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FIN373 Tax and Estate Planning- SUSS Assessment Sample

Numerous great courses about financial planning, financial statement analysis, portfolio management, fixed income and its derivates, & financial management in digital economy etc. but the taxation and planning of estate have different importance in themselves. Most of the top universities like Tax Academy of Singapore, FPAS (Financial Planning Association of Singapore), Singapore Management University (SMU) etc. provide courses relevant to finance. Likewise, the very eminent and famous Singapore University of Social Sciences offers a very crucial plus wonderful course to the Singaporean students namely FIN373 Tax and Estate Planning course for a better understanding of terms related to tax and estate and their importance.

Like every other course, the FIN373 Tax and Estate Planning course also comprises of various SUSS finance assignments including financial case studies, personal finance assignment and many other FIN373 SUSS assessments. All of the different assignments fall under the list of Tutor Marked Assignments which carry a significant weightage of marks in the final result of the course.

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Introduction to Tax Planning

Tax planning is an analysis of the financial position of an individual in the context of tax efficiency. It is considered among the most effective methods for one to plan his finances. With the help of tax planning, any taxpayer can easily utilize the several tax deductions, exemptions and various other benefits to reduce the tax liability to the minimum in a financial year. Tax planning is officially a legal process to minimize the burden of a tax. However, you need to be careful while planning your taxes. You should be aware of the fact that reducing your taxes or tax planning is not referred to as tax evasion or tax dodge.

What do you mean by Estate?

Estate is referred to as the total money, land or property of an individual, especially at death. All those assets that a person would have at the end time of his life, fall into his estate.

Following are the assets which are included in the estate of an individual: –

  • Land and Property
  • Life insurance policies
  • Bank accounts (Savings accounts, recurring, deposits, fixed deposits, and other)
  • Cash, stocks and other securities
  • Personal properties comprising of artworks, artwork, and jewellery, etc.
  • Investments, collectables, and furnishings

It is the economic valuation of all the above things and interests of an individual.

What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is one of the most crucial steps, must be taken by an individual to ensure that his property and assets are safe and esteemed and, in their absence (death), their loved ones are provided with that. By this, several legal complications can be resolved on the death of a person.

Estate planning is the process to anticipate and arrange during an individual’s life, to manage and dispose of that person’s estate and other assets in a situation of his incapacitation or death. Also, this way the estate, gift, generation-skipping transfer, and income tax can be minimized.

The estate planning is especially based on the specific objectives of the clients and can either be simple or complex according to the needs of the client.

What is FIN373 Tax and Estate Planning Course?

FIN373 Tax and Estate Planning course is a modular undergraduate course of 6 months duration. This comprises of the essential information relevant to sketching the outline of an individual’s financial position, tax efficiency, estate, assets and their proper management plan for his present life as well as after death. The Singapore University of Social Science offers the FIN373 Tax and Estate Planning course to make the students aware about the taxation, tax planning, estate, estate planning, various schemes of tax and estate planning in Singapore, and other relevant terms.

This FIN373 SUSS course is enrolled in the list of finance courses to give a better understanding of planning tax and estate to the Singaporean students. Also, the FIN373 SUSS course gives various tax planning assignments, estate planning assignments, essay writing and report writing assignments etc. to the students to let them research and understand the course more precisely.

Subject Matter of FIN373 Tax and Estate Planning Course

Establishing beneficiaries from your investments is a good start, but keeping an eye to the overall frame of your estate holds major importance as well.

Several people invest their money in different fields. They get their investment portfolio from their financial planner and choose an appropriate plan made by him. For those people who are involved with the alternative investment activities, should inform necessary detail to their financial planner. Their financial planner should know about various factor essential for implementing any plan such as earning source, risk appetite, return goals, retirement plans as well as basic tax and estate planning for the client. While dealing with different investment alternatives, tax consideration plays a vital role in that.

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The whole process needs the understanding of the tax code for dealing with the income and other deductible expenses. Many people hold assets in their country and other different countries as well. Those individuals should be aware of the implications of cross-border taxation. All of this essential information is important while tax and estate planning for an individual.

