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FIN383 Financial Technologies and Innovations SUSS Assessment Sample

In the developing world with emerging technologies and innovations, the FinTech is also catching speed in the field of providing financial services. To examine the dawns of financial technology and its role in modifying and reinforcing the new technology in financial services, Singapore University has introduced an up to par course “FIN383 Financial Technologies and Innovations”.

The SUSS FIN383 Financial Technologies and Innovations is a modular undergraduate course which engages the students with intense learning of technological advances in the traditional and existing financial companies/ services. It also includes the different pre-course quizzes and group-based assignments (GBA) along with an activity for participation. These FIN383 SUSS course assessments carry a significant weightage of marks in the final examination of the course.

Also, these activities coupled with ECA- Report, ECA- Video and ECA- PowerPoint makes a complete package of FIM383 SUSS Assignments.

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Introduction to Financial Technology

FinTech, a general shortened name for financial technology. It is the technology and innovation which intends to compete against the existing/ traditional financial approaches of providing the financial services. FinTech is a prominent industry which is establishing itself by using innovative technologies enhance and strengthen the activities in finance.

Cryptocurrency and digital cash, blockchain technology, smart contracts and even the use of smartphones for mobile banking, investment services are the examples of new innovative technologies which are focusing to make the financial services more convenient and approachable to the general population. Also, the artificial intelligence plays a vital role in developing these effective technologies ready to use.

The financial technology companies contain both the start-ups as well as the stable financial bodies and technology companies attempting to supersede or upgrade the usage of financial services offered by the existing financial companies.

What does FIN383 Financial Technologies and Innovations Course Aim To?

The SUSS FIN383 course aims to educate the undergrads with the base origin of the financial technologies (FinTech) and their contribution to the advancement of the existing companies providing financial services. Singaporean students learn about the modification and transformation of financial services by the modern & evolving digital technologies and formation of new FinTech companies.

This course aims to equip the students with the intense understanding of the main FinTech examples i.e. payment innovations, blockchain technologies, digital currencies, big data, crowdfunding, FinTech start-ups, Robo-advisors, and regulatory challenges. Besides, the course makes the students learn how to utilize these technologies in the real workplace of finance field while analysing the ever-evolving financial instruments, institutions and markets properly.

SUSS FIN383 course focuses on preparing the students to acknowledge the importance of the new technologies. Besides, FIN383 course aims to make the students aware of the scope of financial services, and roles played by stakeholders in FinTech space.

The objective of this FIN383 course also is to divulge the students to the usage of the Mathematics and Programming for FinancePython Programming, to automate the investment strategies, evaluate the investment performance which is innate in a Robo-advisor business.

Insight of FIN383 Financial Technologies and Innovations Course

FinTech is an emerging financial industry that employs technology to upgrade financial activities. The FIN383 SUSS course includes the in-depth information of the modern technologies coming into action and their role in enhancing the existing services providing financial assistance. This course gives a deep understanding and skills to use those technologies to provide financial services.

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The financial technologies and innovations work as oil in the fire of financial management in the digital economy. The FIN383 SUSS course trains the students to maintain the Financial Management steps while keeping the Financial Cryptography under consideration.

FIN383 Financial Technologies and Innovations course emphasizes on various things like: –

  • Explaining the difference between legacy payment systems and the new evolved payment systems
  • Depict the difference between blockchain technology and review its applications in a variety of contexts
  • Elucidate a credit score and find its determinants
  • Apply smart techniques for investment

The insight of the FIN383 Financial Technologies and Innovations course is not fully stuffed yet! It comprises of different assignments too. The newly introduced timed online assignment is a crucial part of this course. Students need to prepare well for the WebAssign assignment of the FIN383 course.

FIN383 Financial Technologies and Innovations Course Topics

The SUSS FIN383 course explains various technologies and strategies of using them for better financial performance. This entire course is divided into multiple elements of the subject matter.

Here are some important topics of the FIN383 Financial Technologies and Innovations course: –

  • Digitalization in banking systems and the future of banks
  • P2P network loans
  • Crowdfunding and other options for financing
  • Payment innovations
  • Big data and data analytics
  • Blockchain technology
  • Cryptocurrency and Initial Coin Offering
  • Hike in FinTech development in China
  • Financial inclusion
  • Digital asset class and substitute investment
  • Regulatory Challenges in FinTech
  • Robo-Advisor
  • Utilizing Python Programming for automation of investment strategies

Assignments together with the above topics are equally important for this course as along with the marks of final examination the assignments also play a vital role in the final result of the course.

Educational Upshots of FIN383 Financial Technologies and Innovations Course

Although the FIN383 Financial Technologies and Innovations course trains the undergraduates with profound knowledge and skills to perform well in the field of finance. They learn to deal with every type of issue and implement strategies of the new technology to resolve that.

They become efficient to create a Financial Statement Analysis before employing any strategy and implement the Blockchain Technology and Smart Contract for Finance.

These are some of the learning outcomes of FIN383 SUSS course: –

  • Explain the impact of the technology and regulation on financial services and factors backing this trend
  • Recognise various classes of financial information systems like trading and settlement systems, funds transfer networks, payment systems
  • Address the other types of financing & traits of crowdfunding
  • Examine the evolvement of digital currencies with blockchain technologies
  • Demonstrate the understanding of report of big data & the importance of data analytics
  • Review the opportunities and difficulties faced by FinTech start-ups
  • Discuss the issues in financial technologies and innovations
  • Establish & utilize python to automate investment decisions and revert suitable indicators concerning investment performance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is for the financial technologies used to automate?

Ans. Financial technologies are used to automate: –

  • Payment systems
  • Trading
  • Insurance
  • Risk management
  • Banking system etc.

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Ans. Yes, sure. Our help assignment service is open to all and anyone can avail our help. You can get any type of assignment or homework from us.

Q3. Do I need to place an order for my FIN383 SUSS assignments in any specific sequence?

Ans. No, you can place your orders in any sequence and any number of assignments.

Q4. What are the different types of FinTech?

Ans. The various categories of FinTech are as follows: –

  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • Insurance (InsurTech)
  • Lending (LendTech)
  • Regulatory (RegTech)
  • Payments (PayTech)
  • Mobile Payments
  • Trading (TradeTech)
  • Personal Finance (WealthTech)
  • Equity Financing
  • Robo-Advising and Apps. For Stock Trading
  • International Money Transfers
  • Consumer Banking (BankTech)
  • Accounting

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