What is history and where did it originate from?

The word which is history comes from the Greek word which is Historia. This Greek word means inquiry or knowledge which is acquired by investigation. It is commonly a study of the past of the humans and is inclusive of a wide range of subjects which are events, general people, various personalities, societies, cultural practices, events, economies, and even their sexual habits. There is another term which is related to historiography. This is a different concept than that of the concept of history, however, it is relabeled. Historiography in a way is the history of history writing. It is actually defined by the study of history writing, how you can understand it, and how it argued for by different schools which teach history.

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What are the various schools of history writing?

  • Greek historical writing
  • Christian school of history writing
  • Enlighten school of history writing
  • Annals school of history

What are the various areas or branches of history?

  • Political history: This branch of history talks about the various political parties which have ruled the country and the various countries all over the globe in the past.
  • Cultural history: This branch of history talks about how various cultures have changed. This basically focusses on how different cultures have evolved from some of the practices which were followed and had no practicality and how have stopped and evolved with a modern mindset.
  • Social history: This branch of history talks about how the various social aspects of the world have changed. What are the traditions which people used to follow previously and how they have changed now like women who were not considered equal, and how the empowerment of women has made gender equality a thing
  • Economical history: This branch of history relates to the studying of various economic aspects of a nation or all over the globe. It deals with the various economic policies and programs which the countries had and how they have changed in the past years.
  • Military history: This branch of history deals with the history or the past of the military of the nation. It describes how the military power of the nation worked, and what are the various wars, or various things related to the military the nation has seen or incurred. It mostly covers all the wars which take place all over the globe and which ultimately affects the country.
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    Here are some major history modules in which we provide assessments answers for following Courses

    HY1101E Asia and The Modern World HY2220 Korea in the Twentieth Century HY2236 US Media in the 20th Century and Beyond HY2247 Sport and History HY2248 Asian American History HY2210 State and Society in Early-Modern Europe
    EU1101E Making of Modern Europe HY2225 East-West Artistic Interactions HY2237 The U.S.: From Settlement to Superpower HY2216 Total War: 1815 – 1945 HY2233 International History of Singapore
    HY2206 China’s Imperial Past: History & Culture HY2229 Nation-Building in Singapore HY2239 Chinese Businesses in Singapore & Beyond HY2217 Warfare After 1945 HY2243 Film and History
    HY2207 Struggle for Modern China, 1800–1949 HY2231 Upheaval in Europe: 1848-1918 HY2241 Why History? The 20 th Century, 1914-1989 HY2234 Buddhism in Southeast Asian History HY2245 Empires, Colonies and Imperialism
    HY2208 Pre-Modern Japan: History and Culture HY2232 Modern Japan: Conflict in History HY2242 Singapore’s Military History HY2235 Environmental History HY2246 Introduction to World History

What are the various stages of history?

  • Ancient history
  • Medieval history
  • and Modern History.

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