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Updated on: 8th Jun 2022

SEC339 War Peace Crime and Punishment in Southeast Asia- SUSS Assignment Sample for Singaporean Students

Many Singaporean students who wish to pursue a degree in security management Singapore, take admission in a suss part-time undergraduate BSc programme at SUSS University. There are various courses under BSc programme are categorized into three categories viz. core compulsory, compulsory and elective courses. SEC339 War Peace Crime and Punishment in Southeast Asia is one of the elective courses in the BSc programme.

Singapore University of Social Sciences abbreviated as the SUSS University is classified among the best universities in Singapore. SUSS University offers various courses under different graduate and undergraduate programmes. The Singapore University of Social Sciences also provides the SUSS part-time as well as full-time Programmes. The BSc SUSS Management and Security Studies programme is one of the finest programmes at SUSS University. It consists of miscellaneous courses related to employment relations & Asian economy, criminal law, management and Quantitative methods etc.

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Theme of the SEC339 War Peace Crime and Punishment in Southeast Asia Course

Diplomacy can find out the solution to any conflict. Peace can get success over war through diplomacy. Without diplomacy, the Southeast Asians cannot maintain peace and the abuse, punishments, conflicts and sometimes war can take place. The SEC339 War Peace Crime and Punishment in Southeast Asia Course let students know about the history of Southeast Asia. This course will introduce the historical stories of Southeast Asia like about the First contact with the Portuguese, the Era of Dutch and Britishers, the Christianisation of Southeast Asia. Besides, the Singaporean students will also get to know about World War I, the rise of Asian Nationalism, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War and the Cold War.

Also, the SEC339 course explains the impact of the various wars on Southeast Asia. Students will also get to analyse the importance of diplomacy to achieve peace for non-traditional security. In addition, the SEC339 War Peace Crime and Punishment in Southeast Asia course introduces the students of Singapore with ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

Likewise, the course material i.e. studies are necessary for the students to learn and understand, similarly, some Tutor Marked Assignments abbreviated as TMA are equally important in this course. For the better scores in TMA, students need to complete various activities like SEC339 SUSS assessments, history assignment, dissertation writing, SEC339 report writing on time. Also, students need to work upon the submission of the Final Year Project (FYP).

What is ASEAN?

ASEAN stands for Association of Southeast Asian Nations. ASEAN is a regional intergovernmental organization which consist of a group of 10 countries in Southeast Asia. The ASEAN support intergovernmental cooperation which is a vital facet of public international law. ASEAN also assists its members and other Asian countries with the security, military, political, educational, socio-cultural and economic integration.

The SEC339 War Peace Crime and Punishment in Southeast Asia course gives a brief description of the ASEAN countries, conflicts between ASEAN countries, ASEAN security challenges and ASEAN trade bloc.

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Content of SEC339 War Peace Crime and Punishment in Southeast Asia

As already discussed above, the SEC339 course provides broad knowledge and understanding of the different wars, impacts of those wars on Southeast Asia, nationalism. Likewise, it also gives a brief analysis of flaws of ASEAN, international relations of Southeast Asia with the world events and policies, non-interference ASEAN, and failures of ASEAN etc.

Some of the main topics included the SEC339 War Peace Crime and Punishment in Southeast Asia course are as follows: –

  1. The initial structure of political control in Southeast Asia
  2. Independence and Diplomacy
  3. Colonial Southeast Asia
  4. Postcolonial Southeast Asia
  5. Cognitive assess and diplomacy in Southeast Asia
  6. Non-traditional Security: Peace through diplomacy

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Educational Outcomes of SEC339 War Peace Crime and Punishment in Southeast Asia Course

The SEC339 War Peace Crime and Punishment in Southeast Asia Course make the students proficient regarding the knowledge of the history of Southeast Asia, World wars and other wars, nationalism and also ASEAN. Students get to know the advantage of diplomacy to attain peace over wars.

Several educational outcomes of the SEC339 War Peace Crime and Punishment in Southeast Asia course are: –

  • Inspect the causes and origin of nationalism
  • Assess governance in ancient Southeast Asia
  • Distinguish the power motifs in pre-colonial Southeast Asia
  • Elements culpable for the rise of “Asian Identity”
  • Elaborate aim and purpose of ASEAN
  • Determine the scopes used by ASEAN to resolve the transboundary issues
  • Estimate transboundary issues and their effects
  • Consult the international relations of Southeast Asian countries with world events and domestic policies

Students, while studying about the history of wars and nationalism, they are worried for the TMA assignments which they need to finish on time otherwise they will lack with marks in the final result of the course. They get the tension that if they will not be able to score good or fail in the course, they won’t be able to complete the degree and become the bachelor of public safety and security easily.

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