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XAT 511 Narrative and Storytelling Assignment Sample SUSS, Singapore

XAT 511 Narrative and Storytelling Assignment Sample SUSS, Singapore

In this assignment sample, we will be going to discuss the XAT 511 Narrative and Storytelling Assignment sample of SUSS. XAT 511 Narrative and Storytelling will introduce students to the practice of storytelling in therapy.

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They will explore narrative forms such as expressive media, sand tray work, songwriting, poetry writing with different cultural contexts through discussions about ethical issues like protecting these stories from being shared inappropriately or who is appropriate for sharing them with.

This course’s aim is designed to focus on the conceptualization, identification, and analysis of emotions. It is also aimed to look into ways of approaching issues like depression and addiction in order to help students build up their skills so that they can use these skills while helping others in later life.

The XAT 511 Narrative and Storytelling Assignment sample is taken by students who are pursuing a degree in Psychology. The assignment given will be related to expressive therapy which will teach them how to channel or express their feelings through art forms that can be used for therapeutic purposes.

Assignment solution of XAT 511 Narrative and Storytelling course module & unit SUSS

following are the assignment brief of the XAT 511 Narrative and Storytelling unit.

Assess the therapeutic benefits of telling stories

Assessing the therapeutic benefits of telling stories can be done by measuring physiological data and self-reporting of symptoms. Eyelid movement is closely related to attention, arousal, and vigilance as well as rumination. Contingent negative variation (CNV) has been used to measure endogenous attention in many situations where past or current thoughts are being spontaneously brought to mind.

The contingent negative variation response in the frequency domain is used to quantify cortical activity associated with changes in cognitive load which may be attributed to storytelling. A standardized psychophysiological assessment could help evaluate whether storytelling would make a difference for patients presenting different problems such as traumatic stress or anxiety

Compose the verbal and pre-verbal narrative methodologies.

Compose this question by writing a verbal and pre-verbal narrative methodology. For example, the vocal narration is consonant with the viewpoint of another individual’s consciousness in the present tense while the silent performance or body acting displays a past or future event. You may utilize various techniques to convey different moods such as intensity of time and space for example. The textual content that is given would have to be referring to a film so that it is more than just an essay on narrative storytelling.

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Propose the ethical and cultural considerations in telling and sharing stories.

Propose of ethical & cultural considerations in telling and sharing a story by is a higher source

In my opinion, there are three main cultural considerations to take into account when telling or listening to stories: the culture to which you belong; the culture to which someone belongs who belongs to your culture; and another culture.

The first two ways are considered within your own point of view. The third way involves considering what it would feel like if someone were conveying their personal thoughts, beliefs, memories, etc., in an unfamiliar language (without translation). For example, I’m told that most people would prefer not to share their private moments with strangers. This is why speaking English at international conferences is often seen as “a sign of disrespect.”

Demonstrate an understanding of the role of stories in expressive arts therapies.

An expressive arts therapist knows what stories they want the client to know. They have a mental map of the world, and some parts are bigger than others. Humans tend to find their own little places on this map that reflect aspects of themselves.

This perspective shapes how they see and talk about the world around them, and it can make it difficult for people to empathize with perspectives that don’t match theirs. In an expressive arts therapy session, therapists use art-making mediums like colors or stencils or music to guide their clients into telling their own stories instead—giving these individuals a new perspective on conflicts when they “take back” control over how they experience stressful situations (Brouse).

Design storytelling and narrative opportunities for individuals and groups.

Storytelling helps us connect and communicate with one another in a way that words alone cannot, and it’s an indefinite art form. You can tell stories verbally, through memoirs or blogs, pictures or sketches, video as well as stage productions. The sole purpose of storytelling is to forge connections between people who would most likely never have met otherwise. Regardless of how you present your story- ask yourself before you write whether it’s an opportunity to explore the feelings of those involved and convey what others should know about the event. Consider this question: “What does narrative analysis mean?”

The dictionary definition states that narrative analysis is analyzing literature based on its narratives techniques, and questioning why certain encounters happen at specific times or places.

Critique the different roles of stories in different contexts.

There are many different roles stories can play in society, and audiences like to know the context before we consume. For instance, if a story is promoted as “relatable, shy teen finds love” with no context of the audience or what that means for them (which probably won’t make you feel too good), then it’s not doing its job. If someone wants an inspirational story they’ll search for it specifically and be more likely to find happy endings as opposed to those looking for something more realistic.

In essence, every individual audience has a different expectation of what they want out of their stories which change depending on what time period they live in; branching off into speculations on possible future roles of storytellers on social media networks.

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The above assignment sample is based on the XAT 511 Narrative and Storytelling Assignment sample of SUSS, Singapore.

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