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FIN385 Blockchain Technology and Smart Contract for Finance- SUSS Assessment Sample

Blockchain, cryptocurrency and smart contracts are among the major parts which are in trend in the developing financial system. To make the Singaporean students familiar with blockchain technology and smart contract the Singapore University of Social Sciences offers FIN385 Blockchain Technology and Smart Contract for Finance course.

Most of the Singaporean students take interest in learning about the finance sector. They plan to do graduation ad further studies in the field of finance for better career opportunities. Many students like to learn about the cryptocurrency and want to enhance their skills and knowledge in blockchain technology. Thus, they opt for SUSS FIN385 course.

This course is comprises of deep knowledge of the trending blockchain technology and smart contracts. Also, the course has a different space for various finance assignments for the students.

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Introduction to Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a progressively growing list of records which are termed as blocks and are linked with each other using cryptography. Each record list or say block contains previous block’s cryptographic hash, a timestamp and transaction data.

Cryptography is a process which is concerned with communication security (privacy of messages, sender’s authentication, the integrity of messages, and other security-related issues, etc.). Cryptography prevents data communication from the third party to read private messages by encrypting and securing it. Cryptocurrencies most widely use blockchain technology.

Blockchain is a distributed, decentralized & oftentimes public, digital ledger (which is available to everyone) and is used to record multiple transactions across many systems securely and efficiently. As blockchain is distributed, it is typically managed by a peer-to-peer network which works together to unravel the complex mathematical problems to validate new blocks. The whole process of blockchain technology is transparent to the public and anyone can see the details of transactions (e.g. Fund amount, timestamp, sender’s wallet address, a destination address, etc.). Once the data/ details have been recorded at a place, they cannot be changed. Its working is similar to that of a digital notary with timestamps to prevent it from tampering of information.

What is a Smart Contract?

A smart contract is a self-executing contract between two people with the terms of an agreement in the form of computer code. The smart contracts run on decentralized, distributed blockchain, so they are stored in a public database and cannot be changed. The blockchain processes all the transactions happening in the smart contracts, so they can be sent automatically without the need of any third party.

Smart contracts enable you to exchange money, shares, property, or any valuable thing in a transparent and peaceful (conflict-free) manner while avoiding the need for any middleman.

About the FIN385 Blockchain Technology and Smart Contract for Finance Course

The FIN385 Blockchain Technology and Smart Contract for Finance course offered by the SUSS University introduces the Singaporean students with the distributed, decentralised technology which very trending in this developing world, i.e. blockchain technology. The FIN385 SUSS course gives a summary of the blockchain technology and its evolution. FIN385 course will enable the students to differentiate between different banking systems and blockchain technology. They will learn how the blockchain technology and smart contracts empower the efficiencies of multiple markets, including LegalTech, RegTech and FinTech. Also, this course will tell how the blockchain technology and smart contracts can be disruptive in those industries.

As the FIN385 Blockchain Technology and Smart Contract for Finance course is a skillsfuture series course, it especially focuses on enhancing the skills of students while teaching the crucial academic syllabus. This course will provide the concepts and working procedure of the blockchain technology as well as the importance of the smart contract in this.

As homework has been an inseparable part of the academic curriculum, how can FIN385 course be aloof from homework and assignments? The FIN385 SUSS course also provides the students with various university assignments with a heavy yet thin deadline of submission.

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Topics in FIN385 Blockchain Technology and Smart Contract for Finance Course

As discussed earlier that the FIN385 Blockchain Technology and Smart Contract for Finance course familiarizes the Singaporean students with the origin of blockchain technology and its evolution. Students will learn about the concepts of smart contracts and how they play a significant role in the blockchain. The FIN385 includes the history of digital money, technical aspects of Ethereum blockchain, the creation of bitcoin, private blockchains, smart contracts, consensus mechanisms and the various applications which can be formulated using blockchain and smart contracts. This whole concept is taught in multiple pieces i.e. through different topics.

Some of the chunks of topics included in the SUSS FIN385 Blockchain Technology and Smart Contract for Finance course are as follows: –

  • History of digital currencies
  • the original blockchain and emergence of Bitcoins
  • Evolution of blockchains and their applications
  • Consensus mechanisms
  • Scalability challenges and potential solutions
  • Smart Contracts
  • Private blockchains
  • DAPPS, DAO’S and Applications
  • Regulatory Challenges
  • Zero-Knowledge Proofs
  • Open source programming on blockchain platforms
  • Building a blockchain project

Apart from all of the above topics, one yet comprising of many things is also included in this course i.e. assignments. The FIN385 course like other academic courses provides different assessments, report writing assignments as well as financial case studies too.

Learning Outcomes of the FIN385 Blockchain Technology and Smart Contract for Finance Course

The Singaporean students who are pursuing the FIN385 Blockchain Technology and Smart Contract for Finance course will come up with multiple skills and immense knowledge of the blockchain technology, cryptography, cryptocurrency and smart contracts as well.

Also, the students will become efficient enough to demonstrate and discuss the blockchain technology and smart contracts with a team.

Here are some educational outcomes of the FIN385 course: –

  • Exhibit a clear understanding of the evolution of blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • The contrast between various forms of consensus mechanisms and their role in blockchains
  • Investigate different types of risks and security issues tied to blockchain technology
  • Assess the economic incentive structure of the networks
  • Distinguish different ways of implementation of blockchain in various industries
  • Review the role of regulation and advancement of blockchain
  • Create a DAO/DAPP for a specific application

These learning outcomes become more shining with great marks in the result of the course. For that, the FIN385 course ensures to give various essay writing assignments and literature review assignments and many others.

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Ans. A private blockchain is shared either among a known group of participants or deployed within an organization. That is limited to that pre-set number of participants. And in such case, no one else except the members can access the data of it.

Q3. What is a skillsfurture series?

Ans. A SkillsFuture Series is a curated list of short, industry-relevant training programmes which focuses on emerging skills.

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