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BME302 Advanced Biomechanics and Modeling Assignment Sample SUSS

BME302 Advanced Biomechanics and Modeling Assignment Sample SUSS

The assignment sample includes the course named advanced biomechanics and modeling that relates to the study of a major aspect of the human body that are the skeleton, muscles, injury, human spine, etc. The study of the subject is wide enough that the experts of SUSS designed the module in such a way that gives extensive information to the students about advanced biomechanics.

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The biomechanical modeling, testing, experiments, solutions, and other methods help in resolving the questions of clinical mechanism and aim to ascertain the integrated experimental research.

The module enables the students to research with the appropriate methods and able to develop new innovative techniques that can resolve challenging issues. The solved assignment objective is to disseminate the information on the course that covered knowledge of the physiological system.

The course discusses various types of injuries and how such common injuries can be treated in distinct ways. Not only has this, the professionals in this field consistently invented new techniques to diagnose distinct and challenging illnesses.

Certain injuries require a stipulated type of medication and biomechanics include the study of the human body. Advanced biomechanics involves the study of contemporary issues and their solution that led to the growth and development of medical science and technology.

The association of these two major fields that are advanced biomechanics and modeling helps the students to conduct productive research in the field. The module demonstrates the understanding of the physiological system and modeling mechanisms in the human body.

Assignment Solution of BME302 Advanced Biomechanics and Modeling SUSS

At the end of this course, the students will learn and explore various advanced biomechanics techniques and modeling with the help of the following learning outcomes:-

1.Illustrate the biomechanics of the human spine via analysis.

In this solved assignment sample, the course involves detailed research about the human spine that enables the student to understand anatomical structure. The structure affects and influences the capabilities of humans and with the help of the study of such a system, the student prepares to identify the factors influencing stability.

Moreover, it also involves factors that dominate the relative mobility in the capabilities of the human spine and the means that help the spine to perform its biomechanical function. The course also includes the connection between muscles and how such muscles function in the area of the trunk. Advance biomechanics is all about understanding the contribution in the field of common injuries to the spine and enable motion.

The solved assignment involves the functionality of the spine and creates a link between the upper and lower extremities. The module enables the student to diagonal the lower back pain which is a contemporary issue in this era and a major concern of medical and socio-economic problems.

2.Examine the biomechanics of human skeletal articulations and muscles via analysis.

The biomechanics of the human skeleton involves the study of the structure of such a skeleton and how it functions in the human body. Such study can be done with the help of analysis conducted by the academicians, experts, and represent the human skeleton to the students.

The assignment explains the structure of joints present in the human body and how such joint affects the movement capabilities. In the human body, articular cartilage, and fibrocartilage play, a major role, and this module explain the function of such cartilage with the material properties of connective tissues.

The experts also discuss the benefits of joint flexibility and how it is significant in maintaining it with the help of different methods.

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3.Apply simple biomechanical analytical models to study muscle mechanics.

Understanding various phenomena of biomechanics and modeling certain models help in studying muscle mechanics. The assignment sample prepares the student to apply such biomechanical models so that a study of muscle mechanics can be done adequately.

As the proper study is the only way to extract fruitful results. The University’s objective is to expand the horizon of the branch that involves the contemporary studies conducted in the field and deliberately furnish the models for the study.

4.Distinguish and describe the common injuries of the human body.

Every person in life experiences accidents, injuries, wounds on their body several times but certain injuries are commonly observed by experts in the human body. The term injury is so wide in its meaning that includes every type of injury whether it’s physical or mental of external or internal.

Every injury is associated with pain that might be less or more severe and this assignment involves the common injuries of the human body along with the appropriate treatment of such wounds.

To diagnose the injury the very first step is to identify the sufferings and then to distinguish it from other injuries found in the body and then only the best medication can be given to the patient.

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The assignment sample above is based on BME302 Advanced Biomechanics and Modeling SUSS

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