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FIN375 Risk Management and Insurance Planning- SUSS Assessment Sample

Life is full of risks and you cannot run away from any of it. Yes, it is indeed a key to making choices and you can prioritize to take anyone at once. Yet, there can be chances that you will need to face such situations with multiple risks. A business graduate who aspires to become a financial planner, he should be aware of the risk management and insurance planning strategies. An effective financial planner should review his client’s entire portfolio periodically to minimize risk and maximize security. To make its students become an efficient financial planner, the top leading Singapore University of Social Sciences offers a course of the same field namely FIN375 Risk Management and Insurance Planning.

FIN375 SUSS course let the Singaporean students assess and manage the risks associated with unexpected events and construct an effective insurance plan to help optimize the security tools. Also, the FIN375 Risk Management and Insurance Planning course give access to a key to a better understanding of the course i.e. FIN375 SUSS assignments. Like every other course in any university, FIN375 course also provides various finance assignments viz. Financial Decision-Making Assignment, Financial Case Studies, risk management assignments, Investing & Portfolio Management Assignments and many others.

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Objective of FIN375 Risk Management and Insurance Planning Course

Every organization need risk management and insurance planning to review their strategies of risk management and to elect risk transfer measures e.g. availing insurance cover etc. When an external agency will do an unbiased study of the adopted risk management measures and insurance policies, it can more efficiently help in managing the risk profitably and in an effective manner.

The main objective for introducing the SUSS FIN375 course to the Singaporean students is to make them sagacious in the field of formulating strong insurance policies to minimize the risks while earning profit. This course will help the students to conduct a systematic, peer review of all the possible risks concerning workforce, plant, business activities and facilities. Simply put, the FIN375 SUSS course aims the Singaporean students to perform the sphere of activities involving risk identification, assessment and effective control.

In addition to that, the FIN375 course also builds the students to review the existing insurance coverage as well as to detect new areas of coverage for optimizing the risk exposure.

Inside the FIN375 Risk Management and Insurance Planning Course

The FIN375 Risk Management and Insurance Planning course offered by SUSS University comprises of various topics which enable the student to understand the methods of identifying risks, constructing new strategies for minimizing risk employing insurance plans, and formulating an effective financial plan for the client.

To become an effective financial planner, one should have an understanding of risk management and insurance needs of his clients whether either they are an organization or an individual. Every business graduate going to become an investment advisor needs to understand that every other entity has a different risk appetite so that insurance plans will be drafted accordingly.

Besides the studies, the syllabus of the course also consists of different FIN375 SUSS assessments with a tiny but corpulent deadline for submission. These assessments are counted in Tutor Marked Assignments which play a significant role in the end result of the course. These carry 40% weightage in the result which is very important for the students.


Theme of FIN375 Risk Management and Insurance Planning Course

A financial planner should know about the identification of the client’s risk profile and be able to make decisions for the best insurance products suitable for the client.

FIN375 Course will provide the students with the vast knowledge of various insurance products available. Also, the skills of detecting the risk profile of the client and measure their needs for insurance along with suggesting the best possible insurance product for them.

The Risk Management and Insurance Planning FIN375 course contain the following topics: –

  • Approaches to categorizing risk and methods of risk management
  • Concept of insurable risk
  • Identification of the risk exposures like household, life, motor, health and others
  • Legal principles of insurance
  • Importance of insurance in financial planning
  • Factors affecting insurance needs
  • Analysis of General insurance policy
  • Life insurance policy analysis
  • Analysis of Health insurance

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The course also comprises of some great and helpful assignments which are needed to be completed on time. The students learn the whole course with great enthusiasm but get a little bit worried due to the SUSS finance course assignments. They learn to formulate the financial plans for the clients but unable to draw a time table for themselves due to the hectic schedule. They do not get enough time to complete the various report writing assignments, thesis proofreading and essay writing tasks etc.

Scope of Studying FIN375 Risk Management and Insurance Planning Course

No doubt, that the Singaporean students will come out with a great knowledge of the managing risk and insurance planning from this course. They will be efficient enough to work in a finance department to look over the financial activities, do financial analysis as well as recommend the best insurance product while optimizing the risk exposure.

The scope of FIN375 Risk Management and Insurance Planning is as follows: –

  • Display the understanding of rudiments of risk management and concepts of insurance
  • Review of existing risk control measures and offering comments
  • Review and elucidate the legal aspect of insurance as a contract
  • Employ the knowledge of legal principles in insurance
  • Estimate the value of each insurance product available and critique the gains and constraints of each product class
  • Determine the insurance amount needs
  • Arrange and provide a recommendation of products to the clients
  • Examine the future development of the insurance industry etc.

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Q2. What are risk management tools?

Ans. Following are the most commonly used risk management tools: –

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  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Risk Register
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Ans. All risk management processes follow the same standards which make possible for your business to manage difficulties systematically.

  • Identify risks to your business
  • Analyse and measure the impact
  • Decide which risks are unacceptable
  • Transfer or mitigate the unacceptable risks
  • Contingency planning
  • Monitor and review regularly

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