Such clients who have a high net worth, tax and estate planning is a substantial matter of concern for them. Estate planning involves the writing a will, use of life insurance, rights of beneficiaries, use of the power of attorney, planning of estate taxes, and the formation of trusts. The SUSS FIN373 course covers all of these aspects of tax and estate planning.

In addition to that, a student is also needed to study with full concentration to get maximum knowledge from the course. This will happen by focusing on the lectures as well as doing the FIN373 SUSS assessments including dissertation writing, PowerPoint presentation assignments etc. The students when introduced with the assignments, get stressed due to shortage of time and the fear of scoring low in the result of the course. In such circumstances, the students need quick assignment help to get readymade FIN373 assignment sample as soon as possible with zero errors.

Course Structure of FIN373 Tax and Estate Planning Course

The FIN373 Tax and Estate Planning course cover various topics related to taxation and estate. It familiarizes the Singaporean students with the fundamentals of taxation, estimating retirement expenses and source of income, pension sector reforms, concepts of tax and estate planning, power of attorney, tax rate, income tax rules, and liabilities and investment assets.

Students will get a thorough understanding of the objective and need for tax and estate planning.

The topics include in the FIN373 Tax and Estate Planning course are as follows: –

  • Tax code in Singapore
  • Income- deductions
  • Tax planning
  • Administration of tax system
  • Tax implications of CPF and SRS schemes
  • Tax audit
  • Cross-border tax implications
  • GST
  • Tax aspects of the investment
  • Stamp duty
  • Property tax
  • Will planning
  • Trusts
  • Estate duty
  • Family law
  • Business succession planning

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Learning Outcomes of FIN373 Tax and Estate Planning Course

Will your heirs get what they deserve from your estate and assets after your death or a situation of incapacitation?

Those students who will get educated from this FIN373 Tax and Estate Planning course can make you capable of distributing your estate to your loving ones. the FIN373 course excels the students in the field of analysing financial statement as well as planning for tax and estate for an individual.

Here are some of the learning outcomes of the FIN373 Tax and Estate Planning course: –

  • Elucidate tax codes concerning income, expenses, and deductions
  • Review cross border taxation issues
  • Estimate tax aspects of different investment structures
  • Evaluate the impact of tax
  • Assess the implications of participating in CPF and SRS
  • Identify the impact of GST, Property Tax and Stamp Duty on tax planning
  • Construct schemes to form trusts and business succession
  • Able to implement basics of will planning and use the power of attorney
  • Formulate tax and estate plans
  • Demonstrate essential knowledge and skills in a discussion of the tax and estate planning with a team

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What skills are required in a candidate for this course?

Ans. There is no such criterion of skills for the FIN373 course but it will be beneficial if one possesses the following skills: –

  • Problem-solving
  • Ability to take the stress
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Self-starting
  • Research interest
  • Good Record-keeping skills
  • Analytical
  • Good presentation skills

Q2. Should I opt for the FIN373 Tax and Estate Planning course if I already have some experience in tax planning?

Ans. Yes, you can go for the FIN373 SUSS course as gaining knowledge is never harmful to anyone. You can enhance your knowledge and skills from this course which will result in a better performance in your job.

Q3. What job areas can I expect for employment after the FIN373 course?

Ans. After pursuing the SUSS FIN373 course, you can apply in some finance sectors. Following are some fields and job profiles you can go into: –

  • Credit counselling firms
  • Investment banks
  • Tax Policy Analyst
  • Financial consultancies
  • Self-employment
  • Financial research
  • Wealth Managing firms etc.

Q4. What is CPF?

Ans. CPF stands for Central Provident Fund. CPF is a comprehensive security system for the citizen of Singapore to reserve funds for retirement. This is for those who are in any profession and permanent residents of Singapore. CPF also undertakes healthcare, family protection, homeownership and asset enhancement.

Q5. What is SRS?

Ans. SRS is the abbreviation for Supplementary Retirement Scheme. It is a voluntary scheme for the Singaporeans to save for their retirement beyond their CPF savings. Endowments to SRS are acceptable to tax relief. Investment returns before withdrawals are tax-free and one need to pay tax on only 50% of the withdrawals from SRS at retirement.

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