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Compare and contrast between Psychology and Sociology Essay

Psychology and sociology both are noble disciples that have helped humanity as a whole in many ways. However, both have their different uses and scopes as compared to one another. Moreover, there are considerable differences between these and similarities as well. Nevertheless, students often get confused between the two. Therefore, in this sample essay, we will be discussing the very topic.

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Moving on, we shall be looking at the following topics in this sample essay. First and foremost we shall look at the definition of psychology and sociology while also looking at their namesake. After this, we will be discussing the differentiating factors between these two noble fields. Finally, we will be finishing the essay by discussing the similarities between psychology and sociology.

What is psychology?

The word psychology has a Greek origin as many other technical terms. The part psyche of psychology means the soul and logia meaning the study of or branch on the concept. Moving on, the definition of psychology goes as follows: it is the systematic and scientific study focusing on the mind and behavior of an entity.

Psychology is further divided into many subfields as it covers a wide variety of things. Moreover, these subfields include clinical psychology, sports psychology, and so on. Each of these subfields studies totally different things. However, all of these work on the same concept which we will be discussing later in this very section of the paragraph.

Moreover, psychology is built on four pillars or ideas, namely:

  1. Describing
  2. Explaining
  3. Predicting
  4. Controlling

What is sociology?

Sociology can be described as the study focusing on interpretation and explanations of social actions. Moreover, it studies human interaction and tries to understand the factors determining them. Furthermore, sociology’s main goal is to explore social structures along with their creation and maintenance. In addition, the field of sociology explores society as a space developed for the fulfillment of people’s desire for belonging.

Sociology first came into being when the French philosopher Auguste Comte began to look into it, as he wanted to create a systematic science that studies society. Hence the party socio comes from society and logia meaning study as we saw in psychology.

What are the differences between psychology and sociology?

In this paragraph, we shall discuss the differences between psychology and sociology. As we saw in the previous part of the paragraph, they have very different origins and different meanings. Moreover, even apart from that, there are subtle differences between these two.

The foremost and most outstanding difference is that of the areas they study. While sociology looks at a collective entity belonging to a society, psychology is more concerned about studying the individual’s behavior regarding the culture and society.

Psychology says that regardless of society’s influence on an individual, the psychological functions are determined through their own functioning the results of physiology and environmental factor On the other hand; sociology implies that if an individual’s behavior differs from social and cultural norms it is seen as abnormal behavior.

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What are the similarities between psychology and sociology?

As we read above, there are subtle differences between the two fields, there are many similarities too. Therefore, in this section of the paragraph, we shall discuss the similarities too.

Moreover, the most notable similarity in these is the studying pattern. This is because both these concerns behavioral characteristics. Adding to that, this study pattern encourages improved understanding and fixed criteria. While sociology accepts that the individual’s choices and behavior plays part in society, which is supported by psychology too.

Moreover, there are even common subfields where both psychology and sociology take part. One of these is social psychology. Moreover, social psychology is the systematic study of people’s cognitive processes, emotional state, beliefs, goals, etc with respect to social context.

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