look at how to write one.

How to write a project proposal?

We will look at the steps of writing a project proposal. Turn by turn, starting at

  • Explain the problem
  • Define your solution to the problem
  • Showcase the success expectations and scope of the project
  • Discuss your game plan or approach
  • State the cost and timeline of the project
  • Bind it all together

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Types of project proposal

Now we shall look at the different types of the project proposal.

These are all the types of proposals:

  • Formally solicited
  • Informally solicited
  • Unsolicited
  • Continuation
  • Renewal
  • Supplemental

Keypoints of project proposal

So these were the different types of project proposals. Each one has its own purpose and us. We will now see what the strong points of a real project proposal are or what the focus should be.

Let us mention the following points below:

  • What will be the main focus of the team?
  • What are the available resources?
  • The time period of the project
  • Cost of the project
  • How successful project is expected to be?

These are the five main questions that need to be answered while presenting a project proposal, now let us discuss them briefly.

What will be the main focus of the team?

Tell the client what is the main problem your project is tackling. Discuss what will be the prior issue your team will be solving in a way that will benefit the potential customer or the company.

This will be the driving force of your project and the first thing that the client will look towards. This can make all the difference between your project being approved or thrown into the trash.

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What are the available resources?

This means discussing by what means you will be working. What will be resources available to the team? Resources play a major role as without resources you cannot do anything even if you have all the skills of the world.

The time period of the project

Time period, timeline, deadline whatever you may call it, it is the same thing. Your investors want to know when the project will be finished, how much time you will take to finish it.

The length of projects hugely depends upon the nature of the work and the capability of the team handling it.

Cost of the project

The cost of your project. For obvious reasons, your clients will want to know what the project would cost them. They want to know if it is light or tearing their wallets apart. After all, no one in this world has endless money.

This is another of the major factors that might affect the decisions of investors.

How successful project is expected to be?

Last but not at all least, the deliverables or in simple words what is the scope of your project. How risk or safe is it. What are the chances of succeeding and what are the chances of failing and losing all of the investor’s money?

This is the most important point while discussing the project. If the scope of your project is golden they won’t think much before giving you their money.

In the beginning, we discussed what a project proposal is then we looked at different kinds of projected proposals there are. Finally, we looked at the factors that might make the difference between your project being approved and being rejected.

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