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ENG101 Analog Electronics Design

Like every other engineering college, SUSS University also offers a course of the technical stream which is ENG101 Analog Electronics Design. Many students who are interested in computer science, electrical or electronics stream go for taking admission in this course. The ENG101 Analog Electronics Design course is one of those technical courses which most of the students of Singapore opt.

This course gives knowledge about electrical circuits, networks, signals, voltage or current and the complete knowledge and analysis of the network system which is used in our daily life that is components and devices used in circuits and networks, amplifiers, filters etc.

The objective of ENG101 Analog Electronics Design course

This course focuses on teaching the basic fundamentals of electronic devices, networks, methods of solving network circuits, filters, amplifiers, signals etc.

The main objective of this course is to provide complete knowledge to the student about the network system, its components, principle and their use in the system. Semiconductor device and integrated circuits are the fundamental support of the modern technology and this course provides the students with complete knowledge of the analogue electronics devices, principles, working, and use of those components in the system.

Apart from this entire to do routine students get TMA (Tutor Marked Assignments) and FYP (Final Year Project) in which they need to complete assignments, project reports, research reports, case studies, dissertation writing etc. within the given deadline.

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What will you get to learn from ENG101 Analog Electronics Design course?

Analog electronics act as a boundary line for the digital world and deals with chaotic difficulties like conversion of sound, motion and light to digital signals and vice- versa. It deals with genuine-world problems and although it has digital control on everything, it does the real work.

ENG101 Analog Electronics Design course, no doubt is a pure technical stream course of electrical and electronics or computer science. Students who have a keen interest in the technical field go for this course. ENG101 Analog Electronics Design gives a thorough knowledge of the electrical network system and its components. It teaches basic principles of the electronic components which are the basic building blocks of any network. Students learn about the mathematical modelling of electronic devices.

Topics included in ENG101 Analog Electronic Design Course:

  1. Introduction to electronic devices ad their principle
  2. Basic circuits and law of solving the circuits (KCL, KVL, Thevenin theorem, Norton theorem etc)
  3. Oscillators
  4. Filters and amplifiers
  5. Rectifier
  6. Op-Amps
  7. Integrated circuits

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why should I opt for the ENG101 Analog Electronics Design course?

Ans. If you have interest in electrical systems, electronic devices, working principles and designing and want to explore yourself in this field, you should opt the ENG101 Analog Electronic Design.

Q2. How is analogue electronics better than digital electronics?

Ans. At some level, all electronics are analogue. If you oversimplify everything, you enter into digitalization. But deep down enough, all those digital things are somewhere managed manually. Analogue signals do the digital bits high or low. For some works to be done, analogue results as a more accurate, elegant and direct method to perform the job.

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