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A primary knowledge of the very basic software i.e. Microsoft Office is necessary for every field of profession. The Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint are the most used applications of Microsoft Office Suite. Those students who are eager to work in a finance field should have an expert in these. Mostly Singaporean students who wish to make their career in the area of finance modelling opt the FIN205 Data Technologies for Financial Modelling offered in the SUSS University.

SUSS University is the acronym for Singapore University of Social Sciences. SUSS University lies in the list of top colleges and universities of Singapore. The SUSS University offers various graduate and undergraduate programmes in both part-time as well as full-time schedule. Singaporean students get a lot of opportunities for their career context in this university. Students can choose any programme or course according to their area of interest and plans.

The Singapore University of Social Sciences offers study programmes in numerous fields like Digital Analytics, security studies, terrorism and psychology, business development and information and technology etc. In the same way, SUSS University provide FIN205 Data Technologies for Financial Modelling course which is a modular undergraduate course of a 6 months duration.

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What does FIN205 Data Technologies for Financial Modelling teach?

To work in any organisation concerning a field of financial matters, a business graduate should be cognizant in technologies related to data and spreadsheet. As a result, he will be able to work efficiently in implementing financial models for analysis, budgetary projections, forecasting, planning and simulations. The FIN205 Data Technologies for Financial Modelling course aims to furnish students with the required knowledge and skills which are necessary for working with the available technologies.

Those Singaporean students who have career plans of working in the area of finance and financial modelling can take admission in this FIN205 course at SUSS University. The FIN205 Data Technologies for Financial Modelling course provides a broad knowledge of financial matters. Students learn all the different strategies used for decision making. They get to learn all the data tools and technologies in the FIN205 course.

Also, the FIN205 Data Technologies for Financial Modelling course trains the students for work under pressure. As, in addition to the studies, the FIN205 course also provides students with various assignments to be submitted before a deadline.

Topics in FIN205 Data Technologies for Financial Modelling Course

The FIN205 course covers various important topics important for a business graduate to learn.

Here are some topics which are included in the FIN205 Data Technologies for Financial Modelling course: –

  • Financial Modelling Methods
  • Basic Financial Calculations
  • Financial Valuation
  • Option pricing and risk
  • Event studies and Simulation
  • Calculating capital cost
  • Financial data tools and technologies
  • Using Excel tools and Python to power up modelling

Although the FIN205 Data Technologies for Financial Modelling course teaches the Singaporean students a lot related to financial services and technologies, with that it also provides some finance assignments. Such assignments include various FIN205 assessments, report writing assignment and dissertation writing etc.

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Outcomes of the FIN205 Data Technologies for Financial Modelling Course

There is no second thought regarding the FIN205 SUSS course that it is a great opportunity for those students who want to learn about financial matters, financial statement analysis and methods of modelling etc. Also, they get familiar with various data tools and required technologies. Not only these, but they also get a chance to enhance their decision-making skills as well as presentation skills.

So, following are some learning outcomes of the FIN205 Data Technologies for Financial Modelling course: –

  • Understanding of basic financial modelling
  • Critique various financial modelling methods
  • Demonstrate working of financial model
  • Examine various financial valuation/ pricing models
  • Understand financial problems
  • Use the available tools and technologies to model
  • Compare different data analytic tools etc.

Apart from the FIN205 Data Technologies for Financial Modelling course, the SUSS University provide other courses also which are somehow related to the FIN205 course. From the SUSS Part-Time Degree Courses List, the courses which are linked with the SUSS FIN205 course are Data Programming (ICT233), Accounting and Finance (BUS512) and Financial Modelling (FIN361) etc. These courses also provide crucial knowledge about the finance, HTTP, financial statements and financial planning models etc.

What kind of problems do students face during the course?

There are no such issues related to the course of the studies but, students face some difficulties with completion of the FIN205 SUSS assessments. They need to submit those assignments within the time limit provided by their respective professors. The Singaporean students, who are pursuing the FIN205 Data Technologies for Financial Modelling course, get busy with a lot of work like studies, lectures, other daily activities and don’t get enough time to finish the assignments.

The FIN205 course provides miscellaneous assignments such as Financial Accounting Theory Assignment, Financial Decision-Making Assignments and Big Data Analytics Assignment etc. Those students who are worried about the completion of all those assignments search for some genuine assignment help from where they can get help to do assignment.

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Ans. By gaining all the essential knowledge, you can work in any financial industries, finance or analytics department of an organization, or you can start your own business.

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Ans. No, this course involves various topics which are all compulsory and students will have to learn all of them.

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