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Introduction to the Singapore Legal System Essay

This sample is based on Introduction to the Singapore Legal System. Here we will explain What is Singapore’s legal system?, The Constitution of Singapore, the Types of Courts in Singapore, the laws of Singapore, etc.

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Introduction- Introduction to the Singapore Legal System Essay

Singapore Legal System will be discussed in this essay. As we know Singapore is one of the safest places in the world. With a low crime rate and high started of living, the city-state is among the best places to live on the globe.

Nevertheless, in this sample essay, we will be looking at the legal system’s different aspects. The Singapore courts will also be discussed in brief. The essay will also gaze upon the different types of laws in the city-state. Plus, Fundamental rights will also be discussed along with a brief view of the constitution.

Main body- Introduction to the Singapore Legal System Essay

What is Singapore’s legal system?

The parliament structure of Singapore is based on the Westminister model. In addition to that, the government makes an extra effort to make the country corruption-free and as fair as possible. As a result, Singapore is among the most corruption-free countries in the world.

Moving on, the legal system and constitution are based on the British legal system. The reason being that Singapore was a British colony.

Moreover, Judiciary, legislation, executive,  constitution forms the legal system of Singapore. We shall discuss these components in brief below.

The Constitution of Singapore

The constitution of Singapore is considered a Supreme law. Moreover, Constitution gives guidelines to the courts and government. It also provides a system of framework describing three organs or three-stage governments.

Moving on, These three organs are:


The elected president, the attorney generals, and the cabinet are considered Executives. Being a democracy, the president is elected by the people. In addition to that, the president holds powers to veto government decisions like budget and etc.

Moreover, the cabinet is made up of the Prime minister and the elected minister. While attorney generals act as primary legal advisors of the government. All this is an important part of the legal system.


Similarly, this too is consists of a president and the parliament. The bills proposed have to pass through the president’s office and he/she holds the power to delay the bill.


It is consists of the state courts and the Supreme Court. While the head of the judiciary system is the chief justice.

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Types of courts in Singapore

As we read above the top of the judiciary system is the Chief justice. Moreover, the chief justice is elected by the president. Moreover, the judiciary system is formed of Supreme courts and other smaller courts like a high court, state court, district court, and more.

Nevertheless, we shall discuss these courts in brief below. But first, look at all the types of court in Singapore, namely:

  • Family Court
  • Night Court
  • Community Court
  • Syria Court
  • Court of appeal
  • High court
  • Subordinate court
  • Small Claims Tribunal
  • District court
  • Traffic Court
  • Magistrate court
  • Juvenile Court
  • Coroners’ Court

Above, are the different courts of the Singapore legal system. Each court has different functions. We will be looking at some of these courts in brief below.

Court of appeal

The Court of Appeal concerns itself with appeals from the High Court’s decisions in both civil and criminal matters.

The bench is formed of the chief justice and the two judges of appeal. However, in some cases bench may consist of more or less than three judges.

Syariah court

The Syariah translates to Muslim law. Therefore, these court looks after the marriage disputes of Muslim community or someone married into Muslim community.

Small claim court

Small claim court deals with small disputes between consumers and suppliers. It looks after the claims which are not big enough to be presented in higher courts.

Traffic court

This court looks after the traffic or vehicles and road-related matter, for the namesake. Breach of traffic rules and accident disputes are handled in this court.

This implies that the Legal system of Singapore has divided courts based on the cases. This makes it easier to handle the cases and provides faster decisions while easing the burden of courts.

Nevertheless, we shall discuss the laws of Singapore, as they are one of the most important parts of Singapore’s legal system.

The laws of Singapore

The laws of Singapore are based on the Constitution of Singapore. As we read, earlier the constitution is the supreme law under Singapore’s legal system.

Moreover, the laws can be divided into three different parts, namely:

  1. Common law
  2. Civil law
  3. Criminal law


Singapore’s legal system is based on English Common Law and it has a strong foundation in the constitution. There are several courts to choose from, depending on your case needs. Get more information about this fascinating country by reading through our guide!

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