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FIN311 Mathematics and Programming for Finance- SUSS Assessment Sample

Over time mathematical programming is gaining greater importance in the education programs of finance. Yes, finance is not only about analysis and interpretation of enormous quantity of financial data but also concerns with the mathematical models and programming techniques for trading and investment analysis along with the risk management area. To promote the essential mathematics and programming skills for the finance sector, the prestigious Singapore University of Social Sciences introduces an influential course namely FIN311 Mathematics and Programming for Finance.

The SUSS FIN311 course is one of the SUSS part time courses of 6 months duration. In conjunction with this, it comprises of various activities vital for passing this course with good grades. These activities include pre-course quizzes, Tutor Marked Assignment, group-based assignment, participation and written exam. The written exam is the most common activity cum criteria for passing a course. Similarly, no course is deprived of homework assignments. Consequently, SUSS finance courses also contain different assignments like personal finance assignmentEssentials of Financial Management FIN203 Assignment, FIN311 SUSS assignment etc.

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Aim of FIN311 Mathematics and Programming for Finance Course

SUSS FIN311 Mathematics and Programming for Finance course aims to enable the students to deal with all type of issues arise in the sector of finance. Finance is not limited to analyse and elucidate the huge quantity of financial data and valuating financial information but this also requires to make mathematical models to resolve the issues and computer programs to implement the models. These models are used in both educational as well as commercial configurations in the scope of trading, risk management as well as investment analyses. Financial technology (FinTech) appends further dimensions to the current evolving needs.

Hence the FIN311 Mathematics and Programming for Finance course focuses on the undergraduates to understand the necessary mathematical and programming skills to measure data. This course equips the students with competencies to read, realize, apply and implement the models in order to provide a view to solving the problems spring from both FinTech as well as Traditional Finance. Also, this course shows the relevance of itself with Computer ScienceData Programming (ICT233)Python Programming (FIN557) courses.

Framework of FIN311 Mathematics and Programming for Finance Course

FIN311 SUSS course provides the Singaporean undergraduates with plenty of knowledge and enough guidance to work efficiently in the field of finance. In FIN311 Mathematics and Programming for Finance course, the students are equipped with a strong basis of mathematics and practical knowledge so that applying those mathematical methods/ programs to the complicated financial models become easy for them. All this process runs into small programs of various pieces of topics.

The manifold topics of SUSS FIN311 course are as follows: –

  • Data and Measurements
  • Data Patterns and Modality
  • Programming with Python
  • Statistical Models
  • Programming with R
  • Game-Theoretic Models
  • Data Structures
  • Study of Complexity of Algorithms
  • Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptography
  • Achieving Consensus on Blockchains
  • Digital Signatures and Hash Functions
  • Blockchain Stability under Attacks

In spite of the vast in-depth knowledge of various skills, designing models and implementation of them to get the solutions of financial problems, the pupils are not able to make assignments effectively due to tiredness and shortage of time. This results in low grades in the final result of the course in which the assignments are also considered at high weightage.

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Educational Upshots of SUSS FIN311 Mathematics and Programming for Finance Course

After completing the FIN311 SUSS course, the students become a leader in their field. After exploring with the engrained relationship which subsists between the theoretical & applied mathematics and the constantly evolving world of finance, the students are filled with amazing skills.

Here are some examples of learning outcomes of the FIN311 Mathematics and Programming for Finance course: –

  • Reduce models to know the complex reality in the abstract data
  • Make use of financial case studies into demonstrating skills of mathematics and programming for finance
  • Enumerate with models to adjust them to data or to make findings from them
  • Build computer programs for the models to put into practice
  • Utilize computer tools like Google Spreadsheets/ Excel, Python, R for financial calculations
  • Design data structures to store and withdraw information for applications
  • Assess the complexity and efficiency of data structures
  • Inspect the privacy and authenticity of data in cryptographic protocols
  • Determine probabilities, utilities & other values in cryptocurrency systems and value their security significance
  • Reckon with random & hash functions & understand their relevance in applications
  • Review interactions on blockchains in game theory settings
  • Make trials with a financial information system (e.g. Reuters Eikon or the Internet) to acquire market data & information along with utilizing the well-documented API/library/models to make inferencing more convenient and advantageous.
  • Manage the resulting data of cryptocurrency systems

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