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Science: Introduction

The word Science comes from the word in the Latin language which is Scientia and this word means knowledge and in a broader sense, it means any systematic knowledge or the practice prescriptive which is capable of being capable of resulting in a particular prediction.

It is in simpler words a set of facts that have been derived after consistent observation, experimentation, proving of facts, then converting them into various principles, and more.

For conquering this subject, you not only need to have theoretical knowledge of this subject, so also you need to be capable of its practical knowledge.

This is the reason why science is also called the study of high technique and practice.

Definitions of science

There are a lot of definitions of science which have been told by various people all around the world. However, some of the best definitions that we have heard about are mentioned below:

  • Science can be defined as that branch of knowledge which deals with a lot of body of facts and truths which if and when arranged systematically will show up the operation of some of the general laws.
  • Science can also be defined as the set of systematic knowledge of the material or physical environment which have been gained through various extensive observations and experimentation.

Purpose Behind Studying Science

The basic and primary motive of studying science and including it in one of the subjects is that it helps people and especially students in understanding more about the world around them.

It helps them quench their curiosity about what is happening around them, why is it happening, and how it is happening.

It is the natural source of satisfying the curiosity of human beings by giving them answers which are reasonable, practical, and also logical.

It helps in producing knowledgeable models about reality and people so that people can know more about nature and how it behaves and why it behaves in a particular way.

There are a lot of subjects which are related to the subject of science including Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Human Behaviour, Psychology, and more. the topics covered under these subjects can be complexed and challenging.

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Important topics related to science

There are many more topics which are usually important to be known and studied well, as they are the topics on which assignments are given to students including the following:

  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Life sciences
  • Sports sciences
  • Earth sciences
  • Physical sciences, and many more.

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