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XAT501 Asian and Western Theories of Creativity Assignment Sample SUSS, Singapore

XAT501 Asian and Western Theories of Creativity Assignment Sample SUSS, Singapore

In this assignment sample, we will be discussed the Asian and Western Theories of creativity. The course XAT501 Asian and Western Theories of Creativity is ideal for those in the Expressive Arts Therapy program. Students will be introduced to the field that this class lays its foundation by looking at creativity from socio-political as well as cultural viewpoints, encouraging students to define and question their own understanding of creativity.

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In addition, a focus on creative products including painting or writing poems will give insight into why these are important for human development while also exploring how they can help express feelings such as anger or sadness without harming oneself mentally or physically which gives people more control over themselves through art therapy.

TMA, TOA, GBA Assignment Solution of XAT 501 Asian and Western Theories of Creativity module

1. Demonstrate an understanding of different approaches to creativity in different contexts

There are many different approaches to creativity. For example, creative activities might be defined by the process of their creation (i.e., an aleatoric approach) or through their mechanisms for sustaining creativity (i.e., an autotelic approach).

Different types of creative thinking are also described in terms of coherence and consistency theories, as well as divergent and convergent theories of cognitive problem-solving skills.

A biological notion defines creativity in terms of levels involved in a neuropsychological profile with distinct neural activations that correlate with engagement and production at each level.

2.Examine the importance of process over product in expressive arts therapy.

“The Process Is the Product” is an axiom in Expressive Arts Therapy. The process of doing and making art is deeply therapeutic in and of itself, and it frees the artist’s hands to explore expressing their feelings, thoughts, and fantasies visually or tactilely without inhibition.

The therapist facilitates this exploration by offering materials, guidance on how to use them expressively (or not), listening to points of stimulus or fixation from the client as they work.

This process becomes a cathartic experience for both parties involved where stored emotions are released from repression through creative expression that provide relief from stifling feelings that often bore strongly into one’s consciousness.

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3.Discuss ethical considerations of using the arts with vulnerable client

Art therapy is an approach to understanding and treating maladaptive behavior in people with psychiatric conditions, using the creative process of art production, design, or visual expression.

The ethical considerations when working with vulnerable clients are that if they’ve experienced any major trauma, the therapist should incorporate resilience-building techniques and safe-practice workshops for therapists into treatment.

People who have suffered from abuse often benefit by learning how to reclaim power in their lives through creativity. Educate family members on how to be supportive by inviting them to contribute artwork as well.

4.Design the fundamentals of creativity in their practice.

In order to do this, you need to be open-minded and aware of how many great ideas are out there. You want to generate ideas based on whatever tools you have at your disposal and always keep generating new ideas that broaden your creative horizons. You also want to be able to take risks as a designer without being too stressed for time or exhausted with how much work it is all taking up.

For instance– instead of just doing straight-up sketching in a specific medium like pencils or photos, you could try brainstorming and then just picking which one feels right for the project you’re working on.

Also, remember that feedback from others helps sharpen our skills at design and creativity.

5.Appraise the importance of their own creativity in their integration of arts into their work

It is just as important to be creative in one’s integration of arts as it is crucial for those who make art, design, or work with the arts. There are many benefits to creativity, so it’s a very good idea for anyone and everyone to try. Creativity can help cultivate new ideas and projects. It helps us meet new people, expand our network of artist friends which also expands the resources we have available to explore our own creativity.

When you’re creatively stimulated by others who you might not have come into contact with otherwise then these connections are made easier and can lead to much more fulfilling relationships that would have otherwise been difficult or impossible if we were not trying to challenge ourselves each day in different ways.”

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6.Evaluate how expressive arts may fit into their work context

Expressive arts can be an innovative and effective way to reach emotionally, creatively or socially challenging youth. Expressive arts deliver messages in a means that is often quick, hands-on, and entertaining. Art therapy has been used as a tool for rehabilitation, recovery after the loss of someone important in one’s life, and physical (including Motor Planning Disorder) rehabilitation.

Dance/movement therapy has shown increased social approach behavior amongst children with an autism spectrum disorder. The art form appears to have a therapeutic effect on people who have been traumatized by such events as natural disasters or homelessness; it seems to help them find their voice, process what they are feeling, minimize stress responses, and combat feelings of neglect/injuries.

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The assignment sample you see above is based on the XAT 501 Asian and Western Theories of creativity of SUSS, Singapore

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