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HRM201 SUSS Human Resource Management Assessment Sample

Singapore University of Social Sciences is one of the most eminent and reputed university of Singapore which offers an undergraduate programme namely Bachelor of Science in Management and Security Studies. This programme provides students with the knowledge to understand the concepts of security studies while simultaneously learning professional skills in management. HRM201 Human Resource Management is a compulsory course in the BSc programme at SUSS University.

This course provides students with the expansive knowledge of Human Resource Management which is designed to achieve an organization’s competitive advantages and optimize its employee’s performance.

Students will learn to deal with the employee-related issues like hiring, training, communication, growth, salary compensation, perks, encouragement and administration etc. The student will get a thorough knowledge of the concepts of human resource management; manpower planning, job analysis, career development, equal employment opportunity and assortment etc.

What is HRM201 Human Resource Management Course?

HRM201 Human Resource Management is a compulsory course lie under the BSc undergraduate programme at SUSS University. In HRM201 course students will learn about the complete Human Resource Management concepts, the role of HR, working areas of an HR, job analysis, strategic recruitment, training, development, communication, employee motivation, manpower planning, compensations and benefits etc.

While learning about the entire process and concepts of human resource management, at the same time students get some sort of assessments, report writing, dissertation writing, assignments etc.

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With all these strategies and management concepts, students get encumbered with those additional loads of assessments and reports. All these assessments and project reports come under TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) and FYP (Final Year Project) which carry 40% weightage of marks in the end result.

What is Human Resource Management?

As it is broadly accepted that employees are the main strength of any luxuriant organization, the effective Human Resource Management naturally turn into the central to any strategy of a business.

Human resource management is basically the strategy to manage the people within any organization. It is a tactical approach to the active management of people to work efficiently in such a way that they serve their business or organization to achieve strategic and competitive gain/ advantage. Primarily the human resource department is involved with the management of people/ employees in the organization with a major focus on policies and system.

Functions of Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is a managing operation which focuses on hiring, training and maintaining the manpower of an organization. Human resource management aims to ensure the gratification of employees and their maximum participation in achieving organizational goals.

Functions of Human Resource Management can be categorized as follows-

1. Managerial Functions: Human resource planning for the betterment of the company, organizing the tasks assigned and establishment of relationships among the employees to work efficiently as a team are involved in the managerial function of HRM. Also, directing the employees for maximum contribution to the organization and analyze the performance as well as organizational behaviour of employees.

2. Operative Functions: Under the operative function of HRM, various activities are involved such as recruitment, training and development, job analysis, appraisals, labour relations, maintenance etc.

3. Advisory Function: One of the important functions of HRM is to advise the heads of various departments about the personnel programs, manpower planning, job design, policies, placements and performance appraisals etc.

Why Study HRM201 Course?

As we have got a brief idea about what Human Resource Management is. The HTM201 Human Resource Management course is all about educating students in the human resource field.

As a human resource manager balances the relation between employees and organization, deals with hiring new candidates, training and development, appraisals, policy formulation. HR manager maintains a safe and positive work environment for the employees. So HR manager can be considered as an all-rounder and is the central important asset of any business or organization.

Many students of Singapore who opt the undergraduate BSc programme learn HRM201 Human Resource Management course with the zeal of learning and keen interest. Students get knowledge of different human resource themes and critical thinking skills.

Human resource management is one of the most important parts of an organization which runs all activities in the organization in a smooth manner. HRM201 Human Resource Management provides all the necessary knowledge and skills which an efficient HR manager will require to work assiduously.

With the study of management in human resource, students will get HRM201 Human Resource Management assignment, project report writing, research report writing etc. Students already feeling a burden of studies and then they get a lot of assignment so they look for some help. Such students look for some sites or pages from where they can get help in writing HRM201 Human Resource Management assignment answer or any expert writer who can write their assignment at a minimal cost. We assist such students by providing them with an error and plagiarism free assignment in a proper format while keeping their identity undisclosed.

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Is HRM201 Human Resource Management course a good choice for a career point of view?

As explained above, human resource management is the basic need and roots to run an organization and is an evergreen field for a career. HRM201 course will lead you to that position where you will have all the crucial skill of an efficient HR manager.

After completing the HRM201 Human Resource Management course you will be able to explain the HRM flow, discuss and decide the strategies, needs and business development goals for an organization. You will know enough to recruit, plan for a business, analyze the job profiles etc.

Although students become efficient in every field of human resource management during the process they face many difficulties for completion of their HRM201 SUSS assignments within the time limit.

Since they already lack time to do some work of their personal interest and now they feel loaded with the extra weight of assignments. Students suffer from a lot of pressure of studies and completion of the assignments on time otherwise they will be marked as absent and consequently they will get low grades in the final result.

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