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Updated on: 27th Jan 2022

BAE311 Art Criticism SUSS Assignment Sample Singapore

In this module, you will explore the relationship between writing and art in a variety of different ways. First, students are introduced to historical overviews on critical theory through articles that discuss key figures such as thinkers like transformer regulator words whose concepts have had lasting impacts not only within but also outside academia–a rare feat for any academician! Next up is an examination into how writers use images alongside text while exploring various examples from 19th-, 20 th- and 21st-century texts.

Finally, students will be able to explore the possibilities of combining the creation of images with writing when they participate in a writing activity that provides them with prompts intended to provide insight into their own styles of writing and art making.

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Assignment Task 1: Discuss the types of art writing in different historical periods and cultures.

There are many different types of art writing in different historical periods and cultures. For example, in ancient Greece, art writing was used to record and explain the gods’ interactions with humans. In contrast, during the Renaissance period, art writing was used to discuss the aesthetics of paintings and sculptures.

Different cultures have also developed their own unique styles of art writing. For instance, in East Asia, artists often use calligraphy to discuss the beauty of their paintings and drawings. Conversely, in India and other parts of South Asia, artists often use elaborate poetry to describe the beauty of their work.

Other times, art writing is not written by the artists themselves; for example, during the Renaissance period and Baroque period, it was common for artists to write about their own work and life experiences. This is because many of them were born into nobility and had the education required to produce high quality texts. Art writing can be found throughout history in many different forms, but it is often used to provide insight into the aesthetic qualities of artwork.

Today, art writing has become one of the most common types of texts that appear in academic essays and journal articles about art history. Art historians frequently use art writing to help them define what factors make some artifacts more valuable than others. For example, art writers may discuss how an object’s aesthetic appeal is related to the culture in which it was created.

Some other times, however, art writing can be used to describe how different aspects of human life are expressed through art. For example, modern abstract paintings are often designed to evoke emotions within its audience.

Assignment Task 2: Compare different approaches to critiquing art.

There are a few different approaches to critiquing art:

  • The formal approach looks at the elements of art such as line, color, shape, texture, and space. This approach evaluates how well the artist has used these elements to create an effective work of art.
  • The expressive approach evaluates the emotions that the artist was trying to evoke in the work.
  • The contextual approach looks at how the work fits into its historical and cultural context.
  • The psychological approach looks at how the work affects the viewer on a personal level.

In today’s society, a formal approach to art would be considered an intellectual and academic way of looking at the work. If you were going to put together a museum exhibit or write a scholarly article about a piece of artwork, then you would want to use a formal approach. Taking this kind of approach will help art critics achieve objectivity when they analyze the work. This is important because it allows critics to take a different perspective and offer insights that other people might miss.

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Assignment Task 3: Examine a critical position given in an essay.

When evaluating a critical position in an essay, it’s important to consider the author’s argumentation and evidence. In this particular case, the author is making a claim that insulin makes people age faster. However, they provide insufficient evidence to support this argument. Furthermore, they make several leaps in reasoning which further weaken their argumentation.

Ultimately, while the author’s position may be valid, they have yet to make a strong case for their argument. Therefore, it would be prudent to withhold judgement until further evidence is provided.

In order to write a strong critical essay, it’s important to first fully understand the position that’s being critiqued. After reading and understanding the position, you should then be able to provide a well-reasoned argument against it.

It’s also important to be aware of common fallacies so that your critique doesn’t inadvertently fall victim to them. For example, if the position is based on a false premise, then your argument will be ineffective. Or if the writer makes use of emotional appeals rather than logical reasoning, your critique may not be taken seriously.

Ultimately, a good critical essay should not only point out the flaws in the original argument, but should also offer constructive solutions for fixing them.

Assignment Task 4: Assess a variety of work with unbiased aesthetic and critical judgments.

It’s difficult to provide a fair and unbiased assessment of someone’s work without knowing them on a personal level. However, I will do my best to give an honest critique of the work that I’ve seen.

Some of the artwork that I’ve seen is beautiful and inspiring, while some of it seems uninspired and derivative. I think it’s important to create art that is both beautiful and meaningful, and that speaks to the viewer on a personal level. I also think it’s important to be critical of one’s own work, and to be open to constructive feedback from others. It’s important to always strive to improve one’s craft, and to never become complacent.

I know that my advice is coming from a place of ignorance, and I’m only speaking for myself. However, it’s important to create vulnerable art in order for others to relate to it on an intimate level. My hope is that this project will be emotionally challenging in the best way possible, so I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

You managed to do an excellent job of expressing your thoughts on the matter, while still being very considerate of Rebecca’s feelings. I think it’s great that you are so passionate about this project, but also know when to be gentle and constructive instead of harsh or critical.

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Assignment Task 5: Apply critique frameworks on different types of art essays.

When critiquing art essays, it’s important to consider the author’s argument and how well they make their case. Is the writing clear and concise? Are the ideas well-organized? And most importantly, is the analysis insightful and intelligent?

It’s also helpful to consider the sources that the author cites in support of their argument. Are they credible experts in the field? Did they do their research thoroughly? Or are they relying on personal opinion rather than factual evidence?

Finally, it’s important to judge the overall tone of the essay. Is it respectful and objective, or is it biased and condescending? Does the writer seem knowledgeable and passionate about their subject matter, or are they just trying to show off?

After reading this essay by Jim Sterling I have come to the conclusion that it is, in fact, an extremely intelligent and well-reasoned work of art criticism. The writing is clear and fluent, making good use of relevant examples throughout the article to support the author’s argument.

He cites several credible sources to back up his ideas, including author and game-designer Chris Avellone, who has over twenty years’ experience in the industry. Furthermore, the essay is written with a respectful tone that fairly represents both sides of the argument. When discussing similar articles by other critics (which he actually addresses within his own work), Sterling acknowledges their points sincerely before clearly explaining why they ultimately miss the mark.

It’s refreshing to see a critique of this length and caliber published on such a widely-read, mainstream website. Since most video game news and opinion outlets usually only publish short, mediocre articles of dubious merit, it’s important for sites like The Escapist Magazine to provide intelligent readers with insightful editorials about the art they love (and sometimes hate).

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Assignment Task 6: Critique a given art perspective by an author

The perspective given in this article seems to be primarily about the formal elements of art and how they can be used to create meaning. While this is certainly an important aspect of any art analysis, it’s only one part of the equation. In order to really understand and appreciate a work of art, one needs to consider all aspects of it including its historical context and the artist’s motivations.

That said, the author does make some valid points about how form can be used to convey meaning. For example, he discusses how the use of perspective can create a sense of depth and space in a painting. He also mentions how lighting can be used to highlight certain elements in a scene and create moods or emotions. All these are important aspects to consider when analyzing a work of art.

Once again, I can’t say I fully agree with all the points made in this article. For example, he states that “formal elements are used to express or convey meanings.” Rather, I would argue that these elements are chosen by the artist for their ability to create meaning through various associations and connections.

Graphically, we use elements such as perspective to create a sense of depth and volume that complement the idea or feeling we want to convey. We do not bundle the meaning into these formal elements though since there is no necessary connection between them–they simply happened to be used together by previous artists so it became associated with a particular meaning or idea.

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