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BUS105 Statistics SUSS TMA Assessment Sample for Singaporean Students

The very well known Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS University) offers BSc Management and Security Studies which is opted by many students of Singapore. It is a part-time undergraduate program having different modules of core compulsory, compulsory and elective subjects. BUS105 Statistics is one of the compulsory course students need to study during the BSc Management and Security studies program.

With the compulsion of the BUS105 course in the program, one more compulsion for the students waits other than studies that are TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) and FYP (Final Year Project).

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Significance of studying BUS105 Statistics

BUS105 Statistics, a compulsory course to do while pursuing BSc Management and Security studies program feeds the students with an understanding of statistical abstract and ability to procreate knowledge and information for decision-making.

This course fuel student up with the knowledge of descriptive statistics, testing of hypothetical situations, types of distribution (probability, sampling etc), interval evaluation, ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) and regression etc.

Getting analytical and explanatory skills needed to understand statistical research is more emphasized in this course.

With all the skills and fruitful knowledge, students get some BUS105 assessments in this course with a deadline. Students, with a chaotic and exhausting routine, are not able to make time for completing the BUS105 Statistics assignments on time. They get tensed and start thinking about ‘who can give me my  BUS105 Statistics assessment answers?’ They look for some help from the internet to get a solution for the BUS105 assessments and scan many sites to hire an expert writer who can complete their BUS105 Statistics assignment at a minimal cost.

The theme of the BUS105 Statistics Course

As already discussed above BUS105 Statistics course provides knowledge about statistical ideas and methods to beget data for decision making. It feeds the students with various information and skills such as:

Different methods of describing data (frequency tables, graphic presentations, numerical measures)

  1. Sampling Methods
  2. Correlation analysis
  3. ANOVA and regression
  4. Single linear and multiple regression analysis
  5. Different hypothesis testing
  6. Probability distribution


  1. Point Estimate
  2. Confidence intervals for the population mean and population proportion

Not only these are taught in the course but other assignments are also assigned to students during the course. Students have a different level of stress for the name of TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) and FYP (Final Year Project). TMA and FYP hold 40% weightage of marks in the final result. These include report writing, case study, dissertation writing, assignment etc.

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Fear of completion of BUS105 Statistics TMA assessments before the deadline?

Students get so much overloaded with the routine of course and in addition, those assignments put on their head. They suffer from a fear of accomplishing the BUS105 Statistics assessment answers on time.

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Learning Outcomes of BUS105 Statistics Course

So far we have come with the discussion of the BUS105 course, and now we know that this course makes students efficient enough to understand all the statistical research and generate information for decision making.

Some of the learning outcomes can be stated as:

  1. Statistical data description
  2. Defining different terms for a probability distribution
  3. ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) procedure for comparing the means of individual casual samples
  4. Statistical Analysis
  5. Different hypothesis testing for population means and proportion population
  6. Interpreting the results from different regression analysis
  7. Proficient in writing statistical reports
  8. Explaining probabilities for sample mean and proportion etc.

All these outcomes prepare the student to work efficiently in this field. All the students find the complete course easy. The only thing that students find hard is writing the BUS105 Statistics assessment answers.

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