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Updated on: 9th Jun 2022

SEC335 Economic Security and Culture SUSS Assessment

Study of Economic security and culture lie among the very important parts of security studies. This enables students to examine the means of how economic security forms basic support for the different cultures in modern society. To make students aware of the economic security and different cultures, the very popular and leading Singapore University of social sciences introduces SEC335 Economic Security and Culture course. This course lies under compulsory courses in an undergraduate part-time programme i.e. BSc Management and Security Studies.

BSc Management and Security studies programme grants opportunities to learn about various fields viz. sociology, physical education, media communication, analogue electronics, human resource management as well as broad knowledge in information technology.

SEC335 course involves different levels to gain information about the economy, culture, society and tradition etc. One of the levels to complete this course is TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) and FYP (Final Year Project). These two things are no less important than all the topics listed in the course. Students need to complete various SEC335 Economic Security and Culture assignments before a deadline for submission.

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Directory to the Subject Matter of SEC335 Economic Security and Culture Course

The SEC335 Economic Security and Culture course let the students gather knowledge and information as well as give a chance to critique different modern cultures and societies on the basis of economic security.

Some of the topics which are included in the SEC335 course are listed below: –

  1. Culture and Society
  2. Economic and political survival
  3. Cultural Gatekeepers
  4. Tradition and Modernity
  5. Selected topics in economic issues and culture

Although some students don’t like to study sociology or economics but the SEC335 approaches students in a different way with a wider knowledge. Most of the students in Singapore opt for the SEC335 course. It provides a broad knowledge about a different culture and economic security of many countries like Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Myanmar, Australia and New Zealand.

Meanwhile getting the crucial knowledge and knowing new things about the culture and modern society, students get SEC335 Economic Security and Culture assessment, reports and dissertation etc. and bound with a time limit for completion and submitting them.

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Why SEC335 Economic Security and Culture TMA and FYP important?

Notably, the TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) and FYP (Final Year Project) carries 40% weightage of marks in the final result of the course. The TMA and FYP comprise of various SEC335 SUSS assignments, project report writing, case study solutions, dissertation making, research paper report writing and multiple-choice questions etc. The TMA and FYP are very important from the point of view of the final result aggregate. Students get into stress and think about an alternative method for finishing those SEC335 assignments and reports on time. They require SEC335 Economic Security and Culture assignment help from any safe, secure and genuine platform which can provide them with SEC335 SUSS assessment sample or write SEC335 SUSS assessment answers for them.

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Educational Outcomes of the SEC335 Economic Security and Culture Course

Students of Singapore who opt the SEC335 course et to learn many things about new modern society and how economic security and different culture balance with each other.

Following are some educational outcomes of the SEC335  Course: –

  • Critique concepts of culture and society
  • Distinguish how states manage cultures
  • Compare culture and states
  • Learn various ides of economic security
  • Assess politics and culture in Asia
  • Inspect political culture and politics
  • Review national identity and culture in south-east Asia etc.

Also, students learn to work under pressure due to the TMA and FYP activities which students need to complete on time. Students, after the hectic and busy schedule, don’t get enough time to write all the SEC335 Economic Security and Culture assessment sample and reports. Eventually, they need help in writing SEC335 Economic Security and Culture assessment answers.

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