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AART2000 Australian Contemporary Art in Context Assignment Sample UON Singapore

AART2000 Australian Contemporary Art in Context Assignment Sample UON Singapore

This course will allow students to explore contemporary art practice and concepts with a focus on the Australian Indigenous arts. It provides an opportunity for exploration of diverse cultural perspectives, as well as core knowledge of the ‘artworld’ mechanisms which support careers in visual arts such as studio production, management, education.

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This course aims at providing valuable tools for creative practitioners who want not only strengthen their understanding but also improve skills within various areas relating to global history about Australia’s native culture that have been overlooked due to colonization during its early times.

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 At the end of this course, Singaporean students will be able to learn Australian Contemporary Art in Context module with the help of the following learning outcomes:

1.Apply research methods in art history and contemporary art practice;

One should be applying research methods in art history and contemporary art practice. Applying research methods is important because it enables understanding of the existing work and generates new questions for future work.

The researcher must then how to cycles have or replace an existing framework with a new one, or dismantle it completely because the relationship between methodologies has changed over time. Working with sound as my example, this means that I will use devices such as microphones, preamps, amplifiers, mixers and effects pedals to develop the compositions? nuances dynamically during performance rather than recording them beforehand so that any inaccuracy in timings becomes part of my process.

2.Present knowledge of key visual art concepts and developments through the twentieth and twenty-first centuries;

Visual art is the act of creating deliberate or accidental arrangements of shapes and colors to communicate an idea. It can be two-dimensional (2D) like a painting, three-dimensional (3D) like sculpture, or in motion with animation. Understanding these concepts will help you talk about how works are created – and why they’re significant – at first sight.

Focus on key visual art concepts:

1) Lines: these are formed by the intersecting course/paths taken by one color over another. They create shapes that have a particular shape depending where they go over one another, either aligned (“synclines” and “anticlines”), crossed (“dip lines” and “cross lines”), circling around each other (“anticlockwise” and “clockwise”) or they can be points (“concavities” and “convexities”).

2) Shape / Form: these are the areas between lines. You can change their shape or form to create different effects.

3) Color: you can use color in a number of ways – either as an addition or separation from line, shape, and form; texture and patterning; space filling (patterning); temperature (cool/warm); and scale (magnitude). However, using just one color is more common than not.

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3.Critically analyse a given work of art within its cultural, social and political context in written and/or oral form;

Critically analysing a given work of art within its cultural, social and political context is often what makes a piece controversial. For example, Picasso’s paintings are considered to be some of the most famous pieces of art in history, but they’re also some of the most controversial because they seemingly push boundaries and test societal norms.

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One such painting that has been criticized by many is his 1937 “Guernica”. The title refers to von Richthofen’s infamous painting, depicting German bombing raids on Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. Though he was initially denied permission for export at first due to concern over disturbing images, it became one of Picasso’s best-known paintings and has been regarded as one of the most influential anti-war paintings in history.

Such pieces of art are considered controversial because they make you think outside the box, challenging your idea of what is right and wrong within a given society. As such, one must be able to critically analyse works of art within their cultural or political contexts.

4.Describe a variety of creative approaches to communicating in visual art forms.

There are a variety of creative approaches to communicating in visual art forms. For example, typography, which is the study of letter design and layout. You can use typography to communicate on the web by focusing your message around strong headlines and effective text that is easy on the eye.

Another example would be illustration, which would involve drawing or painting an object or event for visualization purposes. It can include maps and charts as well as other types of technical drawings. A more intuitive type to understand might be children’s books because they explore feelings through illustrations themselves.

The above-mentioned examples are just some basics with a couple relevant details attached; there are many other areas within visual art where you can explore creativity like these examples show .

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