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Inductive Research

An inductive approach to research is also known as inductive reasoning. It begins with observation and completes the development of the hypothesis. Students often have confusion and questions that How to use the inductive research approach. They also have questions about what is the advantages of using inductive reasoning in research. Our professional is providing the answers to student’s queries by giving an overview of the inductive approach to research.

Inductive Research

Before developing an understanding about the how-to Apply inductive research approach? Let’s first develop an understanding of the Meaning of the inductive research approach.

Inductive research approach: Meaning

Inductive is a research approach which the researcher utilizes for performing investigation on such type of research topic on which there is little or no existing literature that exists. In such type of investigation, the researcher begins research by observing things and investigator design theory after completion of the study. Inductive reasoning helps in producing meaning from the information which the researcher has to accumulate from different sources. The researcher basically uses an inductive approach to research for analyzing the pattern and developing an understanding of the relationship between different variables of the study. Gaining knowledge about the interrelationship between different variables of the study is very much important for designing a hypothesis. The main benefit of using inductive reasoning in your study is that anytime you can easily change the direction of your research.

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In the context of an inductive approach to research, you can formulate research questions by properly analyzing the existing hypothesis. Inductive reasoning is based on assumptions that a person can learn many things by gaining experience. In relation to research, a systematic analysis of pattern, Proper identification of regularities in responses is very much essential for reaching to a conclusion. Researchers can use an inductive research approach when they have no idea about what to found.  The main purpose of the inductive approach is to design new theories on the basis of information that an investigator has gathered from different sources. It is a research approach that is considered suitable for exploring the hidden facts related to a particular field. Inductive reasoning helps you in getting appropriate answers to research questions.


  1. You should analyze existing theories before developing a new hypothesis.
  2. Before selecting any of the approach i.e. inductive or deductive, you should consider research objectives. You should also determine whether you intend to test existing hypotheses or explore new aspects of the issue.

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How to Apply an Inductive research Approach?

The 3 step processes of applying the inductive approach to research are:

Step 1: Observation

Research needs to start applying the inductive approach in their studies by doing observation of situations surrounding them. After that, the investigator requires to provide simplify findings and need to present ideas in a proper manner. In the context of an inductive approach to research, you need to provide empirical generalizations. You should also take high initiatives for finding the interrelationship between different variables of the study.

In the context of the inductive research approach, generally, the investigator does not have any idea about nature and type of findings until unless research gets complete. It is an approach that is also known as the bottom-up approach.  You can utilize the inductive approach in your research for describing the situation.

Step 2: Analysis of pattern

This is a step where the researcher is requiring accumulating information and properly doing analysis of the pattern of responses provided by participants. You can use qualitative research methods for the accumulation and analysis of facts related to the research topic.

Step 3: Formulation of theory

It is a step where you need to design theory by properly collecting and analyzing information.

Inductive research: Example

Observation: an elephant is dependent on water to exit.

Observation of pattern: All other animals which have been observed are dependent on water for their survival.

Develop a hypothesis: All biological life is completely based on water to exists

Advantages of the inductive approach to research

Few advantages of inductive research approach are:

  • It helps the researcher in drawing a conclusion by observing things.
  • The main advantage of inductive reasoning is that it allows you to make various assumptions.
  • It provides ease in analyzing the pattern and formulation of new theory.


From the above study it has been concluded that the inductive research approach is useful in relation to producing generalize findings. The other fact which has been found from above is that inductive research is mainly concerned with the development of a new hypothesis.

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