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Consumer Decision-Making Process Essay

We are all consumers in one way or the other and we have to choose between things on daily basis. But have you ever wondered how we choose? Our subconscious mind automates the simple choices and we don’t even notice. This essay will discuss how a consumer decides what to buy and why.

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In this sample essay on the topic of Consumer decision-making, we will be discussing all aspects of this field. We will be going through the following topics: What is the consumer decision-making process? Five steps of consumer decision make the process, level of decision making, and the four models of the decision-making process. Moreover, this sample essay will give a clear picture of this concept and provide answers to all your questions.

What is Consumer Decision-Making Process?

The consumer decision-making process is a five-step process followed by buyers. It includes analysis and identifying the need; collecting information about it; exploring the available options; deciding what to purchase, and finally evaluation the purchase they have made.

Moreover, an understanding of business is beneficial for any business. However, E-commerce has an upper hand in this field, this because online business gets more data than their conventional counterparts. This data can be used to optimize according to the needs of customers and maximize profit.

Nevertheless, as mentioned above Buyer decision-making process is a five-stage process and we will be discussing it in brief in the next section of this sample essay.

Five stages of Consumer Decision Making Process

In this paragraph, we will be looking at the five-stage or five-step process of the consumer decision-making process. To get a better understanding of this concept we will discuss each step in brief.

First of all, it is important to mention that the Consumer Decision Making Process’s five-step process may be named differently by different sources. However, fundamentals always remain the same.

Moving on, the Consumer Decision Making Process’s five-stage process is as mentioned below:

  1. Becoming aware of the need: The first yet most important part of the process. This means when a buyer realizes that they need the product or service.
  2. Researching: In this stage, the consumer tries to get as much information about the service or product as possible
  3. Considering and exploring the options: During this stage, customers will explore all the options and compare them to find the best fit for themselves.
  4. Making the purchase: After researching and getting all the information, buyers put it all together to make the purchase i.e. buy the service or product.
  5. Evaluation of purchase: This is the last stage. After buying the service or product people ask themselves was it good? Is it worth it? Depending on this, they decide to recommend it or not. Maybe even re-purchase it if need be.

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Levels of Consumer Decision Making

The level of decision is the way it helps the customer fulfill their needs. It is mainly divided into three levels. Moreover, we will be discussing these three stages in brief below. The three-level of Consumer Decision Making are:

  1. Extensive problem-solving : In this buyers show high involvement in the product or service and judge products or services through strong criteria.
  2. Limited problem-solving : Limited problem solving is when the consumer does a general search and look for services or product that fits the basic criteria.
  3. Routine response behavior: Consumers have low product involvement and buy any product or service that will fulfill their needs.

Four models of Decision Making

Here we will be looking at four models of decision making. We discussed five steps of consumer decision making, however, the model can also be termed as View or perspective of decision making. Which model people follow or what perspective they hold while making a decision also matters greatly.

Moving on, the four models of decision making are as mentioned below:

  1.  Economic model: According to this model, buyers use rational reasoning and make rational decisions. Moreover, he or she has compared all the information, products, and explored alternatives. Nevertheless, this model is considered to be ideal and not realistic.
  2. Passive model: Passive model is the opposite of the economic model, it says that buyers act according to marketing and commercial. Also that they buy products based on how well they are advertised. But this model is considered unrealistic.
  3.  Cognitive model: This model proposed that people buy products based on their own interested and need not due to rational reasoning or marketing. This is considered the best of the four business models as it is the most realistic and applicable.
  4. Emotional model: according to this model buyers make impulsive purchases and do not seek reasoning. It also says that people but things based on their pure emotion regardless of need or criteria.

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