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Most of the time, the students studying finance get puzzled because of the concepts as well as models related to different topics. To learn finance properly, the students of Singapore need to prepare several homework assignments. It becomes easy for the students to learn the basic concepts or parts of Financial Modelling (FIN361) when they become capable of financial business in the real world. Still, if the students fail in preparing these modeling projects, they can take help from the samples provided by top Singaporean writers.

To score top academic grades in finance and its related subjects, the students need to work hard. If they take the projects based on FIN361 lightly, they may lose their grades. All the homework projects or assignments want serious attention plus the high efforts of the students. If the students of Singapore are not able to give proper time and effort to finish their finance modeling assignments and other related, they can contact Singapore Assignment Help at any time.

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What is the need for financial modeling (FIN361) course in students’ lives?

An efficient Financial Modelling allows the decision-maker of business to produce a model for financial decision making as their practical situations. The business decision that the companies create is in relation to the consideration, the performance of the financial portfolio plus assets of the project. The choice of assignments becomes a perfect tool to measure the highlighting scenario of security in a specific organization. While working on the FIN361 projects, the students have to understand the basic concepts and research for collecting useful financial modeling data.

The students of Singapore get to know about the creation of financial decisions, summing up of special events like management during their Financial Modelling assignments. Any organization or company making proper financial modeling decisions evaluates to sort the direction as well as investments of the particular ratio. The students have to explore their knowledge while preparing for practical modeling assignments during their FIN361 coursework.

How Financial Modelling (FIN361) useful for Singaporean students?

The students need to understand the importance of financial modeling in studying finance as well as in their real life. Economic models are the essential tools of economics and some of its best applications;

  • Preparation of detailed business spreadsheets for managing the variant decisions
  • Modeling as well as analyzing the financial markets properly
  • Risk modeling and its proper management
  • Problems related to business or finance portfolio
  • Real based financial options
  • Cash flow forecasting in business markets
  • Modeling the structure of interest rate as well as a credit spread in an organization
  • Developing proper optimization models for controlling as well as managing the risks related to financial investments
  • Business evaluation and comprehensive finance project study

Subjects like finance as well as financial modeling, require lots of efforts and proficiency from the students. The students of different universities in Singapore need to possess in-depth knowledge about financial modeling before starting the project work. The main challenge faced by students during FIN361 projects is that they do not know how to apply finance models or to implement in the business. To clear the doubts and queries, finance students can consult the top Singapore writers who have got their degrees from SUSS University Singapore.

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Financial models studied by students during a Financial Modelling (FIN361) course in Singapore Universities

There are many business models on which the students need to work. Singapore students must know about every financial model. Out of the several financial models, there are top five which are most common to study in the FIN361;

  • Three statement model: It is the most basic setup for financial modeling that students must know. The income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow are the three essential linked components in such a model. The objective of using it to connect all the accounts plus a set of assumptions to drive changes in the model. The students need to know how to link the financial statements for making a substantial financial modeling project.
  • Initial Public Offering model: Corporate development professional as well as investment bankers, builds IPO models to value their business in advance. The models involved in IPO look at comparable analysis of the company in conjunction with the services.
  • Consolidation model: Here, the students have to include multiple units of business into one single model by simply adding. Each business unit has a specific tab that the company can simplify or vary from other groups.
  • Discounted cash flow model: The model builds on the three statements to value the organization. When the students start preparing for FIN361, then they need to know about the proper functioning of the systems and implementation schemes of the data.
  • Merger model: It is the most advanced model out of other business units. The students need to evaluate the pro dilution or merger to use a single tab for each company. It is mainly used in corporate development or investment banking.

With the team of expert finance writers, the students can prepare a tough FIN361 assignment. 100% plagiarism free work offered and standard quality of material grab the attention of many Singaporean students towards the online writing services. The top financial assignment writers help the students in preparing efficient FIN361 assignment for scoring high academic grades.

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Topics covered by finance experts during Financial Modelling (FIN361) assignments in Singapore

The top finance tutors offered writing services include all the essential parts as well as sub-parts that come under financial modeling.  Some of the best topics represented by the expert writers of Singapore;

  • Loss as well as profits related to economic planning models
  • Deriving cash flows and sustainability knowledge requirements for implementing it.
  • Accounting return, portfolio results included in top assignment writing.
  • Bond evaluation models including investment and payback models
  • Asset pricing model related to financial capital.
  • Internal rate of return, net present value to analyze the model, and sensitive analysis
  • Weighted cost of capital and dividend growth model implementation
  • Free cash flows and information regarding stock market methods


The students can calculate the value of financial bonds incorporating several factors to impact retail bond prices through the Financial Modelling (FIN361) course.

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