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Criminal Psychology Essay

We shall be looking at the topic of “criminal psychology”; as the title tells, in this sample essay. One must already have a vague idea of what the title means or must have heard it somewhere around. Nevertheless, it plays a major role overall all crime-fighting and aiding police and other such organizations prevent potential crime. Moreover, criminal psychology is also involved in crime activates such as arrests and interrogations. Even if there is psychology in its name it is not exactly conventional psychology. We will learn this in detail later on in this sample essay.

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Adding to that, we will discuss many other topics in order to provide you a clear picture of the concept.  You will clear all your doubts and learn more by reading through this sample essay.  In fact, you can find several other sample essays concerning the topic of psychology on our website. Not just psychology, you can find subjects like engineering, law, biology, and so on.

Moving on, in this particular sample essay we shall be adding the following topics: we shall be starting with learning the definition of criminal psychology. After this, we shall be looking at the importance of criminal psychology in its respective field. Lastly, we shall be discussing the different forms of criminal psychology. All of these topics or sub-topics shall help you create a clear picture of the topic. So without further adieu:

What is criminal psychology?

The concept of criminal psychology is related to that of criminal anthropology. Nevertheless, criminal psychology concerns itself with the study of the reason behind a crime as well as the response following the crime. Moreover, if a criminal is on the run from the police or is being presented to the court. Criminal psychologists aiding the jury in helping the mentality of criminals and have several roles within the legal systems.

Furthermore, the definition of criminal behaviors says that “any kind of antisocial behavior, which is punishable usually by law but can be punished by norms, stated by the community”. This definition is mentioned here because criminal psychologists are often asked to determine what criminal behavior is and what is not. This because there is a quite thin line between what is and Is not punishable by law and what is acceptable or unacceptable under social norms.

Importance of criminal psychology

As we discussed in the previous section, criminal psychology plays a huge role in legal systems and even helps the jury with important decisions. Moreover, criminal psychology helps law enforcement authorities understand the reasoning and mentality behind crimes.  This in turn helps reduce the rate of crime as well as track down potential crime.

In fact, the criminal psychologist helps the jury understand the criminal mentality. Adding to that, it also helps the legal system understand criminal behavior and pass judgment accordingly. Moreover, this is quite crucial because of their a thin line between legal and illegal.

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Four parts of criminal psychology

in this part of the sample essay, we shall be looking at the different parts of criminal psychology. Which are, as mentioned below:

  • Advisory
  • Actuarial
  • Experimental
  • Clinical


In this form, a psychologist plays the role of advisor to police concerning how to go on with the investigation. For example, he or she advises them on how to interrogate a criminal as well as how to cross-examine. Also what behavior to expect from crime after the crime.


This part involves the use of statics to inform a scenario or case. Moreover, a psychologist is often asked the probability of a potential crime or event occurring. Such as, a court may ask a psychologist if the offender is set free, will he or she is likely to repeat such behavior.


Here the work of a psychologist is to conduct research regarding the case or scenario. Moreover, this may involve experimental tests concerning the purpose of addressing a point or giving additional information to the jury.


In this form of a criminal psychologist, the psychologist assesses an individual to provide a clinical judgment. Moreover, a psychologist uses assessment tools such as interviews and other psychometric tools for better assessment. Adding to this, all of this helps police or other authorities with the process of interrogation.

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