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SEC343 Terrorism and Psychology: The Mind of the Terrorist Assignment Answers – SUSS

Who doesn’t know about terrorism? No one can predict completely what the mind of a terrorist thinks of. It’s his psychology according to which he is performing unethical activities of violence and destruction. To know about the cause behind any terrorist attack, one should know to read the mindset of the terrorist. To raise awareness among the students of Singapore about terrorism and psychology, the Singapore University of Social Sciences introduces a course namely SEC343 Terrorism and Psychology: The Mind of the Terrorist.

SUSS University is one of the top Singapore universities in Singapore. SUSS University offers a part-time undergraduate BSc Management and Security Studies programme. Students get an opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge in management as well as in security studies as well. In this way, the SUSS University is providing the best of both worlds to the students.

Well, the SEC343 course not only provides the crucial information about the terrorism and psychology but also gives some SEC343 SUSS assignments for scoring well in the TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) during the submission of FYP (Final Year Project).

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Objective of the SEC343 Terrorism and Psychology: The Mind of the Terrorist Course

The main objective of the SEC343 Terrorism and Psychology: The Mind of the Terrorist course is to make aware the Singaporean students about various terms regarding terrorism. The young generation should be aware and knowledgeable about the terrorist activities happened all around them in the past. They should know about the terrorists or criminals involved in any particular chaotic and destructive incident. This course will tell students about the ground reality why any person (terrorists) involves in such unethical harmful activities. Although they know that such destructive actions can lead to self-harm or life taking but the terrorists don’t even hesitate to do them.

Students will get a 360-degree overview of the point of view of the terrorists. What makes them do all ruinous activities? Why are they doing that? What is the cause behind their doings? How they reached such a situation to choose such a goal for their life?

The purpose behind introducing the SEC343 Terrorism and Psychology: The Mind of the Terrorist course is to know all about the psychology and mindset of the terrorists. Students will earn about what they think and what causes them to do any hazardous operations.

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Structure of SEC343 Terrorism and Psychology: The Mind of the Terrorist Course

The SEC343 course fuel up the Singaporean students pursuing the SEC343 course with vast knowledge about the mindset and psychology of the terrorists why they do such activities of violence and destruction. There can be many reasons behind any baneful activity such as the environment of any personal and emotional problem, a history of any damage or violence or lack of options to lead life towards a fruitful and productive goal.

The structural outlook of the course can be understood by the following: –

  • Terrorism, chaos and anarchy
  • The mind of the terrorist
  • Terrorists and group characteristics
  • Evaluating the mind of the terrorist
  • Terrorist activity as a symptom of the terrorist mind

Simultaneously with the studies and lectures, students also require to work hard to score well in the TMA and FYP. They have fear of scoring less in TMA and FYP and losing their social status. Students get worried and need SEC343 Terrorism and Psychology: The Mind of the Terrorist assignment help. To lessen the worry of the students head we provide SEC343 assignment help by giving them readymade SEC343 assignment sample before the deadline.

Upshots of the SEC343 Terrorism and Psychology: The Mind of the Terrorist Course

As discussed above, the SEC343 course fills up the students with a lot of deep and broad knowledge about terrorism and psychology. Students after completing this course will be able to examine whether the mindset of the terrorists come from their DNA or some external forces. This course helps students to differentiate between different situations and their resulting mindset with some practical examples.

Some of the upshots of SEC343 Terrorism and Psychology: The Mind of the Terrorist course are: –

  • Draw different approaches to terrorism in terms of violence
  • Differentiate the terrorist mind from the anarchical one
  • Judge the influence of the terrorist mind in Southeast Asia
  • Differentiate the political ideology of Al-Qaeda from Jemaah Islamiyah
  • Assess the inter-connectedness of terrorist minds since 9/11
  • Analyse the causes which influence the terrorists to do life taking tasks of destruction
  • Use concepts of security studies in seminar presentations

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