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Vulnerable Adults Act (2018) in Singapore Essay Sample

This essay sample is on the vulnerable Adults Act (2018) in Singapore Essay for Singapore students. We will cover What is the Vulnerable Adults Act (2018)?, Who is a vulnerable adult?, Principles of Vulnerable Adults Act, Gaps in the Vulnerable Adults Act, protecting vulnerable adults in singapore: the creation of the vulnerable adults act 2018, etc.

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Therefore, this essay example can be very helpful to understand about the Vulnerable Adults Act (2018) in Singapore. If students want to download it they should approach our experts who will provide custom-made essays according their school or college needs.

Introduction- Vulnerable Adults Act (2018) in Singapore Essay

As suggested by the title, today we shall be discussing the topic of the “vulnerable adults act 2018”.  This act of Singapore holds importance if the study of law in any given university in Singapore and the legal system itself. Regardless, this act concerns quite a vulnerable aspect of society. But do you know who are vulnerable adults? If you are a student of law you must have some idea.
Nevertheless, we shall be discussing all of this in this sample essay. In addition to this, we shall be dividing the sample essay into different sections. This will help the readers understand the topic clearer and easier. Moreover, we shall be providing all the necessary information related to the topic. So without further adieu:

Main body- Vulnerable Adults Act (2018) in Singapore Essay

What is the Vulnerable Adults Act (2018)?

The vulnerable adult act was a law passed in the Singapore city-state in the year 2018. This act concerns the safeguarding of vulnerable adults against different forms of risk. For instance, the abuse can be psychological abuse, physical abuse, self-neglect, or neglect.

Moreover, this act provides guidelines and principles for safeguarding vulnerable adults. In addition to this, it allows states following:

  • Power to assess, enter premises
    and require information
  • Power to remove vulnerable adult
  • Court orders for the protection of vulnerable adult
  • Administering medical or dental treatment to
    vulnerable adult

Moving on, these are some of several sections under this act. We shall be looking at the definition of a “vulnerable adult” in this next section of the sample essay.

Who is a vulnerable adult?

Here, we shall be looking at who or what a vulnerable adult is. It this important to understand if one wants to understand the act as a whole. So, the definition is, as mentioned below:

The term “vulnerable adult” refers to a person or patient who for a certain reason is not capable of looking after themselves and is not able to protect themselves from potentially harmful elements.

Moreover, an adult regardless of gender who fits into this definition is protected by The vulnerable adult act of Singapore 2018. Moving on, we shall be looking at the principles of the vulnerable adult act in the next section of the sample essay.

Principles of Vulnerable Adults Act

In this section of the sample essay, we shall be looking at the principles as stated by the vulnerable adult’s act of Singapore. These principles govern the overall functioning of this act. So without further adieu, principles of vulnerable adults act are, as mentioned below:

  • The power provided under this act must be used for the sole protecting vulnerable adult from abuse or neglect.
  • Vulnerable adults, who are not mentally incapables have the right to live where they wish
  • If the concerned vulnerable adult is not mentally stable, their wishes, feelings, values, and beliefs shall be considered within reasonable limits
  • Any restriction or exercise of power over vulnerable adults shall be done such a way that person’s rights and interest is intact or disturbed least possible
  • In any case or form where this act is applied and power has exercised the interest of vulnerable adults is one of uttermost importance and shall be treated as such

So these are the principles of the act that governs all the duties and power exercised under it. Moving on, in the next and last section of the sample essay we shall be discussing the gaps that are present in this act of Singapore.

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Gaps in the Vulnerable Adults Act

Despite the advantages and protections provided by the act, there are still some underlying gaps. Moreover, these gaps mostly lie in the definition. Meaning that terms, as defined under this act, fail to cover the entirety of the concerned area. Thus, it leaves certain cases or portions out of the act’s power. This in turn can lead to exploitation of the law under the legal system.

Furthermore, Principles under this act are not sorted in order of importance and may also lead to a contradiction. The contradiction of principles can lead to misuse or the inability to exercise power. In addition to this, several statements of this act may also lead to a breach of privacy and confidentiality.

Protecting vulnerable adults in Singapore: the creation of the vulnerable adults act 2018

The Vulnerable Adults Act has come into force. This new law will make it easier for the State to step in and protect their vulnerable adult population from abuse, neglect, or self-neglect by helping those who care about the most closely understand what they need protection against as well as how best to provide assistance when needed

The Family Community And The State each play a complementary role In protecting our country’s elders; with support coming not only once but all throughout one’s life so that no senior citizen falls through society s cracks without anyone noticing!


The Vulnerable Adults Act is a commendable initiative that will protect the most vulnerable of Singaporeans. However, there are some gaps in the legislation which need to be addressed urgently. We hope this essay has helped you better understand the law and encouraged you to help safeguard our most vulnerable citizens by supporting their passage through Parliament as soon as possible!

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