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How to Supervise a Master’s Dissertation – Become a Good Supervisor

Dissertation supervision is considered to be the most enjoyable form of teaching.  Many people face problems in supervising the dissertation.  Many people consider supervising thesis as a challenging task. In this article, our professional is providing guidelines on the supervision of the dissertation. If you follow following advice then surely it will improve your relationship with Ph.D. scholars.

How to Supervise a Master’s Dissertation

Supervising Masters Dissertation

Supervising Masters Dissertation means providing regular guidance and support to students in writing the dissertation. Providing good supervision to Masters’s Students is very crucial for developing a strong supervisory relationship with them. About the dissertation, supervision means helping students in performing independent research.

Before gaining knowledge about dissertation supervision, it is very much important for you to develop an understanding of what does a dissertation supervisor does?

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What is the role of the supervisor?

The master’s dissertation supervisor role is:

  • To help students in deciding the topic for their dissertation and provide suggestions related to primary and secondary reading.
  • The role of the Dissertation supervisor is to assist the researcher in the development of new ideas and concepts.
  • It is the role of the thesis supervisor to discuss the status of work with students
  • The important role of a supervisor or advisor is to provide students with proper instruction and guidance throughout the dissertation writing process.
  • The supervisor must design an outline of the dissertation chapters.
  • As a dissertation supervisor, you need to provide timely feedback to students.
  • You need to provide suggestions related to the arrangement or organization of the dissertation structure.
  • Role of thesis supervisor is to provide suggestions related to a presentation of dissertation such as related to the table of content, title page, bibliography, footnoting, etc in dissertation

How to supervise a Masters’s dissertation?

The process of supervising the Master’s dissertation includes:

a) Introducing your Master’s student to university

At the beginning of the master’s dissertation you need to make your students familiar with the university, college bad department. As a Dissertation supervisor you are also responsible for making your students familiar with the subject. It is the duty as a thesis supervisor to ensure that your students are aware of the different facilities available to them. You should also make sure that all the students to whom you are supervising have participated in the Doctoral School of induction.

b) Establish a strong relationship with students

You should conduct a meeting with students at a regular interval of time. It is very much important for you to communicate effectively with students to whom you are supervising. These tactics will help you in building a strong relationship and will help you in getting good supervisory experience.

At the time of the first meeting with students, you should try to analyze the need and expectations of students. During the time of the first meeting you should collect background academic detail of students. It is the strategy which will provide you an ease in identifying the best technique for motivating student throughout the dissertation writing process.

After that you should facilitate the discussion about the knowledge gap with each student and determine appropriate training needs by them. When facilitating the discussion at the first meeting you should provide detail about who will arrange a meeting, how often the specific meeting will be organized etc. After having the proper discussion with students, you are requiring preparing a proper schedule for establishing coordination between students and following up. You can prepare a list of meetings and approaches every time.

In case you are writing the Masters dissertation for
PhD. or other students it is very crucial for you to clearly state your expectations from the supervisor. All Dissertation supervisors utilize unique approaches for supervising the master’s dissertation. Before adopting any of the techniques you should first develop an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of various supervision approaches and styles.

It is also very much important for you to understand that no specific style suits all situations. Before making the selection of any specific supervision style or approach you should consider the expectation and nature of your students. A selection of any supervision style could have a significant influence on the behavior and performance of your students.

You need to adopt a unique approach to supervision in different circumstances. You can change the style of supervision according to the stage of the project. It is also very essential for you to align your expectations with those students to whom you are supervising. As a thesis supervisor you can have a discussion on expectations at the beginning of the process and during the first meeting with students.

c) Checks the progress of students

It is a step where you need to check the progress of students to whom you are supervising. You need to help students by breaking down work into manageable categories.

It is very much important for you to ask students for submitting a draft of work and inform you about the status of the project at a regular interval of time. You should provide your students with regular feedback. It is also very crucial for you to ensure that your students are getting ethical clearance about research and they are performing a risk assessment.

d) Check your performance

You should also review your progress at a regular interval of time.  You can also obtain feedback and suggestions from other supervisors. This strategy will help you in identifying the performance gap and would help you in addressing the best technique for improving your supervising practice.

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Techniques for becoming a good dissertation supervisor?

The 6 techniques which you can apply for becoming a good dissertation supervisor are:

1. Establish a professional relationship

From the beginning of your supervision you need to take high initiative for building a strong professional relationship with your students.  You should first have mutual respect for students to whom you are supervising. You must respect the dignity and ideas of students. You should also respect and appreciate students for taking important decisions independently.

2. Inspiration and creation of ideas

You should motivate your students for generations of new ideas. It is very much important for you to allow and positively influence students for performing new experiments. You should also help students in arranging the funds which are required for undertaking the project.

3. Means

To become a good master’s dissertation supervisor, you should provide students with all possible solutions for eliminating the obstacles which can hinder their research.  You should assist your students in accessing a sufficient amount of funding for performing research to write a dissertation.

4. Progress of work

You to achieve success as a thesis supervisor need to monitor the progress of students at a regular interval of time. You should spend time helping students in writing a dissertation. To become a good dissertation supervisor, it is very much essential for you to take high initiatives for resolving the issues faced by students.

5. Cooperation

Becoming highly cooperative with students is very crucial for you to become a good supervisor. Communication is considered to be a basis for cooperation. You should also develop a team working spirit.

6. Disparity management

Before starting to supervise master’s students undertaking a dissertation, you should develop the problem-solving skills. As if student share their problem with you then you should able to provide quick solutions. Discussion is considered to be the as best technique to find an effective solution to the problem. Through facilitating the discussion you will be able to reach a mutual agreement.


From the above article it has been concluded that supervising Masters Dissertation is a challenging task. It has been suggested that the development of certain skills such as communication, cooperative, team working skills can help you in becoming a good Master dissertation supervisor.

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