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FIN377 Financial Plan Construction- SUSS Assignment Sample

A customer, prior to buying any service or making any investment has to look after his financial situations and financial assets thus need an efficient financial planner. The Singaporean students who aspire to become a financial planner must have enough knowledge and skill to construct a financial plan for the customer and give him appropriate suggestions. For this to happen, the Singapore University of Social Sciences has introduced a course “FIN377 Financial Plan Construction” which educates the students with the different approaches to prepare a financial plan for the customers.

Not only students but entrepreneurs, corporate worker, professionals also take interest in pursuing the SUSS FIN377 Financial Plan Construction.

In addition to the skills of constructing financial plans, the SUSS FIN377 course also provides a brief knowledge about relevant knowledge of financial management using the appropriate techniques and strategies of financial cryptography.

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Also, due to COVID-19 impact, the SUSS university has replaced the on-campus examinations with Timed Online Assignments available on the Zoom. Although the TOA is similar to a TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) but imposed with a time limit.

What is a financial plan?

A financial plan is a document concerning any individual/ entity which contains the present money situation and future fiscal goals along with the schemes to attain those goals. A person can create a financial plan for himself or also can take help from a certified financial planner.

It is a thorough assessment of any individual’s current finances and future financial status by utilizing the existing parameters to anticipate future income, asset-price, and withdrawal plans. The financial plan generally includes a budget arranges an individual’s finances systematically & at times includes a set of measures or concrete objectives for expenditure and reserve in the future.

The financial plan assigns the future income for different expenses like utilities, rent, and allocate some of the income for short-term as well as long-term savings. At times, the financial plan is considered as an investment plan but in personal finance, the financial plan is concerned with other various areas such as college, estate, risk management and retirement etc.

Motif of FIN377 Financial Plan Construction

When an individual decides to make investment or plan schemes to fulfil the future objectives, he needs a proper financial plan and needs a professional financial planner to prepare a financial plan for him. Hence, the FIN377 Financial Plan Construction course aims to train the Singaporean students with sufficient skills and knowledge to prepare an effective financial plan for the client.

The SUSS FIN377 course focuses on educating the students to gather the necessary relevant information like the client’s needs, objectives and priorities, risk appetite, expected returns, tax and estate planningretirement planning, and tax consideration. Also, this course is concentrated to make the undergraduates capable to write a comprehensive financial plan in the light of the regulatory environment while sustaining professional standards and code of ethics.

Another objective of this course is to provide the students with enough knowledge that they can excel in their course final exam or timed online assignment.

What does SUSS FIN377 Financial Plan Construction Course Teach?

SUSS FIN377 course introduces the aspiring students with the objective of financial planning explaining the financial planning importance with various financial planning examples.

The FIN377 Financial Plan Construction course inculcates the undergrads with the essential information and knowledge to construct a comprehensive plan for financial goals for an individual. It provides the students with an understanding of risk management and insurance planning to prepare an effective personal financial plan for the client.

Construction of a financial plan is concerned with evaluating the present financial situation of an individual & his further monetary value goals for future by preparing a financial statement analysis for his present and future forecasted income, assets, expenses and saving. Also, it requires a competent financial planner to be familiar with financial accounting and informed with the evolving financial instruments, institutions and markets.

Therefore, the FIN377 Financial Plan Construction course equips the students with a solid foundation of constructing an appropriate comprehensive finance scheme using the different financial planning steps. The SUSS FIN377 course prepares the students very well to explore the scope of financial planning.

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FIN377 Financial Plan Construction Course Topics

With advanced skills and great knowledge to design a financial plan for a client, the course also grooms the students with essential soft skills needed for client management. This course explains all of the competencies in the format of some topics.

The pieces of topics included in the SUSS FIN377 Financial Plan Construction course are: –

  • Roles and responsibilities of financial planners
  • Understanding the needs of the client, priorities and goals, and collect relevant data
  • Elements of a comprehensive written plan
  • How to write a comprehensive financial plan
  • Regulatory environment
  • Code of ethics and professional standards

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Learning Upshots of FIN377 Financial Plan Construction SUSS Course

The Singaporean undergrads learn a lot from the FIN377 Financial Plan Construction course with a strong base of preparing a financial plan. They become efficient in analysing various pre-requisites before constructing a financial plan such as existing assets, regularity & consistency in income, income growth rate, various expenses (household, lifestyle, taxations etc.), and liabilities (interest rates, pre-payment charges, outstanding balances) etc.

After completing the FIN377 course they are capable of performing the crucial duties like goal calculation, analysation of achievement of goals, mapping of the existing assets with the goals and recommending products to attain the shortfall.

Along with all these, here are some of the educational outcomes of the SUSS FIN377 course: –

  • Understand and explain the functions and duties of financial planning practitioners
  • Differentiate the 6 different steps in the process of financial planning
  • Analyse the elements to be taken under consideration to construct an extensive financial plan
  • Draft the assumptions which can be helpful while preparing a financial plan
  • Prepare the proposals for plan implementation
  • Embed the strategies of retirement planning in the financial plan
  • Establish plans for risk management
  • Evaluate the education financing options and calculate the required funding for education
  • Able to distinguish a will & a trust, and install the estate planning process
  • Exhibit the sightedness of the legal regulatory environment pertaining to a financial planner
  • Establish a financial plan in steps
  • Evolve necessary soft skills important for client management

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the major components for a financial plan?

Ans. The essential components of a financial plan are as follows: –

  • Goal & Objectives
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Balance Sheet
  • Issues and Difficulties
  • Risk Management & Insurance
  • Education, Retirement and other needs
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Investment Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Assumptions
  • Recommendations
  • Implementation Plan (Financial Plan to be implemented)

Q2. What are the financial goals?

Ans. Financial goals are the personal short-term and long-term objectives you set for how you want to save and spend your money. They can be-

  • Anything you wish to achieve
  • Saving for retirement
  • Paying off debts
  • Saving for a vacation
  • Raising an emergency fund
  • Buying a home
  • Starting a business
  • To feel financially secure etc.

Q3. What is the objective of a financial plan?

Ans. The financial plan aims to offer you two things-

  • A thorough analysis of your present financial situation
  • A general plan to achieve your future plans, goals and objectives

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