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ECO203 International Economics: Course Overview

ECO203 International Economics is a huge subject that studies the effects of economic policies and crosses country transactions on a worldwide level, and between customers of different countries.

ECO203 International Economics is thus a required subject for any student who is preparing to take up a career in the field of international economics.

ECO203 International Economics course is not only essential for the students who are planning to take up a career in international economics but also for those who want to make their careers in various other fields involving international trade and commerce such as finance or banking.

ECO203 International Economics has a lot of real-life applications, which are also very useful for students who are preparing for competitive exams.

The course covers the basic concepts of economics and how they can be applied in real life situations, examines different models of economic systems and policies which can be used by governments and companies, explains how these models can be improved upon, looks into macroeconomic policy and its role in economic growth, business development and globalization.

It also looks at the global economic environment and local environmental policies that affect trade volumes.

Possible Learning outcomes Of ECO203 SUSS Course

There are many possible learning outcomes of the ECO203 SUSS Course you will learn by taking assignment writing help from our Singaporean writers. Some of these could include:

  • Comparative advantage determines trade patterns and the gains from trade.
  • The relationship between trade pattern, resource utilization, factor prices, and income distribution among countries engaged in international trade
  • Analyse the various methods used in trade restrictions and discuss the international trade policies of different countries.
  • Summarises the reasons for trade restrictions and analyses the welfare effects of trade restrictions.
  • To discuss the effects of economic integration
  • With international trade, examine the growth and development of the industry.
  • The balance of payments is a key issue for the global economy.
  • Exchange rates are the rates that different currencies exchange with each other.
  • This comparison of the exchange rate adjustment with a flexible and fixed exchange rate system will show how each system impacts different aspects of life.
  • Effects of fiscal and monetary policies under the fixed exchange rate system and the flexible exchange rate system.
  • Fixed exchange rate systems are more stable than flexible exchange rate systems.
  • Inspection of the cause of financial crisis is essential to prevent future crises.
  • In order to work effectively in a team, you need to develop the essential knowledge and interpersonal skills.
  • To demonstrate well-developed written proficiency

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Along with technically improved communication and transportation comes more and more globalized industry.

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The ECO203 International Economics course is designed to equip students with an understanding of the basic concepts, principles and theories of international economics.

The course provides an overview of the major international economic issues which are of importance to business and government decision makers in a number of countries.

The course covers topics such as trade, exchange rates, tariff policy, protectionism and development economics among others.

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