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SEC331 Theory and Practice in Security Studies Assignment – SUSS

National security has always been a hot and important issue for every country. No time is there when the security of the nation is not important. National security is not about the security of the nation’s land, big politicians, celebrities etc. The national security is all about the safety and security of every single person of the country, their living assets, water resources, land, forest, animals and even a single tree. Thus, the very well-known and leading SUSS University introduces a course SEC331 Theory and Practice in Security Studies as a compulsory course under a part-time undergraduate BSc Management and Security Studies programme.

SEC331 Theory and Practice in Security Studies course gives a wide knowledge about national security. This course let students know about the concepts and examples of how a country provides corporeal and emotive security to its geological confines intending to protect its citizens.

The students will also get to know many more things about the course activities which they will get during the course i.e. assignments, project reports, writing assessment answers and case studies etc. This all activities come under TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) and FYP (Final Year Project).

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What is National Security?

National Security is basically about providing a safe and secure environment to the citizens of a country concerning national concern and national action program. It is the security of the nation-state, citizens, economy and its institutions.

National Security is regarded as the responsibility of the Security Council and president in which the council’s function is to guide the president for the national security and foreign policies. The council also work as a primary strength which coordinates these security policies among the different government departments.

Apart from learning about national security, students will also need to secure good marks in TMA and FYP to score well in the final result. TMA and FYP carry 40% weightage in the end result of the course. Students after getting broad information about the security of the nation do not find time to complete their TMA and FYP activities to get good grades.

Main purpose of National Security

The main purpose of national security is to provide a safe and secure environment to the citizens, properties, institutions, the economy from any type of attack or danger by maintaining proper armed forces and protecting crucial information secret.

There are many threats for the nation and its assets in terms of security like terrorism, cyber threats, espionage or expansion of weapons for mass destruction. Thus, the objective of the national security is to protect the country/ nation from the military, paramilitary or any terrorist attack. Also, the objective of national security is to protect the political status, structure and institutions of the country as incarnated in the proclamation of independence and the constitution.

Objective of SEC331 Theory and Practice in Security Studies

The main objective of the SEC331 Theory and Practice in Security Studies course is to provide a thorough knowledge of concepts and theories of national security. The SEC331 Theory and Practice in Security Studies course covers the several issues that emerge in the combination with the upsurge of the nation-state like war, peacefulness, disputes and harmony, and other interpretations that outstrip the order of security studies.

The purpose to introduce SEC331 Theory and Practice in Security Studies course in the BSc undergraduate programme is to make students aware of the theories, concepts and strategies in security studies. The SEC331 course will teach students about the threat perception and risk assessment. Students will be able to gather knowledge about the problems of human rights, civil society, the role of media in national security and how media can act as a threat to national security.

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Besides, this course also provides students with a lot of assignments, project reports, case studies, research reports writing and dissertation writing etc. Students, after a restless day, get stressed when they don’t get time to complete all these assignments. The TMA and FYP bring a lot of worries like the deadline for completion and submission of the assignments, fear of getting low grades, fear of social status etc. While all these anxieties going on, students start looking for someone who can write SEC331 Theory and Practice in Security Studies assessment answers for them or they go for searching for an expert writer who can complete their SEC331 assignment before the deadline.

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Learning Outcomes of SEC331 Theory and Practice in Security Studies

Students will be able to understand many things regarding national security, issues, security risks and strategies etc. They will be able to analyse the security risks in the small states, compare the power of media in different states. Students will be capable of carrying out all the theories and concepts of security studies in a seminar representation.

Some of the learning outcomes are as follows: –

  • Review the various theories in security studies
  • Estimate the role of social media in security studies
  • Rate the state in terms of globalization in Southeast Asia
  • Inspect national identity and the state
  • Apply security concepts in academic writing
  • Study the meaning of culture in terms of the state, nation-state and multi-national state

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