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Updated on: 20th Oct 2021
XAT507 Mind and Body Work in Expressive Arts Therapy Assignment Sample SUSS, Singapore

XAT507 Mind and Body Work in Expressive Arts Therapy Assignment Sample SUSS, Singapore

In this assignment sample, we will be going to discuss the (XAT507) Mind and Body Work in Expressive Arts Therapy. In XAT507, students will explore how the mind and body are connected. They’ll also learn about ways to influence their physicality in order to feel better emotionally as well as physically.

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The course provides information on theories of Neuro-linguistic Programming alongside recent research on cellular memory and trauma relief techniques for both your mental state and more general bodily health too! You can find out what role perceptions of one’s own physique play when it comes to relating with other people or just moving through life feeling confident every day!

Students will explore how dance and movement impact learning and development. They’ll also examine their own physicality through bodywork, as well as traditional Asian forms of dance that may inform their profession with clients of various backgrounds. Tying in with rhythm, students will study the role music has on human cognitive functions such as memory retention or awareness of time.

This course’s aim is to have students engage with the social, political, and scientific attitudes toward dance starting from different points in history.

The course was designed to analyze the physiological, psychological, and sociological effects of dance as a therapeutic intervention for individuals with disabilities. Students will develop an understanding of how to design programs that meet the physical needs of people who are behaviorally paralyzed or cognitively unresponsive.

Students learn about the effects of music on memory recall. They also study ways to create effective strategies that enhance learning, while promoting positive behavioral outcomes in their clients.

Assignment Solution of XAT 507 Mind and Body Work in Expressive Arts Therapy Course module SUSS

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1. Defend the key understanding of the importance of the body and mind working together for wellness

The key understanding of the importance of the body is that it functions to keep our heads up in space. This means the head and torso are supported, while muscles work to help us keep them there – throughout the day, during any activity, and into retirement.

The key understanding of mind-body wellness is that the brain, body and the way we think can all affect our physical health. Neuroscientists at UCLA are studying how antidepressants work on the brain, with hopes of learning more about how to help people heal from illnesses like chronic pain and PTSD.

Social support is a crucial component in helping someone maintain physical activity amidst daily life demands. This camaraderie not only boosts individual wellbeing but also decreases rates of disease as individuals have a greater opportunity to advocate healthy behaviors they learn from each other such as eating fresh fruit or walking for 20 minutes instead of driving.

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2.Critique the impact of dance, movement, and music on well-being and how they can be used in expressive arts therapy

The studies on this subject so far are still in the early stages, but they all agree that dancing and moving to music have a major impact on our health. Studies show that active participation in structured or informal dance classes leads to improvements from reduced depressive symptoms, increased levels of happiness, social health, and a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases. Music has also been shown to reduce anxiety and mitigate pain during surgeries.

Students can be used in expressive arts therapy to create pieces of art that are reflective and representative of their core emotional process. Art making, poetry, music, dance, and movement are all forms of expression that offer self-awareness for the client.

The use of art to increase communicative skills in students is well-researched. Art therapy specifically has been found to reduce isolation and social anxiety; increase self-expression, creativity, cognitive flexibility, and problem-solving skills; improve sleep quality, self-esteem, depression severity. These benefits are seen across a variety of populations including youngsters with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or developmental delays.”

3.Evaluate how their own bodies experience stress and anxiety and reflect on these processes

Stress is the emotional toll of meeting a demand that cannot be met by one’s current resources in front of a deadline. Stress can have both negative and positive impacts on an individual’s health depends on various factors such as workload, duration, environment, or ability to cope with stress.

Anxiety affects people from all walks of life and often manifests in different ways based on the situation affecting them. It is not always clear what causes the symptoms but it often impacts certain behaviors such as excessive worrying and avoidance behavior or physical complaints such as headaches or stomach pain.

When stress and anxiety overwhelm a person’s system or response, it often creates negative consequences in their lives. Putting into practice the phrase “speak softly and carry a big stick” to help them regulate their reaction is scientifically reported to benefit not only the individual but for the people who have to interact with them during that negative reactive state.

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4.Construct movement-based activities in their work

You can construct movement-based activities in their work by having employees move during meetings, removing chairs. Along with these changes, some companies invite Jennifer L. Cohen to speak about the importance of physical activity on health and creativity, or they use a video of Belinda Lange from England’s National Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults to provide guidelines for developing physical activity into daily life.

Belinda’s advice includes: Start small; look around at what is happening in your surroundings; walk whenever you can (even if it is just across the street); and get sponsors or partners so it becomes part of your day.

5.Select the best sorts of movement for differing client groups

We can select the best sorts of movement for differing client groups by taking into consideration their goals, health status, and injury history, fitness levels, as well as the size and design of the space that will accommodate them.

Since every individual has a different set of needs, it is essential to consider all these factors when choosing the best sort of movement to suit the client’s group. For example, they would not only want to know what movements are most appropriate for him or her in particular; but also how this exercise may have both benefits (pain relief) and risks (risk of injury).

6. Create an ability to work through the body and not rely on words and higher thought

We can create an ability to work through the body by

First, under conscious practice and exercise of energy, develop our skills with intuition in order to open up more channels of consciousness.

Second, we have to become more consciously aware or obtrusive by paying attention to inner sensations such as muscle tension. We must also learn how to manage our environment better.

And third – maintaining a regular meditation practice that will lead us into the introspective exploration of ourselves provides great benefits for exploring inner experiencing and understanding what creates the bad behaviors associated with tendencies like addiction or self-stimulation.

There are many other practices that help us develop abilities through different levels of work including lucid dreaming which creates reality within oneself; group meditations which create interconnectedness.

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The above assignment sample is based on the XAT 507 Mind and bodywork in expressive arts therapy  SUSS, Singapore.

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