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BUS101 Management SUSS Assessment Sample

The Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS University) along with science, engineering or social science courses; also provide a compulsory course i.e. BUS101 Management course in the management domain while pursuing the BSc SUSS Management and Security Studies undergraduate programme. Many students of Singapore who have an interest in the management sector opt for this course. BUS101 Management course comes under one of the most opted courses by the students of Singapore.

What is BUS101 Management Course?

BUS101 Management course is an initiatory course in management theory and its utilization. In this course, students get to learn about the principles and basic concepts of business management. It helps students to gain essential skills to rise in their career. BUS101 course makes students proficient in the field of management of a company, business etc.

This course gives students a wide scope in the topics associated to finance, business, economics and marketing.

In this course with the keen knowledge of management, some other activities are also given to students which they need to complete within the given time limit. These are TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) and FYP (Final Year Project).

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Objective of BUS101 Management Course

The main objective of the BUS101 Management course is to provide the student with knowledge and skills of four management functions- Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling. This course mainly focuses on the fundamental knowledge base of principles and concepts of management.

BUS101 Management course will make students a confident planner, organizer, leader and controller. Student gets all the knowledge and skill which will enable him to enhance his own management potentiality and understand how to manage all the resources in an organization.

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BUS101 Management Course topics

BUS101 course teaches various skills and techniques to plan and perform for an organization or planning, execution and leading own business ideas and management capabilities.

Some of the main topics which are included in the BUS101 course are:

  1. Planning, organizing, leading and controlling
  2. History of management and global management
  3. Decision making
  4. Risk Management
  5. Organizational environment
  6. Social Responsibilities and Ethics

Students sometimes make the mistake of not taking this course seriously and face difficulties in managing time for TMAs (Tutor Marked Assignments) and FYPs (Final Year Projects). In these two students get assessments, project reports, case studies, making dissertation etc.

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Issues of BUS101 Management Course

BUS101 Management course offers a lot of knowledge and skills for the complete management and execution of a business or company.

Some of the learning outcomes of the BUS101 course are:

  1. Ability to plan, design, execute, lead and control any business or company.
  2. Leadership
  3. Morale
  4. Team productivity
  5. Ability to start own business
  6. More career opportunities
  7. Run an organization by demonstrating interpersonal skills and knowledge
  8. Discussion of a decision-making process

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