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Updated on: 18th Nov 2022

COM105 SUSS Media Communication in a Changing World Assignment Answers

COM105 Media Communication in a Changing World is a course offered by the very reputable and renowned university of Singapore i.e. Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS University).

SUSS University offers a part-time undergraduate programme which includes COM105 course as a compulsory course.

A large number of students in Singapore choose this BSc undergraduate programme and learn this COM105 Media Communication in a Changing World course with keen interest.

COM105 course introduces students about the basic fundamental concepts and theories of media communication giving special attention to the role of media in modern societies.

In this course, students will get to know how the reality and all the events they are experiencing in the world are progressively becoming mass-mediated. They will get to confront how communication is affected by different types of media and its technology and economics.

What is Media Communication?

Media communication, by its literal meaning, can be defined as communication by some means of media. Media are the communication gadget which is used to store or save and deliver the information.

The advancement of early writing and paper-based system for long-distance communication such as letter, mail etc. were the earlier means of media for communication.

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With the developing world, technologies and systems are also getting advanced. Today there are several media tools for communication in seconds. Internet, computers, smartphones etc. are the modern forms of media.

COM105 Media Communication in a Changing World course provides thorough information about all the media communication and its forms in an earlier time and the modern world.

By the time you will be earning this valuable knowledge, you will be assigned with some COM105 Media Communication in a Changing World assignment which you will have to complete and submit before the given deadline.

How Media Communication is helpful?

Media is an outlet for communication which allows us to express our opinion, thoughts, and emotions without any restriction. There are many platforms of media communication from which we can communicate to masses in a very short period.

Media enables us to get knowledgeable in various fields through different platforms such as social media, internet surfing, newspaper, television and smartphones etc.

Now in the developing world, forms of media are also evolving and converting into new media technologies.

Everyone, on today’s date, knows about the technologies and means to get the best of these technologies. Students come on the top when talking about knowledge and usage about new hi-tech systems.

So, here come some tasks for the students in form TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) and FYP (Final Year Project). While pursuing the COM105 course students get assessments, report writing, dissertation making, project report, case studies etc. which they need to finish and submit to the professor on time before the deadline.

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What does COM105 Media Communication in a Changing World Course educate students about?

COM105 Media Communication in a Changing World Course will introduce students with the media, different types and tools of media for communication. How digital media is evolved from traditional media forms. Students will learn about the basic concept and ideology of media to approach the modern world.

Some of the basic terms students will learn in the COM105 course are:

  • Mass Communication
  • What are media and its different forms
  • Evolution of traditional media to digital media
  • Media growth, ownership, trends and issues
  • Controversies
  • Global Media, Film, Advertisement Industries
  • Evolving Journalism

Students will identify the merging of traditional and digital media technologies, critical issues and disputes raised in-between media industry and their impact on the society, person or group.

At the same time of reading about the media communication, its advantages and effects students get some assessments, report writing, objective type questions, and assignments etc. with a time limit on the name of TMA and FYP.

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Educational Outcomes of COM105 Media Communication in a Changing World Course

As discussed above students will learn about communication, media, types of media, the evolution of media etc. from COM105 course, as a result, students will be able to analyze and judge the media issues and challenges.

Students will be able to explain the evolution of traditional mass media and new digital media. They can examine the impact of media on communication and effects on the public.

Students will be able to illustrate the changes happening in any platforms of media.

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