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The employment relations in the Asian Economies Essay

The employment relations in the Asian Economies like India China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and South Korea are changing with the context of changing economies.  Most of the countries in Asia are open economies with high dependence on exports. Management students in Singapore mostly research and write essays on employment relations in Asia. Even to know rules of labour unions, the wages and the suppression faced by labour in the growing competitive world is important for the students of management.

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As history speaks the low wages and suppression of labour was prominent in these Asian Economies which led to the growth of the economy as cheap labour was available but lastly impacted the condition of labour. There was a lack of synergy in the development and labour voice. The low human development index in these Asian economies refers to the less trickled down effect.

The need for the Labour Reforms

According to the data of international labour organization, the condition of the labour in some Asian countries is one of the worst. The need for the reform in a radically changed market with technological advancement is a growing concern of the economies of Asian Countries. In the altering strategies of the industries to work in the globalised environment, the relationship between industries and human resource had changed. The markets are segmented now with the transcending boundaries, in that situation labour needs the skill formation to pace up with the growing needs and technology.

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Present times also demand the rationalization of the hierarchies in the managerial arena with reconfiguring the relations with the labour because of deploying the new technologies in the industries. The skills needed to work with the new technologies should be developed in the way so that the efficiency of labour can be achieved.

There is also the requirement for the developed communication skills with more flexibility in work as the technologies may blur the boundaries of the skilled labour and higher management authorities. Therefore the emerging economies have the need to redefine the relations of labour and industries.

The present situation of the labour in Asian Countries

To achieve the sustained level of the growth the reforms in the labour sector is really substantial. There is a need for reform with the export-oriented approach. To increase the manufacturing exports there is a growing need for skill formation and human resource development.

However, the great challenge faced by these countries to achieve this. New policies, union laws and human development strategies should be adopted to achieve the synergy. Asian economies include the big democratic countries, in that case, the suppression of labour should be curbed to the most extent with providing them with the conducive work environment.

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