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FIN358 Fixed Income and Derivative Securities – SUSS Assessment Sample

Like many other universities of Singapore, the Singapore University of Social Sciences also offers numerous courses or various fields. All students have a different area of interest in the context of studies and opt for their choice of course accordingly. It is seen that generally, students go for either any management course or some finance course. Those students who are interested in studying a course related to finance have a lot many options in SUSS University. Many students opt the FIN498 Financial Management in the Digital Economy course which is an integrated finance course covering most of the part of finance but, some students are keener to get knowledge of any particular subject in finance. FIN358 Fixed Income and Derivative Securities are one of those courses which most of the Singaporean students opt for their specialization in finance.

There are many other SUSS courses which give a broad knowledge of different areas in finance such as Derivative Securities (FIN359), Essentials of Financial Management FIN203 Assignment, and Accounting and Finance for Managers (BUS512) etc.

With all the courses and their corresponding subject topics, students get relevant financial assignments including financial case studies, fixed income questions and answers and other FIN358 SUSS assignments.

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About the FIN358 Fixed Income and Derivative Securities Course

The FIN358 Fixed Income and Derivative Securities Course is a sort of finance course at Singapore University of Social Sciences which stands among the top universities of Singapore. In other words, FIN358 SUSS course is a sub-classification in finance field. The FIN358 course consists of various topics and concepts of fixed income securities and modern finance.

FIN358 Fixed Income and Derivative Securities Course introduce students to basics of modern finance. The knowledge base of the course familiarizes the students with the knowledge of market and instrument. It also includes analytical and modelling approaches for the pricing and hedging of these assets. This course introduces some important terms to the Singaporean students such as mutual funds, portfolio management, investment and put-call parity etc.

Subsequently, the FIN358 Fixed Income and Derivative Securities course provides mutual fund assignment, investing & portfolio management assignments and FUN358 SUSS assignment etc.

Intention of Introducing FIN358 Fixed Income and Derivative Securities Course

The FIN358 Fixed Income and Derivative Securities course are biased towards the fixed income, pricing and hedging methods. The real intention of introducing FIN358 course in the syllabus is to teach the students about basic concepts of fixed income and derivative securities, various modelling methods, pricing and hedging, and market and instruments.

This course makes the students understand fixed income risks and returns. The FIN358 course let the students understand and analyse different strategies of hedging interest rate, currency and different market risks. FIN358 Fixed Income and Derivative Securities course also focuses on students to know how to calculate the value of fixed income securities and compute the possible risks and return.

Not only this course is filled with vast information but also full of various FIN358 SUSS assignments and personal finance assignment. The students study in the classes and research about the relevant theories afterwards. In such situations, they do not find sufficient time to complete those university assignments and need some homework help.

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Theme of FIN358 Fixed Income and Derivative Securities Course

Since it has been discussed from the very starting that the Singaporean students will get deep knowledge of fixed income markets and their derivatives, they will be able to analyse risks and implement an appropriate strategy using suitable hedging methods. The Singaporean students get to learn many things about fixed income trading, bond market and information security as well.

Some of the basic topics which are important in the FIN358 Fixed Income and Derivative Securities course are as follows: –

  1. Fundamental knowledge of call and put options & put-call parity
  2. The yield curves
  3. Strategies in hedging
  4. Essentials of futures contracts and swaps
  5. Structuring financial products
  6. Estimation of opportunities utilizing binomial and Black-Scholes Model and Option Greeks
  7. Hedging using interest rate, credit, currency, equity and other derivatives
  8. Preface of fixed income valuation
  9. Option and futures combination strategies
  10. Judge fixed income risk and return
  11. The preamble to asset-backed securities
  12. Arbitrage-free valuation framework
  13. Estimation and review of bonds with embedded options

Moreover, Singaporean students get significant assignments related to the course topics. They get interview questions on the bond market as well as Information Security Assignment. Students come up with stress due to incomplete FIN358 homework as they are not left with enough time and energy after a day with a hectic schedule. Thus, they search for homework helper who can write an assignment for them and help with fixed income interview questions and answers.

Educational Outcomes of FIN358 Fixed Income and Derivative Securities Course

FIN358 Fixed Income and Derivative Securities course teaches many things to the Singaporean students and make them expert in its field. It also enables the students to find solutions of fixed income quant interview questions as well as expert enough to write an essay on any topic of the course without using any essay writing service. Although the FIN358 course provides knowledge of a wide range of topics, here are some of the significant educational outcomes: –

  • Conjecture about the basics of derivatives and their applications
  • Reduce schemes to hedge interest rate, currency, equity and other market risks
  • Value and analyse bonds with embedded options
  • Determine and calculate the risk and returns affiliated with fixed income securities
  • Create models for pricing and risk managing using data technologies like Excel or FactSet

As it is clear that Singaporean students come forth with great knowledge in fixed income and derivative securities but simultaneously they suffer from the stress of the FIN358 Fixed Income and Derivative Securities assessments which include essay writing, dissertation writing, report writing and case studies solutions as well. As they are students and they should get enough homework for practising at home but for that, they should get enough time to manage their studies and university assignments concurrently.

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