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Civil Litigation Essay

Civil Litigation Essay

This is an essay sample on Civil Litigation essay sample for Singapore students. You will learn What is civil litigation? Role of the civil litigation attorney, Types of Civil Litigation, Common terms, Singapore Civil Procedure 2021, etc.

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The following essay example is a great resource for understanding Civil Litigation. If you’re looking to download it, we are happy to provide custom-made essays according to any needs that arise at your school or college level!

Introduction- Civil Litigation Essay 

In this sample essay, we shall be discussing a concept of law. Namely, “Civil Litigation”. One can consider this concept a separate part of the legal system. As such, it is quite an important topic for law students to understand. However, this begs the question. What does civil litigation mean?

Therefore,  we shall be answering all of these questions here. In addition to this, we shall be looking at all different aspects of the same in detail.

Main body- Civil Litigation Essay 

Common terms

Lastly, we shall be looking at common terms that are used in civil litigation. These are, as mentioned below:

  • Tort –either a demonstration of bad behavior or encroachment on an individual’s rights that starts a civil movement
  • Damages –cash looked for or granted as remuneration for a couple of kinds of misfortune or harm
  • Litigator –some other word for a “preliminary legal counselor” who handles civil litigation cases.
  • attraction –If a festival in civil litigation isn’t satisfied with the guide of the court agenda’s decision and couldn’t want anything more than to the request for a superior court agenda to survey, that is alluded to as a “bid” and the individual making the solicitation is known as the “appealing party.”
  • Quick –The composed explanation that every litigator distributes throughout preliminary legal disputes in a clarification of their side/contention.
  • Complaint –The explanation that starts a civil lawsuit

Singapore Civil Procedure 2021

The Rules, which will come into effect on 1 October 2021, are aimed at modernizing the civil litigation process in Singapore. One of the major changes introduced is to revise what makes up a civil action so that there will be only two types of proceedings actions for damages and actions seeking perpetual relief. And while this revision means it becomes even clearer whether one is initiating action, the Rules introduce new features to supplement or replace traditional modes of the trial such as juries or cases where one party fails to appear in Court.

It also introduces measures to increase accessibility by providing an alternative dispute resolution mechanism for simple claims without any substantial amount in question (e.g., $1), simplifying procedures for less complex cases before District Courts, and soliciting feedback from the legal profession and the public on legal issues.


As you can see, there are many legal reasons for taking civil litigation. With the assistance of a skilled attorney, these cases have been won in court and justice has prevailed for all parties involved. If you need help with your case or want to learn more about this area of law contact our firm today!

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