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Updated on: 21st Apr 2023

ENG231 Engineering Ethics SUSS Assignment Sample Singapore

ENG231 Engineering Ethics course introduces students to ethical issues that engineers face in their professional practice. This course explores ethical theories, principles, and decision-making models used to identify and analyze ethical issues in engineering. Topics covered include moral responsibility and accountability; professional codes of ethics; environmental stewardship; safety and public welfare concerns; intellectual property rights; assessment of risk; social networking codes of conduct; management of conflicts of interest; and responsible use of technology.

Additionally, students are exposed to case studies that highlight ethical dilemmas faced by engineers. Through class discussions, case studies analysis, and writing projects, students develop an understanding of the importance of ethical practice in engineering and its implications for professional life. The course also explores psychological factors that influence ethical decision-making, as well as the role of morality, professional codes of ethics, and legal issues in engineering.

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In this section, we’ll cover some assignment activities:

Assignment Activity 1: Illustrate the ethical issues and dilemmas faced by engineers.

As engineers, we are often charged with designing and creating products and services that will affect the lives of everyone around us. This responsibility comes with the potential for ethical issues, as engineers must take into account their obligation to the public when making decisions. For instance, due to their expertise on product design, engineers are sometimes expected to work within timeframes that may compromise quality or leave little room for testing; this dilemma requires an engineer to weigh the trade-offs between short-term gains and long-term risks.

Moreover, as technology has become increasingly ubiquitous in modern life, engineers are increasingly asked to consider not just the use of their products but also who has access to them. This means playing a critical role in decisions related to pricing, availability, and resources. In all these cases—and many more—engineers are confronted with ethical considerations intrinsic to their roles in order to develop responsible solutions that benefit society as a whole.

Assignment Activity 2: Discuss the ethical issues in a scenario/statement/policy.

Ethical issues can be raised when decisions are made in a scenario, statement, or policy. In order to ensure ethical standards are kept, organizations must conduct critical assessments of the impacts their decisions and actions will have on stakeholders. Issues may arise when the interests of certain stakeholders conflict with each other, requiring difficult judgment calls and complex solutions.

To ensure ethical decisions are being made in any given scenario, it is important to factor in potential impacts on all stakeholders, as well as examine any laws and regulations that may apply. Additionally, consideration must be given for how the organization’s stakeholders value ethical behavior and responsibility. It is only through careful analysis and evaluation can organizations truly assess any ethical issues related to a particular situation or decision.

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Assignment Activity 3: Compare various policies/acts/engineering work based on various ethical theories.

Different ethical theories can provide helpful guidance when comparing various policies, acts, and engineering work. Utilitarianism assigns value to certain actions based on the potential outcomes, while deontology considers duties and principles that result in a universal ethic. Virtue ethics brings in character or moral excellence as part of the calculation.

Taking each theory into account helps ensure that shortcuts are not taken when evaluating any policy, act, or engineering work and provides an understanding of how different approaches to decision-making can impact a given situation.

Assignment Activity 4: Debate the ethical issues in a given engineering situation.

Engineering is an important field that requires ethical considerations. One situation, in particular, involves a company that produces both environmentally friendly products and products that use materials harmful to the environment. This presents a dilemma, as pursuing sales of one generates profit which conflicts with the need to pursue environmental sustainability.

Moreover, customers may not always be aware of what they are buying, making it difficult to ensure a commitment to ethical behavior. Nonetheless, providing clarity on product descriptions and making sustainability more accessible can help people make informed decisions on purchases, strive for better environmental outcomes, and reduce social anxieties regarding greenwashing.

Assignment Activity 5: Give reasons/comments on ethical issues in engineering.

Engineering projects, both large and small, can have a dramatic impact on people’s lives. As a result, it is important to position ethical considerations as a foundation of all engineering work. There are a variety of ethical concerns that engineers need to take into consideration during the design and implementation stages of their projects, such as protecting the environment and promoting human rights.

Additionally, with continued advances in technology, new ethical dilemmas may arise in order to maximize the efficacy of engineering solutions while balancing public safety and privacy rights. As such, engineers must remain constantly vigilant and dedicated to employing their substantial influence ethically and responsibly.

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Assignment Activity 6: Examine and support an ethical stance.

From an ethical stance, I believe that people should approach every situation with respect for one another. Respect is foundational for a healthy and civilized society; it allows us to move away from thinking in terms of just “me” and instead emphasize the importance of collective action and responsibility.

When respect is present, it is easier to have meaningful conversations without losing sight of the goal and to ensure that everyone’s opinions and views are taken into consideration. Furthermore, treating others with respect can help build bridges between diverse cultures, religions, and ideas. In conclusion, I strongly support respect as an ethical stance as its presence can create a more harmonious environment both in our personal circles as well as on a larger scale.

Assignment Activity 7: Determine the ways to deal with ethical issues.

When it comes to ethical issues, many organizations develop proactive strategies and policies to identify and address the matters. Implementing an effective code of conduct is one of the most effective ways to deal with ethical issues, as it outlines expectations and provides guidance that is reflective of the organization’s values. Educating employees on the expected behavior through training and workshops is another actionable item that can help address ethical issues in a timely manner.

Adopting an internal reporting system to record any compliance risks identified by staff is also important so that steps can be taken quickly before any serious harm occurs. Lastly, staying updated on current regulations and notifying employees of changes should be at the core of all operations. Doing so allows organizations to anticipate potential ethical problems and take appropriate measures in order to mitigate them.

Assignment Activity 8: Present the policies/solutions to address ethical issues in engineering.

In order to adequately address ethical issues in engineering, it is important for organizations to develop carefully crafted policies and solutions. These should focus on promoting responsibility, integrity, and fairness throughout the entire engineering process. Such policies might include providing continuing education for engineers about ethics through workshops and seminars, ensuring that staffing decisions are based on merit instead of outside biases, developing protocols for handling complaints from customers related to unethical engineering practices, and adopting clear principles and guidelines around safety standards across all branches of the organization.

By proactively building these safeguards into their practice, engineering organizations can ensure that their engineers’ efforts remain focused towards equity and justice in all workspaces.

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