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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Methods in Singapore Essay Sample

Nevertheless, we shall discuss several different topics. The following Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Methods in Singapore Essay is as mentioned below: firstly we shall discuss the definition of alternative dispute resolution as it is an important concept to understand before going any further. Then we shall look at an overview of Alternative dispute resolution in Singapore. Later on, we shall look at the Advantages of alternative dispute resolution And The different types of alternative dispute resolution in Singapore.

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Introduction- Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Methods in Singapore Essay 

Alternative dispute resolution or ADR methods play a huge role in solving disputes. Furthermore, this process relieves the court from overwork as well as helps people come to a resolution without trial. As such this is a quite important topic for law students to understand. Therefore, the topic discussed in this sample essay is Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods in Singapore. Moreover, we shall discuss the various aspects related to the concept in the context of Singapore.

Main body- Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Methods in Singapore Essay 

What is alternative dispute resolution?

Alternative dispute resolution or also known as ADR. It is a term used to describe numerous processes that may help a party come to a settlement or agreement without a trial.  Moreover, this process of alternative dispute resolution is usually more confidential as compared to a trial. Adding to that, ADR is also less formal and less time-consuming. Hence it is considering less stressful compared to its counterpart.

Alternative dispute resolution is quite useful when two or more parties are facing a dispute yet do not want to engage in time-consuming and expensive trial processes. Moreover, ADR offers a variety of ways that allows disputing parties to reach a neutral solution.

Furthermore, in this sample essay, we shall be looking at an overview of alternative dispute resolution in the context of Singapore. Discussing the various aspects related to it.

Alternative dispute resolution Singapore

As we read above, alternative dispute resolution or ADR plays a huge role in solving disputes outside the court without any need for a trial. Adding to this, we shall further explore this concept in a sample essay discussing various aspects. Moreover, we shall discuss how this system works out in Singapore.

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4 types of alternative dispute resolutions in Singapore

We read that there are different processes included in alternative dispute resolution. Here, we shall discuss these different types of alternative dispute resolution in Singapore. Without further adieu, the different types of alternative disputes resolution are as mentioned below:

  • Mediation
  • Neutral Evaluation
  • Conciliation
  • Arbitration

Advantages of alternative dispute resolution

In this section of the sample essay, we shall be going through the advantages related to ADR or alternative dispute resolution. ADR is less stressful as compared to a court trial. Furthermore, the other advantages related to ADR as mentioned below:

  • ADRs are more confidential than court trials.
  • This form of resolution promotes cooperation between parties.
  • ADR is less time consuming as compared to its counterpart
  • Alternative dispute resolution is cheaper as compared to legal trials
  • Resolution is reached without the involvement of a jury
  • The process of ADR is quite flexible.


One of the most important factors to consider when dealing with disputes is how they will be resolved. In many cases, parties may not want to go through a formal court process and would prefer an alternative method that suits their needs better. There are numerous ADR options available for various purposes, such as negotiation or mediation. This article discusses some aspects of Alternative Dispute Resolution which can be applied by both individuals and businesses alike.

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