What is biology and why is it taught in Singapore universities and colleges?

Biology can be defined as the study of all the living beings which have been divided into a lot of specialized fields that cover pertinent areas including morphology, physiology, anatomy, behavior, origin, and distribution.

What are the various areas in which biology assignments are given?

  • Biophysics assignment help: This branch deals with the study of the combination of biology and physics. It studies the mechanisms of the bodies of the living organism, in regard to how they move, and orient.
  • Marine Biology assignment help: This type of branch of biology helps in the study of the living beings who reside in the aquatic bodies including rivers, oceans, seas, ponds, including a lot of fishes, and many other marine animals.
  • Biotechnology assignment help: This branch of biology deals with the study of technology and biology and how the development in technology and the various machines aid in studying the bodies of living beings and more.
  • Botany assignment help: This branch of biology studies the body and mechanism of plants and trees.
  • Genetics assignment help
  • cardiac biology assignment help: This type of branch of biology studies the heart of the living beings, its functions, its various parts, and much more. this is a specialized study area that is studied by students who want to pursue a career in the same.
  • Biochemistry assignment help: This branch of biology deals with the compilation of biology and chemistry. It relates to the study of chemical reactions that take place in the body of living beings.
  • Microbiology assignment help: It deals with the study of biology that takes place in microorganisms and their bodies.
  • Cancer assignment help: This branch of biology studies with the types of cancers and how they affect a person’s body, how they are formed, and more about the same.
  • Ecology assignment help: This branch of biology studies about the environment and the ecology of the planet and educates about how our environment works and how the living beings affect it and their dependence on one another.
  • Anatomy
  • Cell biology
  • This branch of biology deals with the study of cells and their functioning and the formation in the body.
  • Mycology
  • Virology
  • Structural biology
  • Neurobiology: This is the study of nerves and neurons which are present in the body of living beings.
  • Evolutionary
  • Living organism’s : This is the study of living organisms. this is a quite elaborated view of the subject of biology.
  • Membrane transport translocation
  • Molecular biology
  • Photobiology
  • Zoology : This branch of biology deals with the study of animals and how their bodies function and work.
  • Immunology

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