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ANL 588 Applied Project TMA Assignment Sample SUSS, Singapore

ANL 588 Applied Project TMA Assignment Sample SUSS, Singapore

Here, we shall be discussing the ANL588 Applied Project SUSS. It is quite a sought-after and inexpensive course. This sample will teach you all you need to know about it. As such, we will be having an overview of the same. Later we shall be discussing the learning outcome of the same. Thus, without further adieu:

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Avail ANL588 Applied Project Assignment Answers

The ANL588 Applied Project is different than the usual courses. It allows students to use their knowledge and skills gained in Diploma graduation in a real-life manner. For the same reason, this program is called the “Applied project”. It helps students realize the value of organization-relevant digitalization projects. Thus, helping them provide to the organization they work in.

Moreover, this SUSS course provides high value to students. Thus, it is a level 5 course. Regardless, students here are expected to determine a problem related to digitalization faced by the organization. After this, they are taught to use full-stack analytics to acquire, transform, analyze, visualize, and report Insight.

Furthermore, students learn how to present and protect their argument (project) at uniform intervals throughout the course. Consequently, helping them built their skills.

Moving on, there are a number of learning outcomes gained through this course. We shall be looking at all of these in detail. Therefore, these are, as mentioned below:

Evaluation of suitable analytical methodology

Evaluating suitable analytics methodology is one of the most important learning outcomes of this course. As such, SUSS teaches students to determine the best possible methodologies related to analytics for the project they are proposing.

Moreover, this helps them evaluate the best methodologies as per said project. Hence, creating a better overall package.

Critiquing proposal

Every and any plan needs some critiquing. Therefore, the ANL588 Applied Project also teaches the students how to critique the proposals. This helps them double-check the project proposal solution. As such, they also check the effectiveness of the same.

Defending Results of Project

Once a student is making a project proposal, they must also be able to defend their said proposal. Therefore, SUSS teaches students how to defend the results of their proposed projects against their peers as well as respective supervisors. Consequently, ensuring the finalization of their project.

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Project Planning

We can not overestimate the importance of this learning outcome of the ANL588 Applied Project. The reason being the Project planning is the single most crucial aspect of this course. In addition to this, students are also taught how to lay out the timeline of the project.

Moreover, they also learn to plan achievable milestones within the said timeframe. Thus, ensuring the efficiency and stretch of the project.

Designing and implementing Full-stack analytics

ANL588 Applied Project introduces students to the designing and implementation of the full analytics stack. In addition, they are taught how to create it in such a way that it is compatible with the said project. Thus, ensuring its usefulness.

Data Visualisation

Lastly, Data visualization is also taught by SUSS in this course. Here, students enrolled in a full analytics stack ANL588 Applied Project learn how to create a visualization that is impactful.

Moreover, they are also taught to create storyboards. Through this, they carry out effective communication and recommendations concerns insights and decision making.

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