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Dissertation Binding and Printing

Printing and binding is the last step in writing a dissertation.  Ph.D. Scholar generally has confusion about the type of binding and printing option they should choose for the thesis. Our dissertation writing expert team is providing a guide about dissertation binding and printing which will help you in selecting the best option.

Dissertation Binding and Printing

Proper binding and printing of dissertations are very much essential in order to make it look professional. Also, It will help you in getting a good score for your thesis. Accordingly, after completion of the dissertation and before giving it for printing and binding you should proofread it. These tactics will help you in addressing the errors which could have a significant influence on the Quality of your work. Finally, the final step of printing the dissertation includes making a selection from:

  • Types of binding
  • Colour vs. black and white
  • Single Vs double-sided
  • Type of paper and thickness.

What are different types of Dissertation Binding

Binding is an important part of the dissertation which has a great effect on the mind of the supervisor or professor. There are a number of binding options for the students when they search for dissertation printing and binding near me ranges from least expensive spiral binding to most expensive hardcover bookbinding. Thus, it is necessary to consider some important points in order to get the best dissertation binding. Now, before making the selection of binding you should consider the following such as:

  • University or college guidelines
  • You should keep in mind whether to submit a draft or final dissertation
  • Type of dissertation you intend to write. It means that you should be clear whether you are writing a dissertation for Ph.D. Masters or undergraduate programs.
Types of binding Draft Dissertation for bachelors program Dissertation for Masters courses  Dissertation for Ph.D.
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Spiral Binding:

It is one of the strong types of dissertation binding. By using spiral binding you can make your dissertation look more professional. You have the option to make the choice of the metal.  The three color options are available such as white, silver, and back. The option of transparent plastic in front and back is also available.

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Comb binding:

It is a substitute option of spiral binding. The main benefit of comb binding is that you can easily open and close the dissertation. It means that you can easily add and remove pages. Such type of thesis binding can be utilized if you are submitting the draft of your dissertation. Comb binding front and back cover are transparent.

Fastback binding:

It is a type of thesis binding in which all the paper is kept together by linen and thick layer special type of glue. The fastback binding helps you to make your dissertation look like a real book.  Such type of binding is least expensive are utilize for binding professional dissertation.  Fastback binding is available in different colors.

Paperback binding:

Such types of binding are utilized for real books. All the pages of the dissertation are sewing together. It is basically a flexible cover that helps in protecting the dissertation.

Hardback binding:

It is somewhat the same as Paperback binding. In such types of binding front and back cover are hard. Such types of binding are very durable and are often researchers use for Ph.D. Dissertation. Materials and Fabrics which are used for covering the dissertation are customizable. The main advantage of such type of binding is it is durable and helps in making the thesis look more professional.

Types of Dissertation printing

The various types of dissertation printing options are:

1. Colour Vs black and white:

Review the university guidelines before color print. By getting the dissertation print in color will help you in making it look more professional. In case your thesis consists of diagrams, charts or graphs then you get such pages printed in color.

2. Single Vs double-sided: 

Single-sided printing will make your document thick. Thus, it is not suitable for a professional dissertation. But there are few colleges and university which requires you to get the thesis print single side. When you are giving the dissertation for getting printed double side, there are few factors which you should keep in mind are:

Each new section or chapter of the dissertation begins from the new page.

  • You should include a blank page after the title of the dissertation. The paper which you have left blank there you should write Dissertation abstract and dissertation acknowledgment .
  • The researcher must ensure that the right bottom side of the page consists of page numbers.
  • You can easily establish the page number by selecting the outside alignment.

3. Paperweight

The thickness of the paper has a great effect on the look and feel of a dissertation. You cab us standard paper consists of weighing 75 to 90 gsm. Also, This paper is suitable when you are preparing a dissertation for either a bachelor’s or master’s program. In case you are making a professional dissertation then paper weight should be between 100 to 130 gsm.

4. Number of copies

You can get the 3 to 5 copies of your dissertation. Also, before deciding the number of copies for printing you should review your college or university guidelines.

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Things to consider before Dissertation Printing

Before giving your dissertation for printing you should consider the following:

  • Save the dissertation as PDF: Before submitting the dissertation for binding and binding you should check the formatting of the dissertation. By checking the formatting of the thesis you can improve the quality of it and can achieve a good score.
  • Checking language mistakes: You should first check the language errors. You can ask others to read the content and address the mistake.
  • Update content page: Before saving your dissertation in PDF you should update the table of content. After updating the table of content you should make sure that an appropriate page number is there in front of headings.


It has been concluded from the above is that the selection of dissertation binding and printing is based on the type of dissertation being written. You must remember the university printing and binding criteria when choosing services from thesis printing and binding near me options. Another act that has been found is that proper binding and printing is crucial for getting good grades.

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