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MGT551 The Future of Work SUSS Sample Assessment Singapore

MGT551 The Future of Work SUSS Sample Assessment Singapore

In this sample assessment, we shall be looking at the course MGT551 The Future of Work SUSS offers. This is quite a sought-after course both nationally as well as internationally. But this begs the question. What does MGT551 The Future of Work teach? Don’t worry, we shall be answering your question.

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First things first, This is a level 5 course that holds 2.5 credit units. In addition to this,  it is offered at the Singapore university of social science and it is available each semester. In fact, this course is also available on E-learning. With this out of the way. We shall be discussing the scope of the course.

However, we must first understand that the future workplace is expected to be a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment. Adding to this, uncertainty is industry 4.0 which refers to the modern industrial revolution. We know this concerns different innovations. For instance, it includes the use of AI, machine learning, robotics, the internet of things (IoT), and big data. As such, these trends are changing the very nature of the workplace and the people associated with them.

Therefore, companies need to see the effect of these technological megatrends on workplaces. In addition to this, it also directly affects the future of these companies. Thus, they need to design the future workplace accordingly and secure their position.

Moreover, This course allows students to examine the different work design strategies of an organization. These strategies can be used by businesses in order to find new opportunities in this ever-changing scape of the market. 

Learning outcome of MGT551 The Future of Work

One must have assumed that this course covers several different topics. For instance, it covers topics like Technological Disruption in the Workplace, Framework for Possible Work Futures, Human, Automation and Artificial Intelligence in the Future of Work, and many more.

Naturally, there are several learning outcomes associated with the same. Therefore, in this section of the sample assessment; we shall be looking at these learning outcomes. Thus, these are, as mentioned below:

How is the integration of design approaches are shaping technology and business practices?

Design, as well as design approaches, play an important role in shaping the different technologies as well as effective business practices. Therefore, it is important for students to learn how to assess the integration of both.

For that reason, this learning outcome concerns the same. SUSS students are taught how to conduct the assessment concerns the integration of these different design approaches.

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Define the appraisal of skills and attributes needed by managers, employees, and businesses

WE all know that there are certain skills set that is required on different levels of the organization. As such, managers, employees, and even businesses all need specific skills set. Therefore, students of MGT 551 The Future of Work, are taught to appraise the skills as well as attributes required. These can be speculative and technological. Plus, it is focused on enhancement in the future.

What is the importance of uniquely human attributes?

Unique human attributes are a very important part of this course offered by SUSS. For that reason, students are taught to Prioritize unique human attributes’ importance. This directly concerns automation in the workplace. In addition, these skills mainly aim at increasing the automated workplace.

How are workforce strategies designed?

Lastly. we all understand the workforce strategies are one of the most important parts of an organization if not the most important. Reason being that it guides the entirety of the workforce. Thus, it also largely affects their productivity or activities in general.

Therefore, students enrolled in this course are taught how to design effective workforce strategies as per the requirements of future workplaces.

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