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Updated on: 9th Jun 2022

FMT407 Indoor Environmental Quality Assignment Sample for Singaporean- SUSS

Like many un  universities in Singapore, the Singapore University of Social Sciences also provides various kinds of graduate and undergraduate programmes. Yet the SUSS University is among the top universities of Singapore. The Singapore University of Social Sciences provides different programmes and courses related to engineering, information technology, business management, human resource management and security studies etc. In addition to that, the SUSS also offers a 6-month modular undergraduate course namely FMT407 Indoor Environmental Quality.

Many universities also offer same courses as SUSS University like National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore Academy of Law (SAL), Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU), and Cranfield University etc. A lot of Singaporean students who take admission in SUSS university opt the FMT407 Indoor Environmental Quality course. This course gives fundamental knowledge about the sustainable advancement extents for the buildings. Various improvement measures for buildings like air quality, noise issues thermal comfort etc will be introduced to the Singaporean students.

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Aim of FMT407 Indoor Environmental Quality

The principal aim of introducing the FMT407 Indoor Environmental Quality course to the Singaporean Students is to educate them with the knowledge of various issues arise in the buildings, the impact of them on buildings, their improvement measures, design analysis and overall performance of the building.

The FMT407 Indoor Environmental Quality course informs students about the elements which are the necessities of buildings. It familiarizes the students with the complete design of the building and the designing standards and regulations. FMT407 course provides brief knowledge of a small part of building science from environmental engineering.

FMT407 Indoor Environmental Quality course also aims at making students hardworking. The course in addition to enlightening on safety and facility management of the building, also engage students with different activities. The various activities include environment assessment, quality management assignment and other FMT407 SUSS assessments.

Structure of the FMT407 Indoor Environmental Quality Course

The FMT407 Indoor Environmental Quality course includes a lot of information about the structure, design, requirements, issues, operation and maintenance of buildings. This course will nurture students with a broad knowledge of thermal comfort, indoor air quality (IAQ) performance, lighting quality, internal noise issues and environmental protection. Students will learn the complete building diagnostic from the FMT407 course.

Here are some topics which the FMT407 Indoor Environmental Quality course teach to the students: –

  • Introduction to IAQ
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), CO2, Formaldehyde etc.
  • IAQ audit process
  • Building Diagnostic
  • Green building construction
  • Building Acoustics
  • Eco-friendly interior lighting design
  • Thermal Comfort Assessment
  • Selection and evaluation
  • Standards and Regulations
  • Sustainable building materials and their environmental impact
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis

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Upshots of FMT407 Indoor Environmental Quality Course

The FMT407 Indoor Environmental Quality course train students in the field of safety and facility management of building as well as building science. The Singaporean students get a wider view of building diagnostic. They will get complete analysis of quality, issues, improvement, safety etc.

Here are some of the upshots of FMT407 Indoor Environmental Quality course: –

  • Confer the significance of good Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Analyse issues related to IAQ, thermal comfort, lighting quality, spatial quality and environmental protection etc.
  • Examine the standards and regulations
  • Estimate the Total Building Performance of Buildings
  • Work for IAQ Audit
  • Propose suitable and sustainable building materials for good building performance

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